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January of 2017 | Can people travel below the 60th southern parallel towards Antarctica to see if the earth is flat, hollow round, or what? Can a blockchain be private? Do you like Halloween? Multiculturalism vs Monoculturalism. Fear The Walking Dead. Belief vs Facts. Kanye West. Black Choir on the plane. The only kind of people I love more than Asians might be the black people. I was teaching English in Vietnam. Maybe this is why I'm back in America. Perhaps a reason or at least an excuse. The heart and soul of a black soul is so incredibly contagious. The black community is the heart and fire to humanity. The white community might be the brains. The yellow community is the endurance, the encouragers, the glue, the body. Ewan McGreggor is in a sequel to The Shinning and is scheduled to be in a Kenobi series on Disney Plus. Alex Jones Halloween Special on Wednesday Night. Halloween Eve.

Lost My Phone

2017-01 - January of 2017

This was my last January in Vietnam. I lost my phone possibly at McDonald's. They refused to look at the security cameras. I was watching the Simpsons and noticed how they painted some of the good U.S. Presidents in bad light. I was telling people about Obama. Some Vietnamese couldn't believe it. I was teaching several different English groups as usual. We had the Tet holiday. I would take showers at Purio and I was teaching the owner there since like December of 2016. He lend like locker space for my clothes from like April 2016 to November 2017 (which was when I returned to America). I was watching that famous Bill Nye versus Ken Ham religion versus science debate. It was like three hours. It was mostly about creation versus evolution. It was on YouTube. I also watched as Trump became the 45th President. I seriously started thinking even more about returning to America because of that for example. Tears were in my eyes.

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2019-10-30 - Wednesday

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By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Published in October of 2019

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Repairing Club

01:01 AM - Steemit

I was working on a computer tower today, as in Tuesday. It was kind of fun. I kind of learn as I go. Yeah, very rewarding indeed.

Cat Mom

01:06 AM - Steemit

Rebranding is truly priceless. So, as in life, there is a time and a place for certain actions. So, you are here right now. That's a beautiful thing. I was homeschooled until high school in Oregon, born 1985. I like to draw, write, etc. I may have struggled with autism, etc. I went on to 4 colleges. I taught English in Vietnam. So, I say that to say that I agree with what you are saying about going after dreams. People love cat mom content. I'm glad life is still very full for you. I'm Oatmeal. Welcome.

Impeaching Trump

01:14 AM - Steemit

They could get enough votes to impeach Trump via blackmailing and threatening enough RINO Republicans.

"You have the same problem I have." She said to Morgan. "You Think that everybody's life is more important than your own."


Fear The Walking Dead 507 & 508

Fear The Walking Dead 507

2019-10-30 - Wednesday - 01:16 AM - 02:06 AM - FTWD 507

"You have the same problem I have." She said to Morgan. "You Think that everybody's life is more important than your own."

Fear The Walking Dead 508

2019-10-30 - Wednesday - 02:07 AM - 02:51 AM - FTWD 508

Sleep. Weird dreams. I remember one of them. Something to do with a talent contest like the Voice or American Idol. I was probably only watching it. I saw different people get on and off the stage to perform or to host.

Star Wars Theory

10:20 AM - Why Palpatine Did NOT Clone Himself in Episode 9 - Star Wars Theory

Perfect son. Seen, not heard. Cucumber.

Private Blockchain

11:09 AM - Telegram | Dissenter

@satishluintel, I saw you asked about whether a blockchain could even be private. I would begin by asking you about your thoughts on IPFS. After that, I would ask you about your thoughts on Monero, Dash, Zcash, Verge, and BTCP. Generally, decentralization is mostly a goal. It might be more of a question of how decentralized a blockchain might be as opposed to something being absolutely centralized or not centralized. In other words, shades of gray. Perhaps, an allegedly private blockchain is simply able to make it harder to decode, to decrypt, to read, to see. I don't know enough to know if it is possible to have private blockchains. But we can at least try, right? Could Bit Torrent be private? If you are not downloading a file on Bit Torrent, perhaps that file is private to you in the sense that you cannot see it. Perhaps a blockchain could be like that. Perhaps, they could add features to block download from certain people. And if you can't download the data, then that might be a form of privacy. And on top of that, like I said earlier, perhaps nothing can be completely decentralized. Perhaps, your computer is a centralization of your brain. But that doesn't mean blockchains couldn't have some encryption. Perhaps, a blockchain could allow for peer to peer transactions. Perhaps, they could allow for encrypted data to go from my computer to your computer, through a blockchain. Perhaps, it could be like Proton Mail. Perhaps, a blockchain does not have to be completely distributed through decentralization where data is everywhere but instead something more like IPFS, like Bit Torrent.

Alex Jones

10:30 AM - 🚨◄ Al3x J0nes (Segments 1 and 2) 🎙️ • Wed • October 30th, 2019 ►🚨 | Dissenter

The public is forbidden to travel below the southern 60th parallel, that is as you move south towards Antarctica. In the 1900's many nations, many countries, allegedly agreed to this travel prohibition to be enforced, internationally. So, it is said that different governments work together to stop people from going too far south for the winter like birds. I'm joking about the south for the winter. But it is said that most airplanes avoid Antarctica. The earth may not be flat but it could be bigger than what we know as normal people. It might be like a fish bowl.

Meme World

11:33 AM - Freesquare | Dissenter

Oatmeal Shroyer still mostly looks like Owen. Perhaps because we are twins?

Saving Infowars

11:43 AM - Free Square | Dissenter

He does similar things. I've been watching since 2016, regularly that is. Yes, he has year-end sales. Yes, things get tough at times. But it has been getting worse over time. In other words, there is an acceleration of attacks upon Infowars and others. We have all seen this. So, globalists are elevating their wars on Alex Jones and others. If you deny that, then you are denying Greta. You are denying reality. You might as well say that Alex Jones is fake, that he is actually that dead comedian who like died in the 1990's. The truth is that Alex is doomed if more people don't go to the Infowars Store to buy things and donate. I'm going to assume you work for Soros. If not, then why would you want to call Alex and others liars? Why? You might as well call Alex crazy. You are basically saying you cannot trust Alex. That makes me wonder why you even listen to Alex at all, assuming you ever do. Like, if you can't trust Alex, then why would you listen to him? You might as well do what Dark Alley does.

Facebook Reads Your Private Messages

11:49 PM - Facebook

Mark is reading your private messages. So be careful. Imagine telling a normal guy that. They might be like oh who cares or they might look at you like you have a third eye.

Subjectivity vs Objectivity

11:54 AM - Steemit

Perhaps 99% inaccessible for the 1% of the most enlighten souls on earth, historically speaking, the greatest minds who has ever lived, globally, during the course of human history. Yes, in my opinion, I believe that murder is objectively bad. I believe in the idea of loving thy neighbor. I believe in the ten commandments. I choose to believe that. Yes, I subjectively believe in what I want to call objective morality. Yes, I could be wrong. But I'm choosing to believe that stealing is bad. I'm going to try not to steal too much or too aggressively or too often. I'm not saying that it is possible to completely not steal at all.

China vs Hong Kong

11:58 AM - Steemit

I think I agree with what you are saying. What do you think about the NBA?


12:26 PM - Steemit

It might take belief to believe 1+1=2 because you have to agree with the terms. First, the sequences of the numbers, that it goes one, two, three, in that order.


So, you believe in that order. Well, other people created that order. People invented the names to represent these numbers. So, the order is not 4, 6, 2, 9.... Instead, it is 1, 2, 3, 4....


We agree to terms of the operators, the signs, that addition (+) means combining the two, to go from one to two by counting both parties, the one and the other one to get a two.

Math Language

So, math is like a language. Yes, logical in the sense that it is a code. It is a system. It has rules. I'm using belief in the most general sense.

Math Stereotype

However, you are using a more specific definition or perspective for describing the application or stereotype to meaning to belief.

Not on the Same Page

So, in other words, we are not on the same page regarding this word, belief. So, from your perspective, I agree that math does not take belief in the sense that it is defined.

Predictable Science

Math has a defined system. It has a pattern. It is a science. Math is like a language. Math is like a code. Math is a system that can be repeated again and again.

Not Mysterious

So, in other words, it is not mysterious. It is not invisible. It is traceable, predictable. I agree with that.

But Defined by Who?

Math was defined. But who defined it? I agree that we don't have to or don't necessarily believe in math so to speak because it is defined. It has a law. It has rules. Math was defined. I agree with you on that. However, math may take belief in the sense that we believe in the people that defined math. Well, math has been around for a long time. We describe math through languages like English, currently. Of course, we could argue that math was discovered and not invented. But regardless of that debate, it still may take some bit of faith to believe in the terminology that math may use.

Belief in Facts

But beyond that, belief does not undo math, science, laws, rules, etc. So, in other words, you can believe in things that are facts. I know people like to separate belief from facts. But that does not mean that you cannot have faith on things that are objective, factual, and totally real. I believe in gravity. Now, if gravity is real, does that mean I am not believing in gravity? No. Both things can be true. Belief is all about choice. You can choose to believe in things that may or may not be true. That includes mathematics. Believe does not always mean that what you believe in is fantasy, fictional, not real, not provable, etc.

Multiculturalism vs Monoculturalism

12:32 PM - Steemit

Krissy, yes, Vietnamese food is delicious indeed. I prefer multiculturalism over monoculturalism. So, when I travel, I can see that. Globalists push for one world culture. One way you do that is via tearing down walls. Ronald Reagan talked about tearing down a wall. However, Reagan was talking about a different kind of wall. So, Open Borders is destroying Europe at the moment. Each country should do their best to preserve their unique culture. In Vietnam, I saw unique culture. The Vietnamese have been trying to preserve and conserve their traditions, their history, their culture, etc. In some ways, each city can have unique culture. Well, actually, each family is a separate culture, potentially or actually.

Objective Truth

01:00 PM - Steemit

You used the word "TAUTOLOGICALLY." So, what is tautology? Well, tautology is objective, eternal, absolute, principles, morality.

Murder vs Kill

I'm aware of the debate between murder and capital punishment. If there is a God who defines the rules, if you break those rules, then you must be executed according to those rules.

God Decides

If God defines objectivity, then God decides.

Nobody Decides

If not, then who decides? Nobody. Anything goes.

Daily Sabbath

The Sabbath is all about meditation which you should do daily. Each day should be like the Sabbath. It is like yoga, like praying.

State of Mind

It is a state of mind of being present, aware, mindful of the bigger picture in life of people and things all around you. The concept of Sabbath goes way beyond what you might read in some old ancient book. I don't downvote people. I'm not saying I should never ever flag. But I try not to.

To Steal or Not to Steal

The line between stealing and not stealing can be blurry at times depending on the definitions to who owns what. Within socialism, some people may argue that the earth belongs to everybody.

Sharing is Caring LOL

So, in other words, we have to share all the resources with other people. I disagree with that idea. I'm not saying it is absolutely inaccurate.

Hypothetical Free Markets

However, I prefer to focus on free market systems of first come then first serve, perhaps, generally speaking. I'm saying I prefer that. I'm not saying that it is always possible to keep free markets free.


In other words, governments interfere with free markets. We get crony capitalism sometimes for example. We get different things at different times.


Technically speaking, the world has never had absolute free markets. For example, America may have only had 10% free markets at times in the 1900's at its peak or climax. Why? Because taxes, regulations, etc, imposed by governments, banks, etc, get in the way of aspects of the free market. So, in other words, we don't have free markets.

Only Dreaming

But I love free markets. So, I promote more and more free markets. Cryptocurrencies and blockchains have been seeking to increase free markets to go above like ten percent.


I don't know the exact number. I'm just going to say ten percent. But I'm just trying to say a small number. But I don't think anybody can know the exact number because there is so much we don't know.


We are like in a prison. Governments and others are tying us up from competing at higher levels. So, we always should try to free the markets as much as possible.

Limit Governments

Governments will always do the opposite of that in the name of alleged safety. We should always try to limit the powers of federal and global forces.

Cleaning out a big cooler. Had deer meat in it a week ago. I was organizing the maintenance shed and the garden shed. Oh. Rats. Oh no. Trap. Bird feeder house nearby. Squirrels or chipmunks nearby. Seeds on the ground. Picnic is on the driveway. Took photos all around outside. Recorded 2 videos, an intro by me and also a 360 view of the front yard.

Roman Empire Desire

03:11 PM - Steemit

Agreed that governments should not force people to follow certain religions. The Roman Catholics, cough cough, did that, that is the Roman Empire.

Sharia Law

Tyrannies do that in Muslim enforced countries.


In the 1700's, the founding fathers of the the United States were talking about keeping government separate from religion, meaning that they were trying to limit federal government from interfering with what people believe, their faith, their culture. Over the years, globalists have been trying to change that in the USA. Globalists have been infiltrating America. So, patriots have to always fight against corruption.

Government Wants to Help Me LOL?

Reagan talked about how people can dread hearing the gov knock on their doors to say that they are here to help.

None of Your Business

A marriage license probably shouldn't be regulated through the government.

The Fourth Amendment

It's a private matter. It's none of their business. I don't care who marries who or what. Not my business. I'm not against profiting.


But Catholics and others operate within some degree of deception in pretending not to be for profit. I would at least want to admit to their love of money.

Money Tool

I like money to an extent. But money is a tool.

Vatican Government

Another problem is that the Vatican is like a government, still, that is probably global in some ways. So, the catholic church is like above the laws of different countries.


They probably collude with governments, companies, organizations, etc. In other words, it is like a cartel, a mafia and/or like monopolies as it seeks to eliminate free market competition.

Free Markets

I love free markets. So, I love seeking after profits.

Please Play Fair

But they're probably not playing fair.

Limited Free Markets

Our world only has limited degrees of free markets. I want to increase free market access.

Limit Taxes

I want to always at least try to reduce taxes, regulations, prohibitions, etc. I would love to at least attempt to keep Catholic leaders, the Pope, etc, accountable, transparent.

Sex With Children

Catholic leaders and others are having sex with children. Leftist judges in America are having sex with kids as well. Child trafficking is big market for crime lords, thugs, etc.


They're animals. It doesn't matter what religion a person could claim. That might be a personal freedom to believe what you want or not.

Private Property Violations

But if you're interfering with the private property (like a kid's body for example), you should be taken to a court of law and be given a fair trial, even if you are the Pope, etc.

Resistance 1776

04:35 PM - 🚨◄ Al3x J0nes (Full Show) 🎙️ • Wed • October 30th, 2019 ►🚨

Epstein was murdered. What they found around the Epstein's neck, after Epstein was dead, looked like a homicide as opposed to a suicide. Infowars and others talked about this execution before Epstein died. We have been saying that globalists are trying to kill Epstein, especially the Thursday before that Friday strangling as Epstein was key to global child trafficking, etc.

Fox News

06:20 PM - Gutfeld on Obama calling out cancel culture

Obama called out cancel culture?


06:40 PM - Kanye West: Jesus Is King, Sunday Service, and Being Born Again | Apple Music

Not going to go full Alex Jones yet. Not a movie. A trilogy lol.

James Corbert

07:45 PM - Kanye West Airpool Karaoke

Are you still sleeping?

Mrs Elvira - 4 hours ago - From Jesus Walks in 2004 to Jesus is King in 2019... that’s 15 years my friends... 15 years of a christian’s journey, through all the different stages of confusion and self discovery and all the ups and downs we can go through as human beings. I mean at this point what have we not seen from Kanye?? 15 years leading to this moment in 2019... when Kanye has reunited with the Most High and the last 15 years of his life are a testimony to us, and God literately showing us that no one is out of His Reach and His Love and Favour. Thank you Kanye for speaking unapologetically and boldly about what Jesus Christ is doing in your life !

Del Angelie Tabelon - 2 hours ago - "Kanye West literally has a contagious smile.... When he smiles I smile..... I'm like damn boi how u get those teeth! 😂." That is Jesus through him.

The only kind of people I love more than Asians are black people, like my first love possibly. I need to like join a black church. I love their soul, their fire. So many beautiful people on this plane.

Jimmy Kimmel

07:50 PM - Ewan McGregor on Keeping Obi-Wan Return a Secret

Where Ewan is from, as a kid, in Scotland, kids would have to earn their sweets, the candy, when they go out to trick or treat. So, kids would sing, dance, read a poem, perform something, each door, each time. I like that. Like a talent show. Not just a fashion show.

Alex Jones Halloween Special

Over 30,000 new churches have been built in Russia between like the 1990's and the 2010's, so far, like the past thirty years up to 2019 or so. That is a big number. I may have those details a bit off. But that is what I thought I heard. Putin has been helping farmers in Russia, been trying to keep Monsanto out. They encourage people to have babies. So, that was on a decline and now on a rise. They give families more benefits for having more kids. So, Russia is starting to do better than the Dying Europe. Muslims and others are trying to take over Europe. Russia has been trying hard to keep globalists and others from trying to conquer Russia like they take over Europe, America, Australia, etc. The good news is that patriots are trying to stop the globalists in Europe, etc. But especially in Russia. That's why the fake news paint Russia as the bad guys.

Floridians vs Fluoridians

I'm reviewing February of 2017.


All timestamps are generally in Pacific Standard Time (PST) or Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), unless otherwise noted.

Fox News

03:39 PM - Live: House Rules Committee holds meeting on impeachment inquiry

Why are those kids playing with their phones?

Mrs. Torres quotes fake news as evidence. Out of context quotes from Trump. Incomplete. Inaccurate. Out of context. Irrelevant. Long Story. Some of that is alleged. Some of it is fine.

On what grounds?

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