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There’s a news article (Russia Releases Damning Evidence Of The U.S. Smuggling Syrian Oil) posted on Yahoo:


Which they got from oilprice.com:


Which they got from Zerohedge:


Which got it from The Saker Blog (“Stop the Empire’s War on Russia” is its motto). Confusingly, “the Empire” seems to be their shorthand for “Anglo-American-Zionist” or something else that might make sense to someone who failed Logic 101:


Which is a translation from an RIA Novosti (a Russian state-operated domestic news agency) piece:


Okay, so maybe this is all true. Maybe Americans have been stealing Syrian petroleum. Given the current administration’s deeply corrupt inclinations, we can’t rule out this possibility. Said Trump just yesterday: “We’re keeping the oil. I’ve always said that — keep the oil. We want to keep the oil, $45 million a month. Keep the oil. We’ve secured the oil.”

That said, it’s nothing if not sloppy for Yahoo (and whoever else might pick up the story from them) to run with a headline like “Russia Releases Damning Evidence Of The U.S. Smuggling Syrian Oil” without at least mentioning that the original source was a Russian state media outlet that maybe, just maybe, is skilled at disseminating disinformation, and that the article was then translated by someone who has a seemingly sketchy blog and an unknown agenda?

Is that really too much to ask?

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map from RIA Novosti article

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In Finland, nearly all MSM international news is printed in Finnish without a reporter because, it is all syndicated news stories. Finns have something like a 95% trust in Finnish media, but much lower for international and especially "superp power" news media outlets. The problem is that most assume that because it is in finnish, it is reported by a Finn.

It doesn't matter much for me because, I don't read/ watch the news and haven't for years unless a story is linked explicitly to me. Most of what goes on in the news has zero direct effect on my life and most of it I believe to be highly untrustworthy and agenda based. I am hoping that in time, blockchain and a high level of cross-referencing will reduce the opportunity to skew. Part of the solution is a web of trust component that can verify sources.

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