Graduating High School

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Goodbye Crab?

Bitter sweet to walk away from a home, a world that felt so mastered, so predictable, so familiar. When you leave your school, you can feel pretty empty, like falling off a cliff. Strangely still, each time life pushes you off, you end up in another adventure. At the end of that quest, you end up flinching all over again.

Embrace Oatmeal

You can take it all in and enjoy the moments, even the tougher ones as it all tells a story, as in your story. Here is a photo of me graduating.

My High School

Forest Grove High School (FGHS) in Forest Grove, Oregon, USA.

When did you graduate?

2004, June 8th, on a Tuesday evening, at the Pacific University, and my family, my mom, my siblings, my mom's father, my mom's step mom, my uncle Jim & aunt Karen, were there that night to watch me graduate, and that was very interesting.


Here is something I wrote about high school.

Life of the Party? What Party?

We had an overnight party where we played games, basketball, had snacks, where we were able to say goodbye to each other as Seniors one last time and I was pretty sad that night even as I said to Dan Beaty that I was like the life of the party or maybe he said that I am that kind of person or something.

2004-06-08 TUE FGHS Graduation.png

Graduating High School

By Joey Arnold

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Careful What You Wish For?

2004-10-12 Tuesday: remember when you wanted to move out, move away, run away, after your freshmen year in high school around 2001 in Oregon, and you wanted to move in with your older brother who graduated high school a year earlier, and went off to study aeronautics in Oklahoma.

Reset: Life is but a Video Game Dream?

You wanted to move there to get a fresh start, in order to make new first impressions with new kids, new friends, a new school, similar to how Matt Oakes moved from Texas to Oregon in like 1998, and he was in our church in Cornelius for a few years alongside his family, and he attended my high school, and he struggled but he settled in and made friends. Later on, so did you.


Emotionally, it was tough my first 2 years of high school, but the last two were the complete opposite in so many ways. Somehow, there was an incredible growth, revolution, evolution, as in character development in the movie of this Original Oatmeal.

Clubs, Dances, Basketball

I started getting involved in the Drama Club, the Earth Club, school dances, was a basketball manager where I recorded the games, helped out during practices.


I was writing Encouragement Articles (EA) and dozens of students knew me, especially when I was the Sebastian crab during the Senior lip sync in like December of 2003. Those 4 years were full of so much. I'll treasure them, always.


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