giving up my dreams - an original depressing poem

in politics •  3 months ago


i'm giving up my dreams
and trading them for something new
they're just ripping by the seams
by the grating of a devil's tongue
i am giving up my dreams
they turned to ash inside my mouth
now all sound like cheap old memes
in this old world so highly strung
i am giving up my dreams
for we will all get what we deserve
a world where naught is what it seems
and big war criminals remain unhung
i am giving up my dreams
this world will go down in flames
from now on ignoring all the screams
because their voices smell like dung
so i've given up my dreams
because you never get what you give
there's no hope for change of regimes
and times pendulum has not yet swung
now i'm remembering my dreams
looking back i think myself a fool
stopped speaking of unpopular themes
and now ended up feeling overhung


image credits - code404

I know, I know... Not a nice poem. It came about because of the tsunami of sanctifying 'news' about this war criminal John McCain. The parrot media trumpeting how "decent" this "hero" was gave me a seriously depressed week. He became a "hero" after bombing Vietnam, a country that has never attacked any other nation or the USA. Not a single mention of the betrayal he did while in captivity there. Not a single side-note about how he was advocating the bombing of innocent people the rest of his life, people that are already worse off than most of us, for living in the countries they live in. Not a single mention of this war criminal arming and colluding with ISIS and Al Qaida or the destruction this man caused. No, "he was a decent man and a hero". And this must be true, because the other war criminals Bush jr., Obama and the Clintons attended his funeral and the lame stream media said so and let's focus on Bush sneaking a piece of candy to Michelle Obama (aaw, so cute)... They are responsible for untold suffering and death and will get away with it as long as the US sheeple remain as indoctrinated as they are. I don't see this changing anytime soon and all the while we are running out of time. The World desperately needs a change, we all know it, we are committing ecocide, genocide and a few other *cides... Including suicide... But, I did give up trying to change the World for the better, from now on I will focus on bettering my own life in the hope I will get the time to live out my life in relative peace. I have spent 30 years trying and now i'm done. I estimate we have about 5 more years to go, so enjoy them while you can. And yes, there is always hope, which happened to be the last thing coming out of Pandora's box. But all we can hope for is a Black Swan event or a Miracle because cognitive dissonance rules this world. I won't even bother to explain myself more clearly, because even IF you are capable of understanding chances are you will call me nuts or just shrug and go on living in the Matrix like nothing has happened. And it is just impossible to convey all I have learned and seen in the past 30 years in a Steemit post. Sorry, I can make it more pretty.

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it does seem like we're heading down a path of destruction. as things stand right now you may not be far off with your 5 year count down.


Yes, but then again who knows? We can hope things will change, and usually in the hour of the highest need something unexpected and good happens. What I am afraid of is to leave it up to others, God, leaders, whatever... We should all see this and do our little bit. That would make things change for the better for sure.