Fireflies - Chapter 11

in fantasy •  2 years ago  (edited)

Thank you for being a part of the journey! If you'd like more Fireflies - contact me in discord! I'll be happy to point you in a new direction!

Always, Dreemie

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Wow! Thank you @enginewitty!!!!
You know you're already my witness! Hehehee Aggroed too! :)

Appreciate the ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Most welcome sweets😎

I am so curious to read what happens next, more please, give me more...

well my dear... because your notifications didn't work.... LOLOL yes - i will!!!! i will release another chapter early for my Petra!!!! ;)

And another great chapter in the books, please tell me we will know more about granny's story!!! I am so intrigued and ooooo we are starting to get to dark stuff... I'm loving it Dreemie, and how lucky for me that I get to go read chapter 12 like Right Now!!!! Gotta go!!!! Byeeeeee!!!!!!

hehehehehee yes - go run!!!! go read it!!!! heheheeh there MIGHT be a chapter 13 today too!!!!!! not sure... but mayyyyyyyybe :)

I knew it!! My predictions are becoming clearer!!



come onnnnnnnn hehehehe you love 'em!!!!! LOLOL

Had set it aside for reading. I have read a few parts in between. Lol I don't like being told what to do. hehe. I'll go back to them for sure though.

We borrow. We shift. We give and take. We subtract from one side and add to the other. In the end, the equation is still equal.


dream more firefly hehehehe.

hahahahaha you'r elike meeeeeee if you tell me what to do - i'll do the opposite ;)

such a stubborn girl i am hehehehehe

i'm glad you will go back though when you are ready hehehehe

Lovely as always my dear, the story continues and so well i may add, 😉
more to come....

be well

yesssss much more??? hehehe ;)

LOLOLOLOLOLOL you crack me up!!!

Play time is over and now it gets real...I didn't see this coming. You have a knack for suspense and I foresee a bit of action getting added to the mix...

I'm not allowed to upvote that comment since I was under strict orders not to.... hehehehehe ;)
ahhhhh you didn't see it coming?? That's encouraging to me!!! Makes me think I can still put a few unexpected twists in!!!! hehehehe

and you're right.... "real" is coming :)

and the notifications worked for you still??? I'll have to wait and see if others get them too.... i hope i figured out this notification mystery! LOL

My notifications are not loading for some reason.

yes!!! I contacted neander-squirrel (maker of GINA) and we figured out why!!!!! :)
well - HE figured out why hehehehe

when you schedule a post on steemauto - the notifications don't work the same.
so @neander-squirrel is going to contact @mahdiyari and see if they can come up with a solution!!!! :)

in the meantime.... (sorry I'm going to put this here.. ughhh this will be so ugly)
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YOU WILL ALL get notifications in the future ;) we have a temporary solution.... and then hopefully neander-squirrel and madhiyari will come up with a permanent fix!!

the problem was - steemauto doesn't read the name as a tag when it's entered into the text form! so - i can either use the table above and NOT put it on steemauto.

or.... maybe mahdiyari will find a way with neander-squirrel to solve this! hehehehe

in the meantime - you will be notified for all the rest ;)

and.... to test this, I'm going to release another chapter earlier than our scheduled time! :) hope you enjoy it!

I tried maybe 20 times to do a transfer over to Ginabot with the memo it gave me and i never did get the bot to work for me, but at least this way we all know that the magnificent chapter 11 has been given to us all, bless you @dreemsteem more, more!! 😊

chapter 12 is out!!!!!!! :)

Excellent 😊😊

@neander-squirrel this is the post I was talking about. If you scroll to the bottom - you can see the list of names of people that want to be tagged when a new chapter comes out. But - it seems like GINA isn't telling them that they've been tagged in the post. Is this because GINA is reading it as a spam list? and if so - how can I fix that :)

anyone who is getting notifications through seem to be getting the notices... but not from GINA :( please help me figure it out :)