RE: President Trump stops a war, permanently; with the stroke of a pen, and common interests!

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President Trump stops a war, permanently; with the stroke of a pen, and common interests!

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oh well just the usual things like china should wait the agreed 30 more years before it can undermine the sovereignty and freedoms in hongkong, the majority of parliament seats should be directly elected in hong kong, joshua wong and other protest leaders should be allowed to represent the people in parliament without being denied to do so, people should be free to protest, and apple and similar companies should be sued for illegally imposing chinese censorship on hong kong and taiwan. also i think they make great and cheap computers, but im surprised my HK friend cant even handle spicy food or food containing a bit of pepper... i think their housing is too expensive and they have a too uneven wealth distribution and they should tax the wealthy more... also cantonese is too difficult...

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I think I agree with what you are saying. What do you think about the NBA?

löl NBA is just 1 example of many who deny or cover up facts to please china... its just cuz there are so many hongkongers on the streets that this situation cannot be ignored anymore that people actually notice and give it media attention... what about holywood covering up concentration camps in china by changing the plot of the movie world war Z so that the virus that started the zombie apocalypse did not start in chinas organ trade (like it did in the book) but in north korea? what about Volkswagen opening a factory in Xinjiang to exploit uigur concentration camp workers? what about western news not reporting about the concentration camps in china for 20 years due to fear their journalists getting no work visa in china or imprissoned and what about the politicians not speaking out to it in fear of economic peanalties from china? the same countries that said after the world war that ignorance allowed the attrocities happen look away when china has their own concentration camps. all of them are making me sick.

i havent gotten to see the chinese censorship episode of southpark yet but i hear it covers a lot of the sensitive things that media companies and politicians self censor, and it was screened in hong kong publicly by the protestors because of that.

Yeah, I saw that. I love South Park. Yeah. China is involved in so many different things. Very bad things. Very long story. You know it.