The Story of My Life so Far - Part 55 - Creating a Computer Game on the Corvette Georges Leygues

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This is the story of my life so far: 68 years and counting.
Prequel: A Brief History of my Family in France

The story starts here
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Creating a Computer Game

As I had to my disposal the computers on the Georges Leygues and the seven consoles in the CIC as displays and inputs, I had decided to create a computer game.

The game I created was inspired one of the earliest arcade video games: Pong.


Pong was a simple game that roughly simulated table tennis between two adversaries. It had been installed in various public places, such as bars, since 1972. I probably saw Pong somewhere in 1974 or 1975.

I had decided that my game would be much more elaborate than Pong and would simulate tennis (not table tennis) and played by double teems. There were seven consoles, so I could use four of them, one for each of the four players in the two teams.

The court was displayed with all the official lines of a real tennis court.


The rackets were simulated by small vertical segments that could be moved everywhere in the team half of the court.
And the ball was simulated by a small circle.

Similar to Pong, the ball was bouncing on the side of the court, the horizontal speed of the ball was increased every six bounces on the rackets an the angle of the racket bounce was depending on the area of the racket where the ball hit the racket.
The maximum vertical speed was never greater than its horizontal speed, so the maximum angle with the court sides was 45 degrees.

Points were scored when the ball was going out of the court.

A game was played in six sets. I had never heard then of the tie-break, so I did not include it in my game: you could win a game with 6 sets to 5.

For each set, the official scoring was followed (15, 30, 40, set) including the rule of the "advantage".

The current score was displayed above the court.

As I had not to my disposal any compiler of assembler, all I could do was to program the game in the machine languages.
Also, there were not many ways to input the program in the computers.

We will see how I solved these difficulties in the next post.

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Wow this is very interesting to me. I spend a lot of time watching documentaries on the history of video games. Quite fascinating that you developed an early game yourself like this. Creating a 4 player game must have been fun for all your friends aboard the ship. The way I picture it in my mind, it was necessary for the ball to speed up after 6 hits or the game would never end, because 2 players on a team could probably cover a lot of ground. This is also made the difficulty gradually increase which is important for any video game.

i love your story

salut @vcelier viens de découvrir l'histoire de votre vie ... je vais revoir tous les chapitres ..bonne continuation

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carry on

your all part is good

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I really like this story, resteem and upvote

I will look for this game and try out.


No, you won't. It can only be played on French Navy ships!

me parece fabuloso, gracias

the world of computers, where everything is possible, for the love of it I became computerized ... what a great story I will look for the other parts


Yea @aerossone I think that's a great idea 👍

Hello, @vcelier!

I appreciate your work, it is not easy to create a computer game. I can't wait to see your next post to find how to solve the difficulties .

Best wishes!


Yea yea @allesia.... I'm Anticipating too..... #cant_wait

Nice so are also programmer. And finally english post from you. Do you remember me?

Thanks for sharing your story..I appreciate your computer game.
I like pong.
Besy of luck.

i am your regular reader. I have completed all episode of this story.and i always wait for next.
upvote and resteemit has been done

interesting this is the first time i read a whole story :p


Same here @amerelia

i am reading and reading.cant finished yet,will take long time .but i am getting on this story.nice writing...

ilove the story

great that game that you created, when I studied computer science they sent me homework to relate a game, and since it was not very good with the programming of doing the hangman, but I lacked some codes and it did not work, it was not good for that, I congratulate you...

Nice post dude and all the best!


This is really awesome, there are lots of gamers and here you are inventing your own! I will never be surprised if I see your name @vcelier in line with the great inventors in the history!

You're so brilliant! :D

Keep up the innovation bruh

Very interesting @vcelier .....thanks for sharing this.... It's the best thing I've heard today!