The Story of My Life so Far - Part 60 - July 1979: Arriving in Halifax, Nova Scotia

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This is the story of my life so far: 68 years and counting.
Prequel: A Brief History of my Family in France

The story starts here
Previous episode: Part 59

July 1979: Arriving in Halifax, Nova Scotia

After the Georges Leygues, my next post was in Halifax, Nova Scotia, as a NATO exchange officer with the Canadian Navy.

I flew to Halifax in the summer 1979, and Geneviève came a week later.

I was greeted in Halifax by my predecessor, a French Navy lieutenant-commander whose name I do not remember.

He had found us some dwellings: the house of a Belgian woman, friend of him, who was on vacation for a month when we arrived. We needed to find an apartment to rent before she came back from her vacation.

My predecessor also helped me open a checking account at the his bank, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (that now does business as CIBC), one of the Big Five banks of Canada.
With his help and his guarantee, I was able to get approved for a loan so that I could buy a car.

Buying a new car

I was persuaded by my predecessor that I should buy a big American car, like his. In retrospect, that was a mistake, even if the price of gas was quite low at this time.

We visited several car dealers, and I decided to buy a brand new Plymouth Volaré.

1979 Plymouth Volaré

In my opinion, it was a gas-guzzler and it was badly built. However, I kept this car for the 3 years that I stayed in Halifax.

How I discover broccoli

In France, I had read a comics titled "Le Concombre Masqué" (The Masked Cucumber), where the characters are talking vegetables.

In the background of some of the images, I had several times see one vegetable asking another "Vous aimez les brocolis?" (Do you like broccoli). As I did not know what were these "broccolis", I thought that it was something that the comics author had invented and that there was no such thing as broccoli.

One day in Halifax, before the arrival of Geneviève, I went to the local supermarket and, to my surprise, I discovered that they were selling broccolis!

Broccoli at the supermarket

It was a big shock for me, and I realized that I should not have decided that broccoli did not exist, before doing some research. That is a lesson that I have since used for the rest of my life.

A week after I arrived in Halifax, I greeted Geneviève at the airport with my brand new car.

We immediately started to look for an apartment to rent.

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Did they not have broccoli in France? I thought broccoli was a worldwide thing that everyone ate lol

I had never seen broccoli in France before 1979.

This does not mean that it was not sold in France then, but simply that I had never seen it.

Interesting. It's so common now, I even lived in Costa Rica and every market had it lol Now I miss all the fruits from Costa Rica!

What a great idea. It must be a lot of fun chronicling your life's history this way. I'm guessing you are delving into memories both good and bad along the way. People here should feel honoured and lucky to get to tag along in your stroll down memory lane. Just curious, where in Halifax did you live? I am a Haligonian myself. Born and raised in Halifax and lived there until I was 25. I live in Ottawa now. I grew up in the Herring Cove area of the city. I never knew how much I would miss it until I was gone.

It must be a lot of fun chronicling your life's history this way.

Yes and no. I am not a writer and writing my own story is very difficult for me. Often in my life, I have started something, then decided to not continue, for whatever reason. But this time, I have decided to go to the end with the story of my life.

Just curious, where in Halifax did you live?

You will have to read the next parts to learn that.

Well, I'm glad that you decided to continue. I've enjoyed what I've read so far. I've always wanted to write but didn't have the confidence to do it. Being new to Steemit I am finding that it is making me want to put my self out there and take more chances. I almost submitted my idea for the @adsactly short story with 3 different authors you are organizing but got a little gun shy. I think I will be ready for the next one I hope.
I'll keep reading to find out where in Halifax. Well played.

Just shows that there is indeed things to be learned from comics! I can't remember any broccolis in my childhood. I thin they showed up in Denmark in the eighties... Wonder where they actually come from? I better look it up.

They are coming from the south of Italy.

Yes, the result of selective breeding initiated already 6th century BC. I also found out that they first were available for purchase in Denmark in 1957 and only frozen. The fresh vegetable was, as I guessed, first sold in the 1980s.

Alors maintenant tu es végétarien j'imagine que tu t'es fait des amis avec du brocoli ou non?

So now you're vegetarian I imagine that you've made friends with broccoli or no?

Sacré voiture tout de même! Rétrospectivement ahahaha

Wondeful story i like it and i like your style in wrting very motiving
Have a nive time

It is so good to remember the past days of our lives. It helps in improving our mistake. I got some lessons from the story of your life.

Great , already waiting for next post :)

Your life story is a move for us out there. history is very valuable to live a life. @vcelier Thanks for sharing. This is motivation

Wow... You're a retired naval commander!!
Could you please talk about your experiences at sea??
Or you've already talked about that?
I'll read through the previous episodes and see.
Such a story from you would make a Tom Clancy like read.

Such a story from you would make a Tom Clancy like read.

Not quite: there is no explosion or gunshots!

Haha...oh, alright.

Can't wait to hear the rest. Very good. Keep up the good work, it's always appreciated.

Kind regards,
Anna , @arhitekt

The car is very beautiful. it is a classic and admirable.

The story of the life of indeed various, and pretty much anyone can take, there are to be in the waste.
all that has existed in our lives is the experience and experience is a very good teacher for
I like your story, that is very good.
Thanks for sharing.

So motive and nice

nice post....carry on

back to the story of life history to read and be used as a guide .. You like the Plymouth Volaré car, an antique car remembers your youth with it. i really like to thank you for this nice short history. hopefully long life @vcelier

Very nice story and I learn many more from this and a good car dear avcelier

Now we have to ourselves a GREAT militarian or ex-militarian.I really salute you for this one.I have a special love for the military lifestyle but the navy in are having a great career indeed.

Brocolli's are seriously good source of fiber and is highly recommended for people who do lot of physical excursion.. though in my state it's very costly ;)

Your posts always amaze me.
Every time i see your post, i always feel happy and happy.

Your style of writing as well as the way and manner you describe scenarios is topnotch and enviable. Looking forward to the continuation....

Best wishes.

Incredibly, this is the life of an aventurer who inspires others

I love that car! It must have been amazing to drive it even though it ended up not being a good choice.
So interesting that you didn't know broccoli! I guess it wasn't imported to France just then

I'm really enjoying your [email protected] (69! It's very interesting how you discovered broccoli 😊

And that beautiful Plymouth 1979 Plymouth Volaré what a beauty!!

I need your advice @vcelier.

I am you into writing and I started writing two stories. Can you please check them and perhaps provide me a few tips on where I can improve?

Si vous voulez de l'aide, il y a des groupes sur Steemit qui sont configurés pour le faire. S'il vous plaît vérifier Pimp Your Post @shadowspub Jeudi sur Discord et @thewritersblock Le groupe Writer's Block sur Discord qui s'applique à vous. Vous pouvez voir des rapports sur les réunions hebdomadaires des groupes sur leurs blogs si vous voulez les vérifier avant de vous inscrire.

If you want help there are groups on Steemit that are set up to do it. Please check out @shadowspub's Pimp Your Post Thursday on Discord and @thewritersblock The Writer's Block group on Discord that applies to you. You can see reports on the groups' weekly meetings on their blogs if you want to check them out before you join.

Did your car have a cool paint finish like the one in the picture. Also, broccoli is my favorite vegetable! You got to get to know broccoli! :D

Did your car have a cool paint finish like the one in the picture?

No, but I could not find a picture on the Internet that looked exactly as my car.
It was the same shade of green, though.

Also, broccoli is my favorite vegetable! You got to get to know broccoli! :D

Indeed. I read somewhere that fresh picked broccoli is way more tasty than the ones you can buy at the store.

Muy bonito el coche, lastima que no cumplía sus expectativas. lo del brócoli fue muy gracioso, aprendió una lección, investigar primero, y lo ha echo muy bien hasta ahora! Saludos. A seguir...

It is uniqu I to like your post

This very nice post i appreciate your lifethanks for sharing..carry on my dear ..

Their stories are very interesting and they leave us with a clear message: We are the main protagonists of the history of our life! Congratulations. I follow you.

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