forget about the pain - an original poem

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forget about the pain

it's the hidden treasures of your soul
i want to excavate and lay bare
the intricate perfections of the whole
that i know deep down are there

a beautiful and fierce-some outer shell
shielding a girl full of compassion
she is strong enough to cope very well
but passion is now on a ration

life took us onto this different path
and made us end up the same place
to be grinding away at the aftermath
of those disasters we had to face

i'm yearning to make that whole again
dispel impact of past's desolation
to tease you to forget about the pain
and see our happiness-reincarnation

now i think i found the right answer
to the pain inside my broken heart
after reviving life like a necromancer
carving new beginnings from the start

decided from now on I will lead the way
cultivate my will and my prowess
a road to this grand vision i will lay
all you need to do is say "yes"

image credits - takmeomeo

I wrote this for a very special woman, she is intelligent, honest, creative, powerfull, outspoken and even more beautiful than 20 years ago. I can't help loving her...

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