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This is the story of my life so far: 68 years and counting.
Prequel: A Brief History of my Family in France

The story starts here
Previous episode: Part 100

I had learned that in Canada, if you spent more than 183 days during the year as a legal resident, you needed to declare your worldwide revenue for income tax. So, I had decided to immigrate on July 2nd: I would be a legal resident for less than 183 days, and I would not need to declare in Canada my salary in France during the first half of 1994.

I had been told by the Consulate General of Canada in Paris (that is in the same building as the Canadian Embassy) that for me and my family to immigrate to British Columbia I needed to have a job proposal, letters from schools for my four children, letters from the two mothers authorizing their children to move to Canada and that Syrille and Gaëlle needed to have a French passport.

All the conditions were met, except for the passports of Syrille and Gaëlle.

I had started requesting French citizenship for them in 1993 and finally, at the beginning of June 1994, I was told that yes they were now French citizens. So, I had only one month to;

  • get French birth certificates for Syrille and Gaëlle,
  • with the birth certificates, get French passports,
  • with all the passports, get a working visa for me and student visas for my four children.

I knew the person to go to to get the visas at the Canadian Consulate. I had been to the Préfecture in Créteil and I had met a woman who assured me that as soon I had the birth certificates, they would issue the passports the same day.

In France, at this time, the birth certificates were issued by the municipality where you were born, if you were born in France, or by an establishment in Nantes, the Service central d'état civil.

I had sent all the necessary document to Nantes, and every day I was calling them to know if the birth certificates were ready to be issued. I was starting to panic during the last week of June, because we already had our airline tickets for July 2nd.

Finally, on June 28th I was told that the birth certificates were ready. So, I told them that I would go the next day to get them. And I took the train to Nantes on June 29th, went to the establishment, got the certificates and went back home the same day.

The next day, June 30th, I went to the Créteil Préfecture with my two kids and all the necessary documents and asked to see the woman that I had met previously. And I was told that she was already on vacation. I pleaded my case and they took pity on me: we waited for almost two hours, but we were given the passports. I was too late in the day to go to the Canadian Consulate, so I had to go the next day, that was the day before our departure to Canada.

What I had not realized was that July 1st was Canada Day, the national day of Canada, and of course a federal statutory holiday: nobody was working at the Canadian Consulate, so I could not get the visas!
As it was a Friday, the next working day was Monday July 4th. So I phoned the Airline, British Airways, and changed the tickets to Tuesday July 5th.

On the Monday, I finally got the visas at the Consulate and on Tuesday we were finally able to fly to Vancouver.

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wov I got all stressed just reading about this, even though it happened almost 25 years ago :-) It makes me remember similar close calls we have had with vacations etc where our passports arrived only a week before our departure. we found out fairly late that our passports had to be valid for at least 2 or 3 month after planned return, which is weird, but I suppose its to make sure that they dont run out, if people decide to stay longer or get delayed.
we havent had anything as close as this, and we never had to actually change the tickets though

Hey @vcelier, when I read how much paper word we need to do to be able to leave a country with all necessary papers and immigrate to another that brings my memories about my running back too. I had to organize for my mom to come from Kazakhstan for indefinite leave to UK that too much nerves and waiting time. You were lucky that you could get everything relatively quick and also it is good to have a list of docs that you need for first so that you have everything at one glance. I bet you have had a huge relief when you and your family were in plane, especially during few hours flight probably you enjoyed to sleep and nice food.

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to @vcelier
The Story of your Life so Far - Part 101 - Last hurdles before our move to British Columbia is awesome.
All the best Immigration story life.

Hey @vcelier Your Story is Amazing

portrait looks like Carl Perkins

Nice i like it and thank you for sharing with us

Wow, What a stressful situation that must have been. Everything ready and planned to leave on a certain date and then to find out the offices were closed because of the holiday. It is great that you were able to switch everything up easily. I'm sure it was not cheap to do that as the airlines are never cheap to deal with.

I think you were lucky to get the paperwork out fast! It was close that since the date you were delivered was the 29th to the 2nd of July were very few days apart but how good everything went as expected :)