The Story of My Life so Far - Part 58 - 1978-1979 on the Georges Leygues

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This is the story of my life so far: 68 years and counting.
Prequel: A Brief History of my Family in France

The story starts here
Previous episode: Part 57

Fall 1978: trials at sea of equipments and armaments of the Georges Leygues

After the trials at sea of the propulsion system in the first semester of 1978, the equipments and armaments of the Georges Leygues were tested at sea during the fall of 1978.

I have no real memories of these trials at sea and no anecdote to tell you.

During this period, as my direct boss, the "Chef du Service Détection" (radar an electronic warfare lead officer) was posted on another ship, I became his replacement.

In January 1979, I had finally decided to marry Geneviève in April 1979.
But before that, the Georges Leygues had its "Traversée de Longue Durée" (Long Crossing) in February and March 1979.

February-March 1979: TLD (Long Crossing)

We left Brest on February 3rd 1979. Our first port of call was Abidjan in Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast). At that time, Abidjan was still the capital of the country.

Recent view of Abidjan harbor

From Brest to Abidjan, we had on board Admiral Philippe de Gaulle. The admiral wanted to have a reason to go to Abidjan so that he could see president Félix Houphouët-Boigny to exchange stories about his father Charles de Gaulle.

There were no video distribution yet on French ships. But there were movie projectors and in the junior officer wardroom, we had a screen. So, from time to time, we would invite the commanding officer and the senior officers to come watch a movie in our wardroom. They usually accepted the invitation.

So, of course, as the admiral was on board, we extended the invitation to him too. And he came several times to watch a movie with us.

As each movie had several rolls, during the time when a new roll was installed on the projector, there was a distribution of ice creams to anybody who wanted.
I still can see in my mind the admiral eating an ice cream while watching a movie in our wardroom.

We stayed a week in Abidjan from February 13th to February 20th.

The commanding officer of the Ivorian Navy was then Commander Lassana Timité, who had been with me for two years at the École Navale. We were very well received by the Ivorian Navy.

I see now on the Internet that Lassana Timité became an admiral, that he became the Chief of Staff of the Ivorian Armed Forces, the only Navy officer to do so, and that he died in 2000 when he was around 50 years old.

Our next port of call was Rio de Janeiro .

The French Navy had a bad experience with a ship that was in Rio during the Carnival: when it was time to depart, 25% of the crew was missing. Many sailors had become somewhat crazy during the Carnival. The story I heard told of sailors that came back six months later to the French consulate to be repatriate. Of course, there were severely punished by the Navy.

So, the French Navy had decided to never have a ship on call in Rio during the Carnival.

The Georges Leygues was in Rio de Janeiro from March 1st to March 7th, just after the Carnival that had finished on Ash Wednesday on February 28th, the day before we arrived.


the Special Group champion [of the samba schools] marches for one more time on the Saturday after Ash Wednesday.

Samba parade on the Saturday after the Rio Carnival

So, this exhibition of the champion of the samba schools happened on Saturday March 3rd. I saw this and it was spectacular.

Those that were on duty this day and wanted to go see this exhibition tried to find somebody to replace them, but not all of them succeeded.
I remember one sailor who was doing his military service and was on duty; he left the ship illegally to watch the samba parade. He was caught and was punished, but he said that he did not regret what he did and he would do it again, because he thought that there was no chance for him to watch such a spectacle during the rest of his life. I could understand him very well.

After Rio, we went to Saint Barthélemy, then to Fort de France.

We came back to Brest at the end of March 1979.
A month later Geneviève and myself got married.

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Nice story, Whoa! can't believe Carnival would have an impact on the sailors to live their post for couple months.
Glad your ship lead by example during the fiesta time.

Just saw that you're retired Navy and followed you. I love these stories. Hooyah from an ex Navy Diver!

I will soon tell some stories about a French Navy diver in exchange with the Canadian Navy in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Looking forward to it! I'll stay tuned.

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I really am fan of yours now. The way you rewrite your life is stunning. Its like you are actually going in the Flash back and enjoying it again. Your life has been really full of experiences and bravery i must say. Though in this story i liked the end where one of the member went to see the spectacle, he didn want to miss anytime. He wasnt even sorry for that because i guess his heart belonged there at that time. He shouldn't be sorry even now :)

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he's new ... he does not know how it works here at steemit

I have seen you make this reply on another post. You seem to be saying that you think these are bad posts and the only reason that you aren't flagging them is because the bloggers are rich. If you say such rude things you will get lots of flags.

Spamming is bad but I really think you ought to stop spamming this on people's posts.

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en lisant votre histoire , on s'aperçoit que vous etes une personne ayant beaucoup d'expérience avec les différents voyages ..bonne continuation @vcelier

excellent story and the picture looks great ...

this is amazing...

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Your stories are absolutely fascinating and I'm really thankful you are sharing them in English, too, so I can read and appreciate them! :)

so amazing story
i like your writing and how you descrip your life
thanx for sharing your wonderful experiences with us
you are so brave man

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you have extensively taken the pain to exhibit this post, good job omo iya mi

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Hello friend, the way you rewrite your life is stunning. Its like you are actually going in the Flash back and enjoying it again. Your life has been really full of experiences and bravery i must say. that you are admirable and that your posts are very good and of great contribution to this great community that every day is growing more and more thanks for sharing such an excellent story greetings good friend

this story is great on sir
resteemit done

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Hello Vincent, I had a few days without reading because I was out of town but I got up to date and read the parts that I missed. I didn't know that you were still in contact with Geneviève, but I see that you got married. I have a special feeling when reading this part because it is just from the time I was born (I was born in December 1978). How bad that the French navy did not allow the ship to arrive at Carnival to Rio de Janeiro, but thank God you could at least enjoy that last parade (by the way, it was in the sambadrome?) I live in Venezuela and Brazil is my neighbor country. Rio is a wonderful city, sounds like samba, Bossa Nova ... Did you meet the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, did you climb the Corcovado mountain? Did you meet the statue of Christ the Redeemer? The Maracana stadium?

you could at least enjoy that last parade (by the way, it was in the sambadrome?)

Obviously not in the Sambadrome:

The Sambódromo was commissioned in 1983 and completed in 1984.

Ohhh, of course, what a fool I am, I didn't know when it had been built...Thanks for the information

This is so nice to read @vcelier .. your professional given you more opportunity to known nice places... when I was a baby I was at Abidjan but I hv no ideal how it was coz am an infant then... I will like to know how this beautiful story end.. ..

Like it because your experience was at my place of infant... nice..

Follow U.. I really want to read this nice story to the end...

I like your story. let me read each of your posts. allow me to follow you

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It's the biggest story anyone can read on Steemit but..
It's really fun and especially intriguing because it's in the seventies period of ambition and change
Your Information about a place like Abidjan harbor And Your description of this place made me really Like I was there

I like your story. let me read each of your posts. allow me to follow you

Please, do not send the same comment several times.

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Old and Wise, have never seen where wisdom eludes the Grey Hair...This is my interpretation of a very old African Proverb for you old friend!

BTW, i have read just a few of your Sailing Adventures, The Port Abidjan you shared looks like an Artificial Canal or was is Natural? Please just a friendly Clarification.

Did you sorted yourself a beautiful brazilian in rio??

Very nice story.i never miss your any part.And i will for your next .I still reading this story

Good for you, but there is no need to tell me that.

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I felt so young after reading your post. I am born in january 79 :D When did you met Genieve?

You have to read the full story to find out.

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السلام عليكم أخي ..يجب عليك حذف كل هذه التعليقات و إلا سيتم التبليغ عنك من طرف المشتركين و بالتالي تخسر سمعتك التي هي الآن 34 ولا يمكنك تحسينها في ما بعد ...من باب النصيحة يا اخي

وصلت الى 26

نعم للأسف ..لم يأخذ بالنصيحة ..

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Maybe he or she will take the advice, but it is too late for this post.

A very detailed story. Thanks for sharing this.

por fin. la gran boda! jajaja, me habia retrasado en la lectura. voy a la siguiente...

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