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My dad would think you were crazy too. Nationalism is dangerous stuff. He is West Point Class of '65 and brainwashed with USA #1. #1 at what? GUZZLING FOSSIL FUELS? Good job amerikkka. Amerikkka fueled by cheap gas, for profit prisons and ruled by a bunch of Epsteins. We have an epidemic of our conservative religions forcing girls under 18 to marry.
I LOVE Vietnamese food. The young woman from Penn State that filmed my footage has and brother with a Vietnamese wife. They teach english in Viet Nam.
I will come to Viet Nam one day. It call to me.
Your Friend in Peace,

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Krissy, yes, Vietnamese food is delicious indeed. I prefer multiculturalism over monoculturalism. So, when I travel, I can see that. Globalists push for one world culture. One way you do that is via tearing down walls. Ronald Reagan talked about tearing down a wall. However, Reagan was talking about a different kind of wall. So, Open Borders is destroying Europe at the moment. Each country should do their best to preserve their unique culture. In Vietnam, I saw unique culture. The Vietnamese have been trying to preserve and conserve their traditions, their history, their culture, etc. In some ways, each city can have unique culture. Well, actually, each family is a separate culture, potentially or actually.

If we can rid the world of predatory paradigms that would be a start. Most conservative religions enslave woman, girls as soon as they can get pregnant can be forced into marriage in USA, even the liberals won't stand up to these non-profit PROFITABLE religions based on female servitude and celibacy of a 'priestly' class in order to pass down land thru the cult....cough....cough....Catholics.