The Story of My Life so Far - Part 61 - Summer 1979: Settling in Halifax

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This is the story of my life so far: 68 years and counting.
Prequel: A Brief History of my Family in France

The story starts here
Previous episode: Part 60

Summer 1979: Renting an apartment

As soon as Geneviève arrived in Halifax, we started to look for an apartment. We found one in a high-rise in front of the Halifax Common.

A view of the the Halifax Common facing North

The Halifax Common, in local popular usage more often referred to as the Commons, is a Canadian urban park in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It is Canada’s oldest urban park.

The Commons were created initially in 1749.

The building where we rented an apartment during our first year in Halifax is on Robie Street and is named "The Welford".

The Welford building, on Robie Street, in Halifax

From the apartment, we could see the Commons across Robie Street. Just in front of the building, there is a softball diamond, one of several, and I have watched many games there between various amateur teams.

Geneviève registers at Dalhousie University

Geneviève wanted to have something meaningful to do in Halifax. As her visa did not allow her to work, she decided that she would study at the university. So, we went to Dalhousie University to see if she could register and we were told that she could, as she had graduated from high school.

Administration building at Dalhousie University

As it was rather late to register, there were only a few programs available. Geneviève chose to register in Health Education.

For the first semester, as her English was not very good, she decided to take as an elective French 101.
The professor, an American woman specialist of the French literature in the 18th century, saw that Geneviève would lose her time coming to her class, so she made a deal with her: Geneviève would come for two hours every week in her office, and they would spend half the time speaking French and the other half the professor would teach English to Geneviève.
If Geneviève would follow this schedule, she was guaranteed a mark of A+ in the course. What a good win-win situation!

As we came to Halifax with a little more than our clothes, we had to buy many things, including furniture, kitchen equipments and dishes.

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Felicitations pour avoir atteint le niveau 70!!! :P Cela fait plus de six mois que j'attends de passer à ce niveau!!!


Oui Monsieur

This is so much fun for me to listen to and to look at the pictures. I spent so much time at the Halifax Commons. I played fastball there as a teen as well. Have you been back there in recent years? They have built it up so much in recent years. The have skateparks now and in the winter they have even had a skating oval set up. I hope that you took the time to explore Citadel Hill. The picture taken of the Dal building brings back some memories. I spent 2 years as a student at Dal before I transfered to St. Mary's university. I think I found your stories at just the right time for me.


I spent so much time at the Halifax Commons. I played fastball there as a teen as well.


Have you been back there in recent years?

No, not yet,

I hope that you took the time to explore Citadel Hill.

Of course I did.

Well, that is quite the massive accomplishment. Hitting 59 and getting some traction with my writing and music has been great, but I have a LONG way to go to arrive where you are! I remembered you liked some of my poetry/writing commentary early on and have been thinking I should maybe try to do a little more of that again.

Also really enjoyed Halifax when I was there in 2016 while on tour for my music. Really love city - we also got to stay near the harbour, and go SAILING (my first time!). Very good memories.

First congrats for your reputation and number of followers!
C'est marrant (je repasse en français) les (immeubles) collectifs en français comme en anglais alors qu'appelés Combos si je ne me trompe pas au Québec.

Really amazing... All part of this series

Congratulations on this great feat.
Cheers to so many more feat!

I'm your follower already. I like the post cos it's true life story. When is it going to continue Sir?

Thanks for sharing your way of life.

Good nice,,,
I like your post
Thanks you very much @vcelier

@vcelier. The journey of a beautiful story, I can overshadow the process of your journey, happy to read your post.

Interesting story. I have begun following you @vcelier.

Your best story @vcelier

wow, great apartment. :)

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Congratulations! Humanity will soon reach Mars, than I will reach your level of reputation)))

Very saturated colors in photos. Photos are modern. In 1979 there was also a lot of greenery?


In 1979 there was also a lot of greenery?

Yes, absolutely.


A wonderful and beautiful place to live. You are very lucky.

Somewhere, someone knows the words to the songs you sing.


  ·  last year (edited)

It's great to hear you share with us the story of your life in Halifax. The environment is attractive and tempting to relocate to but it is almost impossible for my class to involve in such environment. Nice oneg

I like your post friend

Amazing, looking forward for part 62.

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@vcelier, What to say hello, hi, great, amazing.... thanks and [email protected]

muy bien !


Congratulations @vcelier on attaining Rep(70) the large number of followers proves you have exceptional content. Your wife is lucky to have met a genuine and passionate teacher in the person of her French literature professor.People like that are unforgettable.

I wish you a long happy life ahead and great photographs. Thank you sir @vcelier

I'm new to steemit ... and just fell upon your post accidentally.
From the little I read, it seems like you & Geneviève are a blast & have had quite the adventures ...
I will try to catch up on all the previous readings.
From a fellow Canadian with many of her yet untold stories currently living in Greece...
By the way congrats on reaching reputation 70!!!!

Congrats! Keep it up <3 Thanks for sharing your story!

Congrats on your reaching a reputation of 70 and having 4,300 followers. That's an acknowledgement of the work you put into providing quality content that is interesting.

May you continue to experience success upon success!

Hello VCelier!

Congratulations on this huge hallmark of 70 Rep and 4,300 followers.
It is with great joy that I see all of your life histories are being well received by the blockchain, and that people see value in hearing out the experiences of a man who lived through a lot.

Keep up the good work, and aim at 75 now!

Congratulations @vcelier, indeed hardwork pays. More grace

Wish you the best future @vcelier, great to read your post...