The Story of My Life so Far - Part 73 - The Jean de Vienne in Eastern Mediteranean

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This is the story of my life so far: 68 years and counting.
Prequel: A Brief History of my Family in France

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The Jean de Vienne in Eastern Mediterranean

In 1984 or 1985, the Jean de Vienne was sent to eastern Mediterranean, that is to Cyprus and Lebanon.

Cyprus had been split in two parts in 1974: Greek Cyprus in the south and Turkish Cyprus in the north.


Lebanon was in the middle of its civil war that lasted from 1975 to 1990.


We were not the first French Navy ship to go to Cyprus and Lebanon: the Georges Leygues had already been there.

Larnaca, Cyprus

First, we went to Larnaca, on the east coast of Cyprus, in the southern part, very close to the northern part.

Larnaca harbor

There was not much to do in Larnaca, except to see the walls that have been erected between the two parts, sometimes in the middle of a street.

Jounieh, Lebanon

Then we went for several days to Jounieh, a small city 16 km north of Beirut.

Jounieh, viewed from Harissa

With another officer, while visiting the city, we found a computer store. I started to discuss computers with the storekeeper. After ten minutes, my colleague asked to be excused. I think the discussion continue for almost an hour!

With the commanding officer, we went by helicopter to Beirut, to have lunch at the French embassy.
There were nets in front of the windows in the embassy, to avoid having grenade exploding inside the building.

The instructions to the crew, including the officers, were to not go to Beirut, but to stay in Jounieh.
One morning, just after breakfast, the commissaire came to have some papers signed by the commanding officer.
The commanding officer asked the commissaire:

  • What did you do yesterday, commissaire?

I told the commanding officer:

  • Do not ask him this question, sir.

And the commissaire did not reply. At least, he did not lie.

After his departure, the commanding officer ask me for an explanation.

In Beirut, on the green line there were several French Navy officers that were observers. One of them was a friend of the commissaire and invited him to visit the green line and to see all the posts of the different factions. So, the commissaire could not resist and went to Beirut, contrarily to the instructions.

After Jounieh, we went back to Larnaca, then to Toulon.

After more than five years, we had no children, so we decide to adopt. In 1984, we started to contact many different organizations to find children to adopt.

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I like the short story part.
Always put the envy to read and when it gets the juiciest part to be continued
This is the beauty of writing, someone will always read it.
Keep on steemin'

You have lived a real life so far! What kind of procastination you are claiming you do?! 😉 I wish I would have experienced same as I get 68

What kind of procrastination you are claiming you do?!

Look at my post Finally 3D Printing.

I love the casual way you end it sometimes, yet with a total cliffhanger!

Wow, I know the life of an officer in the Navy is not an envious one and my hat is off to anyone who serves. I can’t help thinking how nice it could be to visit all of these beautiful places. It’s good that you got to get off ship and experience the places a little.

Love your story! I was in Toulon for a while when I was in the US Navy a few years ago. It is a beautiful area and I enjoyed it very much. It sounds like your career was very eventful! Thanks for sharing

Yes you are right @socent

Great life story @vcelier.

I remember Toulon very well. A friend once schooled in France for his masters in Music and also I had this street cousin that watched one of the matches of the Toulon Football Invitational Tournament.

As regards the description it is a very beautiful area with a shapely ambiance.

Great career you have!

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Great story. I learn some great things from you.

I read your story really excellent ..Votes and resteemit done.

Nice story

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I enjoy your story @vcelier thank for guiding me to this post


Good content and an interesting read. Thank you for sharing.

Never knew Cyprus was once split in two.

Mais qu'est devenue ta petite société canadienne?
Hâte de découvrir la suite quant à l'adoption !

Just found your blog, it looks like you are having an interesting and intriguing life. looking forward to the next part. Hope you succeeded to adopt a baby. cheers @vcelier!

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