The Story of My Life so Far - Part 26 - End of First Year at École Navale with Some Success

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This is the story of my life so far: 67 years and counting.
Prequel: A Brief History of my Family in France

The story starts here
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Other Subjects for the Education of a Future Navy Officer

Of course, in addition to learning navigation, math and science, there were many other subjects:

  • security: fire, water
  • weapons: riffle, pistol, submachine gun, machine gun
  • sport: cross-country running, track and field, team sport such as football (the real one, called soccer in North America)
  • naval history
  • visual communication: Morse code through light and flag semaphore.

source: Wikimedia

  • sailing

Ranked First at the End of First Year

Because I had high marks in math and the scientific subjects, and that I was doing well enough in the other topics, like my grandfather in 1912, I was ranked first at the end of the first year.

Some of the cadets who were finishing their second year did not like the fact that I was first because of the scientific subjects.
One of my comrades told me that "I was not a real sailor".
The irony is that during his first post, he ran aground his ship on a beach, fortunately without too much damages.

The "fistot" that is rank first at the end of the first year is called the "premier brigadier" (the first brigadier).
One of his duty is to be the flag-bearer of the École Navale, with the cadets ranked second to sixth in the guard of the flag, whenever École Navale is participating in a military parade, during the second year.

The Guard of the Flag of École Navale
[No, it is not me on this picture]
source: Wikipedia

At the end of the first year at École Navale, there is the "Corvette Fistot", where the whole promotion embarked on several ships of the Navy for a three weeks trip in the north of Europe. We went to Oslo in Norway and Rotterdam in the Netherlands (unfortunately not to Amsterdam, that is much more interesting).

Then, I spend several weeks on vacation during the summer 1969, rather proud of myself with my rank.

In September 1969, the second year started: I was now an "aspirant de marine" (officer cadet).

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Thanks for sharing your life story with us ! will definitely read the other parts as well ! always appreciate it when someone gives us a look into his personal life :) thanks !!


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Indeed, I mentioned that it was not me on the picture for you ;-)

Hi @vcelier, thank you for sharing your experience, I am sure it is still going to become much more exciting, and that you visited many interesting places in your time at the navy!!


You are welcome.

Indeed, I have been in many places, with the Navy and after I left the Navy, 29 years ago.

Good story @vcelier


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Wow what an interesting life you have lived. Thanks for sharing and I'm following you :)


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Must of been interesting times.

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