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Please do not conflate FACT and OPINION

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Perhaps 99% inaccessible for the 1% of the most enlighten souls on earth, historically speaking, the greatest minds who has ever lived, globally, during the course of human history.

Please give me any example of someone who was not or is not sample-biased.

Yes, in my opinion, I believe that murder is objectively bad.

Murder (unjustified human killing) is TAUTOLOGICALLY "bad".

What exactly constitutes an "unjustified human killing" in any particular situation is a matter of OPINION (the opposite of "objective").

I believe in the idea of loving thy neighbor.


I believe in the ten commandments.

So I'm guessing you don't travel or turn on any lights after the sun sets on Friday evening? TheBig10

I choose to believe that. Yes, I subjectively believe in what I want to call objective morality.

Well look, I'd love to have a single set of rules that solves every possible problem and resolves every human conflict, but the "ten commandments" is shockingly inadequate.

Yes, I could be wrong. But I'm choosing to believe that stealing is bad.

Ok. You can still believe that with equal conviction without resorting to "objectivity".

I'm going to try not to steal too much or too aggressively or too often.

Good idea. No downvotes?

I'm not saying that it is possible to completely not steal at all.

This seems to be a very enlightened view.

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