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This is the story of my life so far: 67 years and counting.
Prequel: A Brief History of my Family in France

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After the repairs to the Victor Schoelcher in Salina Cruz, we joined the Jeanne d'Arc and went to the port of Balboa near Panama City.

Panama City

We moored in the port of Balboa.
At this time, the Panama Canal was still part of the Panama Canal Zone managed by the United States, and Balboa was a town in the Canal Zone and not part of Panama City, the capital of Panama. After October 1st 1979, Balboa became a district of Panama City.

Panama City Today

We stayed only two days in Balboa/Panama City.

The only memory I have is that we went to a "night club", la Gruta Azul (the Blue Grotto). I am not going to describe into details what we saw there!

Panama Canal

We took the Panama Canal on March 5th 1971.

A Ship in the Panama Canal

Of course, we went through the famous Miraflores locks with their "mules".

A Mule in one of the Miraflores Locks

And we passed under the Bridge of the Americas.

Bridge of the Americas

New Orleans

Then, we went North-North-West, passed between Cancun (Mexico) and Cuba, and arrived in New Orleans (In French: La Nouvelle-Orléans), where we spent a week.

Of course, we visited the French Quarter. In particular, we went to Preservation Hall, that has been established ten years before, to listen to some traditional jazz.

Preservation Hall

As you can see on the picture above, you could request some tunes, but asking for When the Saints Go Marching In (The Saints) was the most expensive request. This was already the case in 1971.

We left New Orleans on March 16th to go to French territory: Fort de France, in Martinique.

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Reminds me of the film Quai de brumes where there is a small honky tonk called Panama. The owner likes to think back to the time where he was there, and no one is allowed to say it is foggy in Le Havre. He insist that it is hot and sunny.

Maybe you don't allow people to say that it snows in Canada.


It rarely snows in Vancouver, much less than in New York.


Seems I have a bit too stereotype view of Canada.

Upvoted and also resteemed :]

Panama is definitely on my travel bucket list. Steem On brother!


What else is on your bucket list?


And Panama!

Fascinating and beautiful imagery.


Thank you.

Fantastic journey my friend and i will be happy to read more of your content, i also followed you thanks again


You are welcome.

Ah that's cool, my son lives in New Orleans, been there 3 times, nice people, great food , peace

Whoaaaa!!! Really awesome place, you look great and I upvote your post and followed you just take look at my latest post on poetry hope you like it.^_^😘

and a nice and smallstory of ur life which tell u us u went some wonderfull places i also appriciate u forever @vecelier...may god give u happines in ur next life

ur life is fantastic and u ejnoy ur many years of life...also panama is a beautiful city for some things...god bless u in ur next life @vcelier sir

Why was it most expensive request? Cos they were tired of playing it all day around? :D

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Oh wow , you were in New Orleans in 71? I wish I could have been there. As you probably know, I lived there in the 2000's. What an amazing place eh? Here is an old painting of mine that you might like. remember the Jackson Square Cathedral? Sorry it's a bad photo. it's all I have of this old one...

Jackson Square.jpg

thx for this amazing biography. very interesting :)

This was very cool, WHENS PART 2 OUT!