Softball 1993

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Take me out to the ball game.

Buy me some apples and oatmeal and crack jacks, I don't care if we ever get back; because it's one for the money and two for the show, and three five, pick up stick, and out the door at three in the morning, nah just kidding. Never mind the geoengineering in the sky or the burning trees.

Crack Jacks?

Wait, hold the presses, I mean, Cracker Jacks. I blame the typo on crack.


If you don't know, I played softball on this team in 1993, probably in the spring for a few months or less. Also played wrestling before this. After this, played basketball for many years.

1993 Softball Joey Bat SMALL.jpg
1993 Softball Joey.png

Coach Thomas Pike
1993 Softball Coach Thomas Pike.png

Coach Michael Vinson
1993 Softball Coach Michael Vinson not pic David Ferguson and Jamie McCallen.png

Brian Vinson
1993 Softball Brian Vinson.png

Chris Vinson
1993 Softball Chris Vinson.png

Dylan Davis
Dylan hung out with me, Eric Koelbl, the skaters, during high school (FGHS). I wasn't as much of a skater as my younger sister, Crystal, but I hung around skaters at times, including Tiffany Cumbo.

1993 Softball Dylan Davis.png

Jeff Lytle
1993 Softball Jeff Lytle.png

Lionel Liberty
We also played on elementary school teams around 1993-1999, probably a few times. We played basketball before class during high school, 2000-2004.

1993 Softball Lionel Liberty.png

Tanya Conroy
1993 Softball Tanya Conroy.png

Softball 1993

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

1993 Softball SMALL.jpg

Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Adam Vandehey
1993 Softball Adam Vandehey.png

Nicholas Goans
1993 Softball Nicholas Goans.png

Published in August of 2018

2018-08-11 Saturday 02:34 AM LMS | Softball 1993
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Nicholas Jones
1993 Softball Nicholas Jones.png

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