The Story of My Life so Far - Part 72 - Computers on the Jean de Vienne

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This is the story of my life so far: 68 years and counting.
Prequel: A Brief History of my Family in France

The story starts here
Previous episode: Part 71

My computer game was still working

When I arrived on the Jean de Vienne, I learned that the computer game that I wrote on the Georges Leygues was still alive and kicking.
In fact, as there have been some slight modifications to the computer system of the Corvettes, it has been necessary to modify the code and that has been done by one of the petty officers on the Georges Leygues. I was quite pleased with the fact that the game was still working on all the Corvettes of the series, without my own involvement.

A bug in the computer system

The computer officer of the Jean de Vienne was names Herry. I had met him when he was a petty officer and we were learning the computer system]( of the Georges Leygues in Paris.
However, Herry did not finish the formation, because he had previously written an exam to become an officer and he had succeeded. So, he left us in the middle of the formation in Paris.

During the trials at sea of the Jean de Vienne, Herry came to see me and told me that he suspects that there was a slight problem with the computer system: from time to time, one of the computer was rebooting, seemingly randomly.
We designed some tests to understand the circumstances, and together with the computer team of the ship, we found exactly when the problem was occurring.

So, Herry made a report to the CPM, the establishment that wrote the computer program, who reproduced the problem on board and corrected it later.

Corvette Jean de Vienne

My microcomputer

As I had bought my microcomputer in Canada, its power supply was 115V 60Hz. In France, electricity is distributed as 220V 50Hz.
So, you would think that I only needed a transformer to lower the tension to 115V, and that the frequency did not matter. Unfortunately, the motor for the floppy disk drives were synchronous. So, at 50Hz they were too slow and it was not possible to load any program.

Fortunately, worldwide on all ships, military or merchant, the power is always 115V 60Hz, so that it is possible to get the power from ashore when the ship is in any port.
So, my computer was initially aboard the Jean de Vienne, as it was the only place where I could use it.

I told this to an engineer from an equipment manufacturer who was on board for the trials at sea, and he told me that if I give them the mechanical part that was connected to the belt of the disk drive, they could make one that would be 1.2 times larger and thus the disk drive would rotate at the correct speed on 50Hz.
So, this is what we did, and then I was able to use my computer at home.

At the end of the trials at see, the Jean de Vienne did her TLD (Long Crossing). Unfortunately, I don't remember exactly where we went.

Then, the Jean de Vienne was sent to its new port: Toulon.

But, before staying in Toulon, the ship were sent for a short while to Cyprus and Lebanon.

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I like the ingenuity to make it work, your disk.
Fascinating the human brain to get needed result.
Keep on steemin'

I love looking at the naval ships. Growing up in Halifax we always had naval ships based in our harbor. They look so sleek and sexy but then at the same time they have this aura of power and control. I'm not sure if I could ever survive a long term stay on a boat like that. I love going out in the fishing boats but it makes me ill every time. That's probably why I have never gone on a cruise.

I very well understand the problem you must have faced with that frequency, because I've spent a large part of today trying to figure out the relationship between synchronicity and frequencies in electronic systems, even in engine powered generators. Well, I'm still on this journey with you and I'm enjoying the ride.

Wow. Thanks for sharing your lives detailed journey with us.
You don't look a day above 50 though @vcelier.
Your story is inspiring.
I'd definitely read-up the previous parts.

It must have been an amazing feeling to step on a ship like this :)

Interesting story 👍👍

Really appreciate, inspirative

Bug is a great problem for computer system. I faced this problem some time so disgusting.

Wow very amazing story

wauo friend really expressed you very well I do not usually say this, I liked your post, I would like to learn from you in how you write the post and I hope you take into account my humble comment since it is sincere

Nice @vcelier