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This is the story of my life so far: 67 years and counting.
Prequel: A Brief History of my Family in France

A painting of myself in 1972, when I still had hair

I have always been interested in the life of people I meet: how they become what they are now, what kind of jobs they have, etc...
My wife and my daughters sometimes tell me that I am too nosy, that I ask too many questions to people I just met.

Here, I am always happy to hear news of the lives of @papa-pepper or of @stellabelle and the story of @charlyshrem.
As the story of my family had some kind of success, I thought that I would continue with my personal story that will include the continuation of my family story.

Not that I am a superhero or any kind of celebrity, but I have done some things in my life that may be interesting to describe.

Here is the summary of my life, so far:

  • I was born in France during the 1940s (quite at the end, in October 1949, but still during the 1940s ;-)
  • I am the third child of a family of 11 children
  • Like my grandfather and two of my uncles, I became of French Navy officer
  • I met my first wife, an African black woman, in Douala, Cameroon
  • We got married 6 years later in France, against the will of my parents
  • Being unable to have biological children, we adopted 4 black children, two from Haiti and two from Cameroon
  • After 20 years in the French Navy, I became a software engineer
  • After my first wife left me, I emigrated with my 4 children to British Columbia, Canada
  • I raised my children as a single dad for 10 years
  • 17 years ago, I started to work at home through the Internet for a company located mostly in New York and Paris
  • 8 years ago, I met my second wife, a Hungarian woman, through an agency
  • At 67 years of age, I am still working full time, at home

This is me today

In the next post, I will start my story with my early childhood in Rambouillet.
Continue to Part 1

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This is interesting story, Sir. Thank you for sharing. And the adoption of four different children is a fearless move. I'm much more coward about children, I feel fear thart I'm not ready or don't have enough money. I like to hear the stories from the older people, about life, hard choices that change whole life. I hope people like you will become more familiar with platforms like steemit. And it's great that all of that stories can't be erased while the system will work.

I am just a few months older than you my friend and I would be most interested in reading your story. Perhaps I might do the same. I feel I have had a very interesting and full life up to this page.

Sure, tell your story. I am sure I will be interested to read it.

@vcelier wow! that's amazing that you raised your kids alone for 10 year
sorry I missed this I was away the whole day yesterday
so this is your kind'a introduce yourself?
that's a lotta' info..
thank you for sharing ;)

You are welcome.

Big respect to such people like you! Adopted 4 children - at least 4 hearts became happy. Wish you all the best and strong health!

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