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This is the story of my life so far: 67 years and counting.
Prequel: A Brief History of my Family in France

The story starts here
Previous episode: Part 37

The BDC Trieux

The ship I was posted on in Tahiti in 1971-1972 was a "BDC", that is a "Bâtiment de Débarquement de Chars", or in English a "Tank Landing Ship" (LST).

BDC-Trieux papeete.jpg
BDC Trieux in Papeete Harbor

There have been five BDCs built in Nantes in 1958-1960. They were basically bad copies of the LST built by the USA during World War II.

They all had names of small French coastal rivers: Trieux, Argens, Blavet, Dives and Bidassoa.

Like the American LSTs, the BDCs their bow had a large door and a ramp that were used to load and unload various material and vehicles, on beaches or in ports.

Because of this design and the fact that the BDCs had small diesel engines, their maximum speed were around 10 knots and could be much slower when the sea was rough.

The BDC Trieux at Sea

There were two other BDCs in Tahiti then: the Blavet and the Dives.

The BDC Trieux crossing the BDC Blavet

In 1967, the Trieux was equipped with an hangar suited for two helicopters Alouette III.

Alouette III Marine

The helicopters were used to transport material on different atolls in French Polynesia, where it was impossible for any ship to dock anywhere or even to anchor.

Cargo-Sling on a BDC

In the next episode, we will see what kind of operations the BDC Trieux was doing during my post.

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to tour the world is always pleasureful for anybody.

great to read your story! Regards from Tahiti my friend 🌅🌅

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Nice story..., so long i am not come to your blog.., now i come your story... Always make me interesting..

i`ve tryed helicopter befor

followed and THANK YOU for your recent support on my post. that means a lot to me that you took the time to upvote.

Must have been an exciting career full of adventure. How many years did you serve?


20 years. 1968-1988.


That's a lot. You have my respects.

cant wait for the action! :)
you did 20 years in navy, wow... that sounds like a really long period.

My father was also a seafarer before. I wish to tour around the world just like him as well.

really fascinating, have you spent most of your days on the water?


No, when I was posted on a ship, we were at sea for les than 40% of the time.


How about these days, do you find yourself wanting to be out at sea?


No, I am fine on the ground.

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Wow! Nice ...Following you for more.
Please visit my profile, hope you will like my photography...@saan

amazing story thanks for sharing please visit my page and support me

You are great, I wish to tour around the world

What a story. Following for more Sir... 👍

I had so many friends your age and older all over Ecuador. But especially in Vilcabamba "Valley of Longevity". I get along so well with older folks. You guys are rich in experience and wisdom and have so much to share and teach my generation. I will surely be following you now! Great Post! -Dan

My sir what a fascinating life you are leading!
Cool shots too. I am following you now as I think we share some interests.

Nice my friend

Nice post.

nice fotos

interesting story, in my personal opinion because of the little I have read I see that you are a great, very wise, intelligent and knowledgeable about life, people like you are always successful. They are worthy of admiration and is a clear example that life is not easy but you have to fight for your goals.

Congratulations on such a wonderful post @vcelier