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This is the story of my life so far: 67 years and counting.
Prequel: A Brief History of my Family in France

The story starts here
Previous episode: Part 45


After I met Geneviève, we fell for each other and except for 3 days we stayed together until the end of the month when I flew back to France.

She was sharing an apartment with her friend Catherine and we spent the nights sometimes in Michel's house, sometimes in their apartments.

At some point, I became very sick for 3 days and Geneviève took care of me. I believe it was paludism, that is mostly known in English as malaria. Fortunately for me, I was healed quickly and I have never had a recrudescence of the sickness since.


Geneviève's parents were living in Édéa, less than 60 kilometres from Douala. So, one day, I rented a car and we drove to Édéa to meet her parents and some of her younger brothers.


Édéa is a city on the Sanaga river. It has now more than 100,000 inhabitants. I am not sure how many there were in 1973, probably much less.

There is a hydroelectric power station and an aluminium processing facility.

In 1973, there was only one bridge over the Sanaga river, that has been by the Germans when Cameroon was their colony, that is before World War I. There was only one lane on this bridge, and it was used by the railway, the cars and the pedestrians.

We stayed only for a few hours in Édéa and went back to Douala in the evening.


Because I had got a visa thanks to an invitation letter sent by the Leimgrubers, it was necessary for me to go visit them.
They were living in the city of Ngaoundéré, in northern Cameroon.

While southern Cameroon is mostly Christian, northern Cameroon is mostly Muslim.
The main building in Ngaoundéré is the mosque.

Ngaoundere mosque

I believe I spent 3 days in Ngaoundéré with the Leimgrubers. I flew in a Cameroonian military airplane and I came back with a commercial flight from Cameroon Airlines.

Back to France

At the end of the month, I flew back to France. Geneviève and myself we promised to stay in contact by mail (letters, of course, there was no e-mail in 1973).
Her friend Catherine was immigrating to France at the time, and Geneviève intended to do the same later.

After my return, I spent a few days with my parents at the Abby. To their big surprise, One day I declared: "I think I will get married".

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Great info!! Thanks for sharing it must take considerable time to make these! I will resteem this to my +300 followers!


that is an awesome journey, if only i have a time machine, i really wanted to see how the world before, same as my place.

next chapter please, who will be the lucky lady? Genevieve?
one question, hiw does it feel to fly with military plane?


one question, how does it feel to fly with military plane?

It does not feel anything special, when it is a passenger transport airplane.
A military airplane in operation or in training is something else.


ah, I see. so it is serve as a public transport. 😃


i have got to do this one day!

Wow Gene is lucky.
Glad to know more about you sir. Many more years with good health.
Thanks for sharing.

Ah, memories... sometimes you just know you've met the right one.

oh 1973, because I am exactly right to read. Finally my year of birth.

very cool post and vlog, i like it

Bon partage! Je vais devoir lire du début ;-)