Fireflies - Chapter 14

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Thank you for being a part of the journey! If you'd like more Fireflies - contact me in discord! I'll be happy to point you in a new direction!

Always, Dreemie

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Wait... what the hell happened??? He just came back (you know what I mean) and now he's gone?!?!?!

The raw sound of his anguish cry ripped through her soul

Noooooo what happened????? This is bad. This is soooo bad!!!! I don't like it!!! I need to know what happened to him, did she maybe just attract... no nevermind I'm gonna shut up now.... not happy!!! Not happy at all!!!!

I need more!!!!! This is torture!!!! Chapter 15 please!!!! Hahahaa
Another great chapter Dreemie, I'm upset now!!!!
Love you!!

Hahahhahahahaha oh monch!!!! I need to just write the whole book and sneak it to you!!!! 😍😍😍😍

Don't tease me Dreemie!!


No no no no!! Argh. This is sooo good!!

Hehehehehee I'm enjoying it ALLLLLLL over again with you!!!!

Ohhhh! WTF? This is bad. Don't make us wait three days for what happens next!

Hahahhahaa I'm getting reeeeeeally close to catching up. I need to take some down time from everything and just WRITE
I keep saying that.... And not doing it. I'm gonna be in trouble very soon lol

Do you need us to remind you every time we see you here on Steemit? ;-p

yes please! LOL

I am just catching up with the story! You have me hook, line and sinker. Please tell me when the next chapter comes out! They find other and they are ripped cruel!

Hi @cecicastor!!! :) I will add your name to the list!!! (Chapter 15 is about to be posted within the next 30 minutes or so... just getting the formatting and tags and all that fun stuff! hehehe) I'm so glad the story grabbed you!!!! I find myself grabbed as well. which is pretty funny for an author to say that - but.... it does! Sometimes I'll re-read a chapter and feel as if I'm reading it for the first time!!!! :)

Hope you enjoy chapter 15 :)

I am looking forward to it!

Cliff hanger! I'm getting a few unexpected nights unexpected work leave next week to "Time Travel" catch up.

I can't wait for you to catch up!!!! and i hope it's something to keep your imagination tantalized!!! :)
chpter 15 is about to be released in the next 30 min or so... need to just get it formatted and send it into the blockchain ;)

It's happening!! What I'm predicting is happening!!!

Its probably because you live inside my mind!!! LOL or.... you're just tricking me.

Both possibilities are equally possible and probable hehehehe

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Well that was gripping, but I'm going to have to do alot of catching up to get upto speed. Amazing story, throughly enjoyed reading this section.


hehehehehe well I would love it if you would join us in Talia's world!!! :) I'll be "offline" most of the day as I try to write goal is 4 new chapters today! whew.

Either way - chapter 15 is about to post within the next 30 minutes. Hope you enjoy!!! thanks for the encouragement @c0ff33a :)

Yum yum, 😊😊

hahahahaha i'm glad this chapter was delicious to you!!!!! hehehehe

Yeah, he is more and more getting on my nerves :D :D :D
Talia deserves better lol

hahahahahahahaha!!!!! your emotional investment in this story is INCREDIBLE @zen-art Petra!!!!! hehehehe

I take it as a huge compliment that I can make you feel so many emotions!!!!

This is soooooo good I can barely stand it. I love these two and their energy and creativity and connection. Can’t wait for more!

Hehehhehehe!!!!! I so love that you love it!!!!!!!

Their connection is really special to me too!!! I love writing about it :)

In the process of adjusting delegations and have a good chunk returning so my vote right now doesn't give this the proper credit it deserves...I'll be sending some 'appreciation' ;)

hehehehe you know that doesn't matter to me :) Your comment is credit enough! I love that you continue to read these chapters and follow where Talia leads! <3

Hmmm, I think he is repressing his abilities on purpose...There must be a darker side to their abilities that will be showing itself.

No worries, the good guys always win, right?😜

i like the way your mind works!!! ;) soooon sooon soon.
Good guys often win.... but not always. ;)