The Story of My Life so Far - Part 74 - Looking for Children to Adopt

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This is the story of my life so far: 68 years and counting.
Prequel: A Brief History of my Family in France

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Looking for children to adopt

In 1985, after more than 5 years of marriage, Geneviève had never been pregnant. So, we decided to adopt children.

My mother, who really likes children, thought that it was a very good idea.

In France at this time, in each of the 95 "départements", adoption was the domain of the DDASS: Direction Départementale des Affaires Sanitaires et Sociales (Departmental Direction of Sanitary and Social Affairs).
So, we wrote dozens of letters to many DDASS. We did not received many answers, and those that we received were negative or at least not very encouraging.

The truth is that, in France, there were more parents that wanted to adopt than children that were "adoptable".

So, we also contacted several organizations that were facilitating international adoption.
As I remember, the two countries that were sending many children abroad to be adopted were Columbia and South Korea. This is probably no longer the case.

We got some promising responses. One of them was from a small Belgian outfit that were facilitating adoptions of children from Haiti. The woman that lead this organization asked us to come visit them.

So, we went to Belgium. The couple had 22 children, 5 biological and 17 adopted.
The older children were helping the parents to raise the younger children.

They wanted to see us, to check if we were this kind of parents that want to adopt because it is the right thing to do, but have no real interest in raising children. We assured them that we were not such parents.

And several weeks later, they told us that they had two sisters coming from Haiti that we could adopt. Were we still interested? Of course, we said yes.

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I think adopting is a wonderful way to give kids a home when they may not otherwise have one. I’m looking forward to hearing about your experiences as you and your wife became parents.

you and your wife both have to much love!

Good blog ..
I am really appreciate to see this post ...
Carry on. best of luck dear 😊

I'm really interested in your story, maybe I'm late to read your story, because this is the first time I read it. I will follow the next story.

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The truth is that, in France, there were more parents that wanted to adopt than children that were "adoptable".

Wow, so there were no enough children in France at that time. But why is that?

Nice your post
Thanks @vcelier

Thats lovely, nice of you to say yes. I want to adopt to at one stage.

It is always a lot of struggle to get through this huge state administrative system when people want to adopt a child. Some people wait for years and at the end just give up. I can imagine how the children feel, they just think that people do not love them that is why they do not want to adopt them. From other side I can understand the organization that want to make sure that the people really want to give their security and love to those children, because it is enough to have only one bad case that "spoils the water" Would be interesting to know if the story has happy end :)

Hey @vcelier is there anyway I can get in contact with you besides here on steemit?

Why not take the adopting one at a time...two kids at once seem like a rush

We came as a package lol...and we are very happy that it worked out like that. People usually want 1 kid as you mentioned for all kind of reason and they have to be infants. A lot of siblings get seperated because of these demands...

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