President Trump was successful at forcing Pelosi to bring her Impeachment vote, to the the full house floor.

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Pelosi looses, and is forced to bring their pet impeachment to the full house floor! The lies to date have been legion, and this is now coming out. Perjury is being discussed, with the intent to prosecute those responsible for their lies.

Video on the impeachment being opened up to the Public scrutiny:

Here the perjury is being directly discussed, with jail being recommended!

Here is the new story on Pelosi folding and bringing this to the floor:

The total lack of evidence so far, will be VERY apparent shortly; and the liberals will go down in a house vote. They have NO case, and their members from more moderate states must vote to keep their jobs!

The House of Representatives will vote to formalize the impeachment inquiry on Thursday, October 31. GOP Rep. Mo Brooks responds to the top Democrat’s announcement.

So Pelosi looses this fight, and she knows it! They found NOTHING behind closed doors, or they would have never brought it to the House Floor. That is the ONLY way they can string this out further! After years of nothing, they are bringing forward...wait for it...Nothing!

President Trump restates the Obvious:

Schiff is a criminal...well Duh, he Perjured himself (I heard him) and was called to task for it on the Senate floor. He then doubled down and kept lying, and has for months! At what point do we hold politicians liable for lies told? Especially lies told for political gain! This was not classified information he had to withhold for the good of the Country,

This was a hatchet job, fuelled by hate (TDS, Trump Derangement Syndrome) and politics; containing zero truth!

Perjury should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Law, and Politicians should be held to a higher standard; not given a free pass!

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They could get enough votes to impeach Trump via blackmailing and threatening enough RINO Republicans.

That would be a list of fools. Must be a crime involved besides their perjury, that they do Not have....

I have heard people say that a crime is not required (admitting that there is no guilt), but that is sheeple thinking; not Constitutional law.



It will cost them the election, but that is FINE with me!


It's getting more and more interesting. This is all leading to something big and it's not impeachment.

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Agreed, we may see the actual guilty punished....

About damn time too! I am tired of politicians getting a free pass on rampant crimes!