12 Year Old Boy's Wedding

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He began planning for this when he was nine years old with his then crush, Tiffany Cumbo, who was with Brian, his neighbor in space 164, and with Bill Bailey after that.

Twenty One Years Ago

This drawing was drawn by a 12 year old Oatmeal Boy, yeah, it was drawn by me, in Oregon, in the Spring of 1997. This drawing paints a picture of what I wanted to be and to have as an adult someday, as I were to grow up. I wanted to get married, have children, to buy a house, to keep my mother's Steinway & Sons baby grand piano which she got from her grandparents. Below is my dragon story and a book report on a plant.

Video Games

I wanted video games, computers, desks, technology, and everything.

1997 Tiff Drawing.jpg

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Stern Plant Book Report

Written around April of 1997

1997 Book Report on a plant like Stern or something.jpg

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Dragon Story

1997, April: I wrote a story about a dragon named Zaurcus and a snake frog. Once upon a time, lived a mighty dragon named Zaurcus. He lived with tons of Adventures. His castles was (were) cool (great). One day, he was flying around in his kingdom. He was landed in his forrest (forest) by the lake interate blue. He came to this part of the forest know (no) man had (has) know (known) in this kingdom. He saw these weird creatures. They all looked at him, all scared. Some ran [away from] the dragon. Oh, so, the dragon then said: "Who are you? Why are you afriad (afraid) of me, the king. Don't you know about me, the powerfull (powerful), the great."


They all frozed [froze] (scared; surpries; surprised).

Snake Frog

One said, "You (you're) a king? That can't be true, your (you're) a dragon (they all laugh; laughed). Then he (the dragon) said, "I bin (I've been) looking. Now, I've fond (found)? Then a snake frog said, Found what?" And the dragon said, "You guys, every single one of you. I need you to help. I'm really a king person king."

Knoway! No Way!

Then one said, "You a person, Knoway (No Way)!"

1997 Dragon Knoway means No Way.png

And the dragon said, "Yes way." Then they started areguing (arguing). A turkey, cow, cat said, "You can't be a person becuase (because) you can fly, people don't. Your (you're) big; there (they're) not; you smell like a dragon, talk like a dragon, hear like dragon, see like a dragon; and look like one, so you are one."

1997 April Dragon Story.jpg

My future daughter playing ball

1997 Tiff Drawing daughter playing ball.png

12 Year Old Boy's Wedding

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

Joey's future family

1997 Tiff Drawing Fam Portrait.png

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Grownup Joey with a beard

1997 Tiff Drawing Grownup Joey.png

Published in August of 2018 | @JoeyArnoldVN
1997-04 apx | Wedding | Dragon | Plant | JA | 163
2018-08-26 Sunday 03:50 PM LMS | 12 Year Old Boy's Wedding
Published at 05:00 PM

My super den desk

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My mother's Steinway & Sons baby grand piano

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My Future Wife

This was maybe Tiffany Rochell Cumbo, 1986-12-03-2003-04-05, or it was at least a personification of a future wife that I wanted to have someday.


Oatmeal! hey you mean to say that the piano was made in 1895? because you typed 1995.
anyway that was a remarkablly detailed drawing for a 12 year old, you had a great vision!

The piano was made in 1925 or around that time. My great grandpa gave it to his wife as a wedding gift in Florida. I drew this drawing in 1997. Yeah, I made some typos in a previous comment. I'll try to fix it now.Yeah, I wrote 1995, but was going to write 1925. So, I got that fixed now. Thanks. Maybe I was confused because I was also drawing and writing in 1995 as well, or it was a typo.

howdy there Oatmeal! well at any rate I think everyone knew that is was an antique and didn't affect the story which is a cool story by the way! great job!

I also had a story about dinosaurs.

oh that's right Oatmeal, well you had a very active imagination back then and probably still do now!

What a flawless wedding! I laughed. I cried. I was in awe of that piano!

The piano was made in or around 1925 in maybe Florida for my great grandma as a wedding gift. The piano is worth a lot of money. People tried to buy it from us. I drew this in 1997.

What sweet memories you've shared with us!
I hope you have the piano still!

I did not have the piano. I only had the piano in the drawing, in my dream.

Aww sorry I misunderstood!

It's alright.

Hi! beautiful story.

Great story, love that you still have this.

thank you for post Great story

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