Creating the New Paradigm of Free Humans

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So, you say you want a revolution?

As we awaken to the truth of the fabricated matrix we have been living in, many of us have been calling for a revolution: an involution, a renegade, a shift, or as I like to call it, a lovelution. We began to hypothetically ponder on what this shift would look like and what the new paradigm it would bring would look like.

That time is here. This is what a paradigm shift looks like.

The great awakening of humanity is upon us. We can see it, we can feel it, and those of us who dare not only believe it but know it to be true. It is no longer hypothetical. This is exciting as it opens up a whole new spectrum of possibilities.

For the question is no longer how to initiate this great change take place but rather, where are we going in this great change? What do we seek to create? How will we as individuals contribute our own piece of the puzzle to this grand time? These are the questions for us to really begin exploring and answering in the way that we live our lives.

There are many grand reasons for why this change is taking place right now. Perhaps the most exciting one has to do with the fact that the individual is finally able to deprogram from the false belief systems we have been conditioned to believe about ourselves: who we really are, our abilities, and our connection to the intelligent universe that we live in. There is a great remembering happening of how powerful we really are as an individual, and as a community of individuals.

The truth about human beings is that we are creators of our reality. We always have been. The difference between the old paradigm and the new one is that we were using our creative abilities mostly unconsciously, for we were programmed for not only self-sabotage but the creation of a false matrix whereas now as we become conscious of our abilities, we can deprogram this and re-program what WE choose to experience, and we can use this information to consciously change not only our own personal lives, but to influence the entire world around us. We really do have this power, we always have.

In agorism, it is not about fighting the old as much as it is about building the new, because that is how the wise really get things done. This principle applies to our energy as well: as we learn to concentrate what we want to create more than what we no longer want to create, we WILL see this reflect in the outer world.

That being said, as conscious creators of the new paradigm, we use our energy to positively influence our own lives and the world around us, leaving a greater energetic imprint than we may realize just by thoughts and feelings we CHOOSE (what vibrations you hold) to cultivate within ourselves.

As I said in my last video, that is why it is actually very important for us to realize and let go of the false, self-defeating programming of pessimism, nihilism, powerlessness, weakness, and so on… for it creates a self-fulfilling failure and it is not realistic. In other words, the only reality it has is the reality WE choose to believe and then create through our own actions and contributions to the collective human field.

So instead of cultivating these low self-fulfilling vibrations, we cultivate HIGH self-fulfilling vibrations. We DO visualize the world we want to see, even if it isn’t here right this second, and that we feel true excitement and belief about not only our ability to create but about our creations themselves. This means daring to visualize the change you wish to see and BELIEVE in its reality, engage in it, feel encouraged because the vision of a free, peaceful humanity IS real, despite what we have been programmed to believe by those who don’t want it to be real.

As conscious creators, we must not be afraid to believe in ourselves, our ability, and what we create with our own awareness because this is going to perpetuate this ongoing momentum for a great change in the collective mind: the mind where all the true power lies. We have the real ability to create a more positive timeline.

That being said, if we want to be creators that are both powerful and consistent in our principles of freedom, peace, and liberty for all, self-discovery is an indispensable tool. For creating a vision for a better world will require that those creating have true wisdom, knowledge, humility, compassion, harmony, and love. These are not just words, these are real forces within us that are going to manifest this beautiful dream. For we are the pioneers of this dream; we are the transitioners between the two paradigms, and so we cannot be morally weak or ignorant if we seek to do this.

What are Going to Create?

So going back to the question, what are we going to do? When you realize the question is no longer hypothetical but very real, what do you plan on doing for your own piece of this grand puzzle? These are ideas I have that anyone can participate in.

The first idea, as I’ve said already, is evolve yourself. De-program from a matrix that is not only disempowering and fatal to the human soul, but completely artificially fabricated and begin to program in your own mind the vibrations you want to be and emanate: peace, wisdom, truth, love, intelligence, intuition, innovation, etc. That is the responsibility of a conscious creator.

Another idea I believe is important to begin to evaluate the vision of community building on small and large levels. This is the art of how we are going to live together in harmony. This is something we all can do, for we all have something to contribute to the new paradigm from all walks of life.

To clarify and affirm, learning to build new communities on principles of harmony, voluntaryism, and efficiency is not hypothetical, it never was and certainly isn’t now. Rather it is a very feasible and important action in a world where people really are starting to question and reject the system we live in now. You can see that people are beginning to reject this system more than ever. But as pioneers of the new paradigm, this takes us back to the idea that we must put much focus on building the new.

For what would happen if the federal system was to completely collapse right now? As relieving as that would be, if there was such little wisdom or education of any other kind of order for us to live together, it would be quite chaotic and quite possibly could descend right back into the same system or worse.

To make this transition better, we can put effort into building local communities up now. For this will demonstrate and educate more than words alone ever could. It is important that more people are educated on building voluntary community, and what better way than to be able to present real life models of voluntary governances. The art of building prosperous and peaceful communities is one that we all have much to learn about, as it is a rather foreign concept to a race that has been enslaved in violent and forced governances for so long.

That said, there are many resources and ideas available on how to begin this effort and in fact it has already begun on both small and grand scales. There already is a market of voluntary governances around the world, for those who look. Before I describe some examples, I believe it is again worth mentioning the importance of wisdom in this endeavor. For too long, anarchists have succumbed to the dividing “black or white” mentality that I feel holds many back.

In the market of voluntary governance, there will be a variety of many different ideas, policies, practices, laws, agreements, and so on. There will never be one way: it is a MARKET and different people will resonate with different ways of living together. There is nothing wrong with that. There must be a freedom for people to create and experiment with different ways of doing things, for that is natural and it will also lead to a system of figuring out the best ways to build community. We learn from the failed models as much as the successful ones. Again, it is a market. The most important principle in the societies of the new paradigm is that participation is completely voluntary and interactions between people and those creating/leading the communities are voluntary, and that individuals are free to leave any time and find one that suits them better.

For example on a large scale, we can find many examples of competitive governance from the startup societies foundation, which finds, studies, connects, and promotes startup socieities all over the world. There are private cities, eco-villages, special economic zones, micro-nations, seasteads, communes, all kinds of ideas. Furthermore, they all have different policies, ranging from very anarcho-capitalist to even socialist. Though I don’t agree with socialism, I have nothing against a community that includes social welfare policies in their system so long as it is voluntary among those living there. What could be better than testing out these ideas in community of people that voluntarily choose to use them, ultimately demonstrating in real life whether or not these ideas could ever work or not?

This is also happening on a small scale in many localities, and is more suitable for most of us. Derrick has mentioned freedom cells and how to begin building your own.

There are many ways for you to build and connect your community, and do not underestimate the power in simple and small acts in bringing people together: whether it be a small town, a city, your neighbors, your family, your loved ones, people in the same niche as you, and so on. The simple act of baking the old lady next door a cake is more effective than voting in a ballot, let alone sitting in your house seething about the lack of community you have. This is what I’m talking about. Because small acts of kindness like these, when repeated by millions of people billions of times, is what is really going to change the world. It is in the hands of the people, and it always has been. A small group of dominating parasites means absolutely nothing when we don’t believe in them anymore, for the true root of power has always been psychological. As we can align with our true selves, raise our vibration, spread it to others, and connect to those around us we are doing meaningful work in building the new paradigm. For we will awaken to the truth, on a mass level eventually, that we can live together peacefully and effectively, without the use of violence.

We are actualizing this shift. All it takes is for more individuals to do their little piece of the puzzle. We are creators, we can visualize this and act to create this. We already are, and the momentum is growing, so feel it! Be inspired! We are the visionaries, the renegades, the pioneers, the crazy truthers, the dreamers, and so on, changing the status quo that has enslaved our people. Don’t be ashamed of it for it is beautiful. And it is REAL: the more you put your energy into building this, the more reality it will take, and with so many more minds opening to it the momentum is exponential.

Thanks for reading!

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And it is REAL: the more you put your energy into building this,
the more reality it will take, and with so many more minds opening to it the momentum is exponential.


One of the BEST Posts AND Vlogs I've read + listened to... during the entire time I've been on Steemit.

Need to comeback and reread to more fully absorb everything because it's late... need to wake early, in about 4 hours.

Lots to do tomorrow, I mean today... smilesssss


Thank YOU @SteemChiller for resteeming this Beautiful Post + Vlog !!

I am truly so glad you resonate with this-that is what it is really all about.

Spreading love and encouragement in the heart, in these changing times. I appreciate your contributions to it as well <3

Thank you bunches @sacred-agent and @SteemChiller as well! Much love

Individuals are waking up to who they really are, to how powerful they are.

Brilliant statement and an awesome vlog! So wonderful to stumble on such inspiring content... it is few and far between these days, sadly so! Thanks to @steemchiller for his resteem of this!

Have followed you and am really looking forward to seeing more from you.

And thank you, for the inspiration moving forward!

Thank you @jaynie! I really appreciate all of your words, especially coming from someone who makes such inspiring content as yourself. Hope you have a marvelous day :)

My pleasure sweetie xoxo

First off thanks to @steemchiller for bringing this into my feed. I have to sift through a lot of garbage to find a vlog such as this. Your words and presentation made me feel as if you are writing to me personally.... A rare gift.
Thank you !!! Upvoted, followed, resteemed

Aw thank you so much @chromiumone <3 From my heart to yours. Followed back, glad to connect!

Wonderful! we are all indeed free as soon as we recognise it. We are all the directors of our own movies we just need to wake to this and change the script.

Great to hear you're posting again, you have voice that's really easy to listen too. John Peel like voice you can just listen to and take in. Look him up a British radio presenter, that's a compliment 💯🐒

Thank you @vibeof100monkeys. Did I ever mentioned how much I love your creative username? Haha.

Indeed. It is really exciting to watch the momentum as more people begin to realize this and naturally begin to influence the collective consciousness more than ever. Individuals with much clarity are more powerful than millions of unconscious droids, I believe. It seems to be working :P

And I appreciate that! I plan on posting a lot more. I looked him up and wow, it is a compliment. I guess if what you say is true I'm on some agorist asmr level. xD

Thanks, it's something that truly resonates within me and the hundredth monkey is close fore sure! I see it all around me having be talking this talk for a number of year to see it finally recognised is so liberating. Maybe have yet to wake to this but there are and I try and help where I can never easy . We are turning a corner and things a re happening more rapidly now, things are looking great.

Your welcome I find it so much easier to listen and take on board so awaiting the more regular posts! I've only just returned to be honest, had some reflection to do! When it goes it I can't more confidently explain my way of thinking which has not been easy in the past. Keep it coming Agorsit asmr for sure haha 💯🐒

Indeed! Haha I felt the same way: much reflecting to do. It can be overwhelming trying to conceptualize all of these ideas, let alone put them into words, so good for you! I have the same feeling which has delayed my for a while but I cam to the conclusion that one has to start somewhere 🐒

Have a great day!

Indeed I think everyone needs periods of time where we disengage and reflected, definitely beneficial. Generally this is time I spend in nature a fantastic source of rejuvenation. We take on a lot in our lives and absorb a lot of energy and need to once in while to process this.

I have to be honest though the general perception is changing and people are waking to the need for alternatives. Admittedly many can yet comprehend agorisim but the fact they are questioning the main stream is simply magic to observe; we are moving in the right direction. Ten years ago my views just could not be discussed and were "dangerous" or "frowned upon" today they are "out there" but people want to know more, a huge bonus in my book!

And you 💯🐒

Oh yeah. I love absorbing good content but definitely need periods where I just look within for information and guidance. That is the best Source. Also time in nature is surely essential for the mind.

I couldn't agree more though. That's why one of my main intentions in publishing content is encourage and hearten people in these times where everyone walks around with such devastating programming and considers it "normal". Things are changing rapidly, for those who have eyes to see it. The unfolding of it is so exciting. Crazy times @vibeof100monkeys!

Indeed we are living in crazy times. Being someone who has disengaged from the media as much as you can I am not bogged down by it's negativity and people notice this. They are beginning to question me more on my ideas and although they think I am "odd" the are becoming more interested this is surly a sign of a general consciousness shift. Hence my change in stance on here less content but more positive and lifting information where I can. Were are moving ever closer to that hundredth monkey for sure. It's a shame not all can see this shift but I intend to wake as many as I can in my journey along this path 💯🐒

Yes the power comes in seeing ourselves as creators and taking control of our lives and taking responsibility for how we live our lives. We create our reality and it is up to us how we interact and react to world and those living in it. It is how we live. how we use our energy, yes we are powerful and we all have so much potential to bring about the change that needs to happen in order to move us forward, it is already happening.
Really happy to connect with you on here xx

@trucklife-family Yes! Exactly, through and through and through. Taking responsibility can sometimes be hard but it is always worth it.. it is the key to transformation.

I am grateful to connect with you as well, a fellow visionary <3 It truly is those who understand our creative abilities as humans who will bring about this beautiful paradigm in the world. Keep up the good work!

Individualism is fundamental to the fabrics of freedom over safety. Government have been crushing freedoms which minimizes independence. By default, humans long for safety, security. That's why government gets bigger and bigger, in order protect us. But independence comes from spreading wings like birds in leaving that safe nest and flying like a free bird through dangerous skies and storms which we find in life. It's scary but also amazing, exciting. Life is an adventure. Perspective is key. A new perspective, AKA paradigm, is a secret. A best kept secret. When you look at things differently, then potential and opportunity emerges.

Yes, well said! It is so exciting to connect with people who understand such principles. Exciting times ahead as human beings take back their birthright as conscious creators

Your voice is therapeutic. If you have a husband, he is a lucky guy.

Following! And love it! Where are you from and killer job on visualization of a new world...

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Following you back @ganjafarmer! Glad to connect. Love me some ganja :P

Thank you much! I'm from Ohio in the US, what about you?

Portland Oregon! And rocking it hard today! Dog is a little addicted to chasing the ball today and I'm blazing it!

Rocking life for sure.

And killer work! Here is my discord room.

Hit me up if love to help you blow up your account. Definitely gonna be a fan! Besides getting to grow others if we rise the tide we grow all of us!

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Haha sounds like a good day. I'm happy to hear it. Good for you.

Thank you so much! I just joined, looking forward to connecting and collaborating :)

INR !!
I'm digging through the rest of her content and so far it's all spot on,brilliant even.

Be careful, people who free you from others usually end up controlling you themselves.

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Hasn't this been happening every day in history? Feel a bit underweld from this perspective.

The present is always more relevant than the past. What makes you believe this is more significant lately? I am completely in the dark and have difficulty trusting intuitive wisdom from others especially.

New to your channel, so apologies if my comment is out of place.

No need to apologize. You're right, it has/is always happening. I suppose I am pointing it out because it seems to be accelerating, and I felt that by bringing awareness to it, it would help to encourage this process even more.

What makes it very significant lately is that, from my perspective, a lot is shifting very quickly when it comes to how people are viewing the world around them. Thanks to more access to information and communication, we are seeing a lot of new ideas developing and more awareness on issues, even dark issues (such as pedophile rings) that have gone under the radar for decades, if not centuries. It is leading humanity towards an awakening of what is really happening, who we really are outside this false matrix belief system, and towards a new future that we can consciously decide what we want to create in this world. I wanted to point this out to affirm the truth, that humanity is not doomed, and we are the pilots of our fate, for we are more powerful than we know.

In times where there is so much disheartening content, I feel inspired to bring about some food for the heart.

Agreed that we live in a new world with this Information Age, globally, for the first time ever in some ways, unless if they secretly had the Internet thousands of years ago. But even if they did, maybe it was different in some ways. But we could assume that many things are new in some ways this time around. That reminds me of the Matrix. So, in the movies, Neo goes to like the Architect or Key Maker or whatever, and that guy says to Neo that this place, this Matrix World, was not the first version and that Neo was not the first Neo. But as far as I can tell, in the third film, it looked like Neo went to save the day. I guess there should be a 4th film to show what happened after the end of the 3rd film. But I guess they made a cartoon movie that talked about it or something.

But regardless, it is kind of like we are all Neo in some ways or we have the potential of doing amazing things and some people more so than others. But still, it is the tale of two cities, the best of times and the worse of times right now in the world. So people are being given more opportunities to choose which side of history they want to be on.

It does not matter if we are not the first Neo or whatever.

We have amazing opportunities of saving the day or whatever. Big opportunities all around us and some of it may be new in some ways.

Thanks for the response. Appreciate it.

It’s amaZing to watch people suddenly awaken. In my state, we are fighting with everything we got for medical freedom...medical freedom! It’s insane but amazing to watch people come together. I’m a now in the process of really considering home schooling my kids regardless what happens in my state. Lots of change going on!

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