the journey is the destination - an original poem

in poetry •  6 months ago


the journey is the destination

it doesn't matter how hard we try and run
for cares to lose or happiness to find
employing our cunning just to get undone
avoiding realities that we think unkind

the harder that we try to dodge and run
we are closing in on ourselves painfully
for it is impossible to out-run the sun
that always casts your shadow truthfully


image credits - pixabay

I know we all have done this, or still do... We humans love to ignore stuff we should be adressing or we even run away from them actively. In the end you hit the wall and get confronted in a concrete way. (pun intended)
So, we should not do that, right? I mean, if you look over your shoulder and see a gigantic bull storming at you, will you turn your back to it? You would not. But human affairs are not this clear cut and it is not always obvious what some actions will lead to, i know.These days i like to address stuff when it comes up, not always an easy thing but in the end much more efficient than ignoring it.

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Nice @madevi. See you can't get away from poetry, LOL.


I could not even if I tried... Although coding is a bit too logical to combine with poetry, i have managed to write tidbits that I am working on. Thanks!