The Story of My Life so Far - Part 68 - Three Years in Halifax

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This is the story of my life so far: 68 years and counting.
Prequel: A Brief History of my Family in France

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Three Years in Halifax

We stayed, Geneviève and myself, three years in Halifax.
Originally, the duration of my posting was supposed to be two years, but I asked for a one year extension for several reasons:

  • We liked it here. In fact, I told myself that it would be a good idea to come back later to live in Canada, which I did 12 years after leaving Halifax.
  • Three years was the minimum duration for Geneviève to graduate with a Bachelor in Health Education.
  • I was hoping to make money selling my Pascal compiler through my company Scotia Software. But, in fact, I never did make money, as I spent the revenue of the sales in advertising.

We both learned to skate in Halifax. When we were back in France we continued to skate, and in a skating ring, oneday we met Surya Bonaly and her adoptive mother who ask Geneviève some advice about managing Surya's hair.

Life was good. We were not stressed. I had nobody to always check every day on what I was doing.
We had good friends. And I was well payed, being overseas.

Halifax Citadel

My brother Benoît and his wife Jeanne-Marie came to visit

In June 1981, my brother Benoît, the farmer, and his wife Jeanne-Marie came to visit for several weeks.

They borrowed my car and traveled by themselves in the province. As they did not know a lot of English, when they were alone, they had a hard time making themselves understood, but they managed.

Here are two photos that they took in June 1981. The quality is not very good, after 37 years.

My brother Benoît in June 1981

Jeanne-Marie, Geneviève, myself and Louis, in June 1981

We traveled

During these three years, we traveled in Canada and the United States.

In November 1981, we spent a week in Quebec City, while the Jeanne d'Arc was there. We stayed at the Château Frontenac hotel. This was very nice.

Château Frontenac Hotel in Quebec City

One winter we also went to Ottawa to visit colonel de Beyssac, and we skated on the Rideau Canal Skateway

Skating on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa

We also went during the summer of 1980 to New York City, to visit Geneviève's friend Catherine Mbengue, who was starting her long career at the UNICEF.

In October 1982, we left Halifax to return to France. I had learned that I had been posted on another new ship in Brest.

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Amazing!!!!! Thank you for showing the Citadel. It was one of my favourite places to go when I was a kid. I enjoyed watching the changing of the guards. I was just on the canal two weeks ago. We had one of our shortest skating years for the canal this year because it was late getting cold and it got super warm the past two weeks and it was closed for he season. Totally enjoy the pics from home!

You are instantly recognisable in the photo of the four of you from '81!


Well, there are two women and a black guy, so of course I am the white guy!



My husband and I stayed in the Château Frontenac Hotel in Quebec City while on our honeymoon. A fantastic hotel and Quebec city is a great place to visit.

Les photos de trente ans sont terribles! je suppose que le sépia a remplacé les couleurs d'origine. Bon, donc on retourne à Brest!


Les photos de trente ans sont terribles!

Well, standard quality pictures on paper do not stay the same after 37 years!

Wow !!!
Very interesting life story...@vcelier
I have a question for this story

Is it your real life story ??


Is it your real life story?

Why would you think otherwise?


@vclier don't mind please ..
Your life story is very comfortable...
I think that's a nice life...

Man your stories are amazing. Literally loved it. Following you since i joined steemit.Nicely described with awesome photos.Thank's for the post.@upvoted and resteemed

Am pretty sure the time you are done with all the episode, you would have successfully written your autobiography. Good work.
I have a friend who lives in quebec.

Nice interesting story ,unfortunately i couldn't start from the beginning,but just this one ,am really enjoying it.

Interesting story to say the least. I am overwhelmed by your rich history. You must be a war hero

Interesting story to say the least.
Thank you for sharing

images (4).jpeg

I was glad to hear that you received your brother's visit, I suppose the relations with your family were improving (I still remember some did not go to the wedding) and I liked seeing the photographs because it makes the story more personal, at least for me. It really was 3 very good years that you spent in Halifax

Every part of your stories are always detailed, I'm impressed that you kept those pictures from 1981, you must be very good at keeping. Thanks for sharing.


I'm impressed that you kept those pictures from 1981, you must be very good at keeping.

No, I am terrible at keeping. Those are the photos that my brother Benoît kept, not me.

Wow! Very good

Very nice and interesting.
I really like this story. A story about life that is very interesting to see and follow. Yes, although I did not follow from the beginning. A journey of life is told through a series of photographs.
Success is always for you and always in the protection of God ... @ vcelier.
Best Regards @ airil280708.

Nice tour images.

I know someday I'll be a tourist as well. Possibly when I'm retired from the military like you. I'll take up a job online get a motorcycle and just keep riding all round the world.

Thanks for sharing your life's events. It's really cool