voor jou (for you)- an original short poem

in poetry •  6 months ago


mijn hoofd hart en ziel
zijn voor jou als je ze wilt
nooit meer pijn door verraad


image credits - icame

Again, inspired by, and writen for a very special lady... The more I know her, the more I love her, the more I yearn to heal, her, me, us. It came to me after a lenghty and emotional phone call this afternoon.

This time the shape was inspired by the "senryu" and @vegaron, I took the liberty of making it 5-7-5 words instead of syllables. It is only the second poem I write in Dutch, ever.


my head heart and soul
are for you if you want them
never again pain through treason


EDIT: I just realised that all the words are just one syllable, so it's a true senryu after all!

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where say door verraad and translated to treason I had to check, since I had no clue what the word is in Afrikaans seems it is hoogverraad.

I like how you translated voor to for which I might have slipped on and said lay them before you which in essence means the same but is more a direct translation, in Afrikaans at least.

Goes without saying this is a very impressive poem.


Thank you for your comment. Afrikaans and Dutch are related but some words have taken on a (slightly) different meaning. I meant "for" as "giving them" in this case. In Dutch "voor" can mean "in front of" or "for" when combined with "you" or similar. And since this is meant to be a Senryu the metrum is 5-7-5 syllables, so that's why. I am stoked that you think it is impressive, thanks you.

Nicely done indeed! Language sure is a magnificent thing. Even though you used words instead of syllables, it still ends up as a senryu with correct numbers of syllables after being translated to english!


Thanks :D I only figured out after I posted that even in Dutch it is correct, all words are just one syllable... And it came to me just like that! I think reading your posts must have put the rules in my head and that went to work with it in the background.

This is a bullseye hit, man! It's great!

Leuk gedichtje inderdaad :)

Ik houd ook van gedichtjes schrijven, maar ben hier recentelijk wat minder actief in geworden. Dit is een van mijn gedichtjes, als je geïnteresseerd bent: https://steemit.com/poetry/@pizzachain/original-poem-an-insult-to-some-the-meaning-of-love-to-others-available-both-in-dutch-and-english

Ja, beetje erg lange titel en dus ook link, maar een redelijk kort gedichtje!

Veel geluk in jouw toekomst, geüpvote en gevolgd ;)


Dank je! Ik schrijf eigenlijk alleen in het Engels maar deze kwam voor de verandering een keer in m'n moers taal :D Ga nu jouw gedicht lezen...