Fireflies: Pupa (book 2, entry 32) - Detective Talia

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(book 2)

Entry 32

Weeks had passed, and she had poked and prodded Derek with little suggestions. At times, she would alter things in the environment, opening a distinct rift between her two worlds. If he was seeing anything unusual, he was a master at disguising it.

At one point she brought a gift - a potted plant for his home, as an expression of neighborly friendship. The pot had been from this world, but the plants and soil had been from the other. She wondered if the living presence of the flowers would begin subtly influencing him. Again, nothing appeared to change in his essence. He was simply the same as he had been when she met him after the explosion - pleasant, unremarkable, and human.

Last week, he had even developed a little cold, which was unheard of with their abilities. Not only were they capable of re-routing bacteria, viruses, and any other such invaders - they were constantly able to renew their cells from the natural onslaught of time and decay. She could feel that he had not done any such thing recently, as his essence told the tale of winding down, like every other human from this world.

It was time. If there was going to be any movement at all - forward or backward, she would have to start pressing against the foundations of his beliefs.


"Hm?" He was busy making pasta for their dinner tonight. Slipping the noodles into the water, he gave a gentle stir.

Talia couldn't stop being amazed at how human he seemed. It was like watching a bird hop along the ground instead of taking flight. She sniffed out a small laugh, and took a deep breath, focusing her will. She needed all of his attention. Calling his name again, she lowered her voice slightly.


He turned to face her, feeling a distinct change in her mood.


Sensing that she needed to talk about something more serious, he closed the distance between them and sat at the table with her.

"What is it, Aria?"

"Aria?" Has he really forgotten? She stared into his eyes, deducing. That's where she would begin.

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this feels like such a setup.
Derek is for sure hiding something. If not from her, then, at the very least, from himself.

MY guess is, some trigger, some major event will happen and all of a sudden, Derek will come flashing back into his conscious being.

You're not the first to guess that! I dont know... I'm in the dark with Talia. will just have to wait and see hehehe


In the Dark

Dangerous space to be in

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Talia is sweet, Making those amazing gesture to him is definitely amazing and sacrifical. And wait him not being able to fight that bacteria, is it a sign he's becoming human?

yes - Derek thinks she is very sweet. He thinks she is trying to become his friend... but we know that she is really testing him. She is trying to sense if he changes when she brings things from the other world. If it triggers his innate essence and pulls something forth.

She is not really doing it to be helpful... but she is becoming a little bit darker like him. As he is becoming a little bit more innocent? like she was? hmmmmm role reversal. LOL

They are actually always human. both of them. They have human bodies that they were born into.

However... Derek ... he is different. After the explosion - he seemed to be separated into parts. And now the only part he remembers is his human side.

so - he is not using the powers that he had, because he doesn't even know that he has this ability to do so.

by the way - HI @josediccus!!!! hehehehe I was away for an entire week- and now I have to get back into the swing of things on steemit! hehehehe thank you for being patient with me :)


I'm definitely enjoying your series by all means really, I think it's interesting because I've really had people who made my life miserable, mean and stigmatised really and I think sometimes the world needs a matching Talia to every Derek out there really. Thanks for the amazing tip. And welcome back to rock and roll

hehehehe yes... superheroes and villains!

but sometimes its hard to see which are which - depending on the situation! LOL

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@dreemsteem, In a way we all human beings are detectives and by that i mean, sometimes we observe people and in a way try to read them. And it will not be wrong if i will call life as Observation, Understanding and Conclusion. Stay blessed.

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yes... always picking up signals and clues - aren't we? :)

What do you think.... is Derek pretending to not know her? as @bluefinstudios surmised?

or... do you think he is really blank - after the explosion?


There is no memory loss so in my opinion he is pretending to not knowing her. In my opinion it happens in many cases where people pretend that they forgot something but actually not. 😁

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heheheheh very interesting ;)


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He could be faking it, and if so, he knows she's testing him :D
She should give up on her tricks and move to phase two if she's ready for it, which I think she's not :p And she will never be, if I know her as well as I think I do lol

Hmmmmm ready or not.... Here she comes 😉


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