The Story of My Life so Far - Part 53 - 1976-1977: In Brest on the Corvette Georges Leygues

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This is the story of my life so far: 68 years and counting.
Prequel: A Brief History of my Family in France

The story starts here
Previous episode: Part 52

After several months in Lorient, temporary posted on an aviso-escorteur, mostly during a major repair period, I arrived in Brest in September 1976. I was the "officier calcul" (computer officer) of a new anti-submarine warfare ship, first of its class, the Corvette Georges Leygues.

The Corvette "Georges Leygues"

The Georges Leygues had been in construction since September 1974 in a dry dock in the arsenal of Brest.

In September 1976, she was still in the dry dock.

Georges Leygues in dry dock

The first time the Georges Leygues was floating on the sea was December 17th 1976. But the ship was only transfered from the arsenal to the Navy in June 1977, when the Capitaine de Vaisseau (Captain Navy) Hugon took command of the ship in a traditional ceremony called in French "prise de commandement" (assumption of command ceremony?).

Capitaine de Vaisseau Hugon and Admiral de Gaulle

Admiral Philippe de Gaulle who officially designated CV Hugon during the ceremony is the son of Charles de Gaulle, who has been president of the French Republic. Philippe de Gaulle is 96 years old today.
In 1976, Admiral de Gaulle was the president of the "Commission Permanente des Essais" (Permanent Commissions of Sea Trials) that was managing our sea trials in 1977-1979.
We will see again Admiral de Gaulle later during the "Traversée de Longue Duree" (long duration cruise) of the Georges Leygues in 1979.

The first trials at sea of the Georges Leygues did not start before February 1978.

In the next episode, we will see what was my job as the computer officer of a new ship with a new computer system, the SENIT 4.

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nice one




Wow what a read.. you really have led a good life.. you still have a lot of life ahead of you... thanks for sharing

Well done .. good work
It is important to know the facts. Wonder what you do not know
Thanks for sharing this with us.

how wonderful to know that Admiral Philippe de Gaulle is still alive, he still has contact with him to know those important details. : )


No, I just saw that on Wikipedia.


Oh, very good, it's interesting to know the state of the people they describe in their stories, good job friend.

What are those 2 massive gear-looking things at rhe end of the boat? Before I looked at it full size I was thinking you had paddle wheels on your military ship now they're looking more like time portals.


now they're looking more like time portals.


What are those 2 massive gear-looking things at rhe end of the boat?

These are for the variable depth sonar. On the photo, the support hardware for the sonar is on the rear deck of the ship. When deployed at sea, using these two big gears, it is put over the water.

See these two pictures from Wikipedia:


Thanks, Wow! that's pretty massive. I didn't realize how big the ship was because the equipment didn't seem so large. The comparison with the helecopter really shows the scale.

These are always so fascinating. I'm going to have to clear out an afternoon to binge read your life story. Are you planning on turning these into a book?


Are you planning on turning these into a book?

No, I already have a hard time writing these episodes.

And I don't think my writing is good enough for a book.


Well maybe an enterprising editor will come along and adapt your story into a screenplay!

In the meantime I'll enjoy reading your adventures here.

Oho! Someone switched back to English! :)))

such of a beautiful story that is
thanks for sharing dear
keep it up

grat story i see
that good
carry on dear

Very good

I like at historical store. Goos job. Nice post

Good luck for your steam 😉

I am waiting for your support. For me last post 😊

Thank you so much. Good evening 😊

That is a nice story i am looking for the next episode.@upvoted and resteemed

Your life as a naval officer was full of excitement.That kind of life is a dream for people like me.Thank;s a lot for sharing the post.@upvote and resteemed

excellent work that u do I congratulate u for this post :)

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Sincerely I haven't been able to keep up following all parts of this story..
But I really love this part.


Interesting story, that i must follow up. Please be updating us with dates of next episodes.

interesting his career as an officer, and his whole career, I have always seen the experience as an important value to follow, his family must feel admiration for you, his history has many books to tell,

It's really interesting story.

Nice story . weldone sir. I am eagerly waiting for next episode of this story. I need to see the end .

Your Story has so many part
I will try to read it in my vacant time then will tell you about it

Good post. Look forward to seeing what the computer was like in the next issue. I bet it was huge.

Really admirable story.

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You are big post

‌nice post, I like to kind people who want to share and thanks for sharing