Fireflies - chapter 1

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Deep breath.


She could hear the rhythm of her pulse start to beat an increasingly regular pattern deep within her ear.  She imagined a tiny sprite inside her head - beating on the drum.  She smirked and rolled over onto her back.  Slowly opening her eyes, she became accustomed to the "fireflies" dancing in her line of vision.  It didn't matter how much she would rub her eyes, they would fade in their own time.  It was always like that after a trip.   After her daydreems.


Daydreams?  They're just the run-of-the-mill, normal, spaced-out fantasies that everyone has had at one time or another.

But daydreems - they seemed to be exclusive to Talia.  They were slightly more complex.

Forcing one last lung-bursting inhalation, she swung her legs quickly to the side of the bed, held her breath until she could feel her brain begin to beg for oxygen, and finally rushed the pent-up, oxygen-deprived air from its prison.  She didn't know why she did that.   Maybe to just remind her that this was the real.  This was the place beyond her unique control. 

Her mom knew what she could do.  The first time Talia spoke about her daydreeming, her mother didn't even question the validity of the impossible journey.

For any onlooker, it looked as if Talia had just shaken herself out of a daze.  Rubbing her eyes, she inhaled sharply, drawing her mother's attention.   Aria craned her neck, looking back at her daughter while drying the last of the dishes in the kitchen sink.  Smiling at her daughter's sleepy baby face, she wondered what deep thoughts could possibly have drawn that little mind into such a trance.

"Where were you, baby girl?" 

Talia opened her eyes, crossing them for a moment as her pupils fixated on the fairies teasing her just beyond her gaze.  Blinking hard, she focused her vision on her mother and responded with a yawn.  "Mmmmmmm, at grandma's house," Talia stated matter-of-factly.

"Ha!  Oh really?  Well I'm sure she loved your visit."

"Oh.  She didn't know I was there.  She doesn't always know when I'm there."

Her laughter dying away only slightly, Aria turned around fully and leaned back against the sink.  "I'm pretty sure Grams would know exactly when you were visiting at her house, silly.  She would see me.  She would hear our car pull in the driveway."  Aria pushed away from the sink with her hip, her long legs loping over to the table where her daughter sat.  She sat in front of her, reaching out to casually ruffle her girl's straight dark hair.  She winked and continued, "She would hear the unmistakable sounds of Talia the Tiger."

Talia's steel grey eyes looked deep into her mother's honey amber stare. "Well, she wouldn't see me if I didn't want her to.  And you didn't drive me in the car.  I took myself there. I was watching her play with that new kitten."

Aria's heart stopped for a moment.  The new pet was purchased as a surprise for Talia's 5th birthday - three days from now.  No one had spoken of the cat - she was sure of it. She didn't know why, but she was a little bit frightened to continue this conversation.  Her curiosity and penchant for the unexplainable won out.

"What did the cat look like?"

"Oh, grey.  Fluffy.  With a little black nose and a white sock." 


Aria's mother had called earlier that day to tell her that the kitten had cut her paw on a small tack that had fallen to the floor.  To staunch the bleeding, Grams had needed to wrap the tiny paw in some gauze.  To a 4, almost 5 year old - it would look like a sock. Talia scooted to the edge of the chair and hopped off, intending to busy herself with a good cuddle in her father's lap while he read the paper.

Before she was out of reach, Aria quickly grabbed Talia's hand.  She pulled her child back to her, close enough to feel the heat radiating from her soft skin.  Aria gently placed both palms around the soft, pudgy cheeks of her curious daughter.  Searching her face for any trace of mischief, she could find none.  Quietly, Aria spoke three words softly to her daughter.  

"Be careful, baby."

Talia's sweet smile finally broke through the too-serious expression of the baby face.

"Oh don't worry, Momma."  She gave a quick squeeze around her mother's middle before walking with purpose to her father's easy chair.   As she left the kitchen, she reassured her mother, "I can't get hurt there.   Only here."

And just like that.  Her mother was a believer. Her father?  Not.  He was too straight-laced.  Too black and white. The rules of nature were clear and precise to him. Talia never even bothered to try to convince him.  What was the point?  She knew it happened.  That's all that mattered. Plus, how do you prove something, when the doubter doesn't really want to believe?  Aria tried, and tried often - until she stopped trying.

That incident had been 12 years ago.

So much had changed since then. Talia looked around the room.  The comfort of the Saturday morning sun filtered through the sheer curtains of her bedroom windows.  She could hear the sounds of her mother making breakfast downstairs.  Her mother was exactly her opposite.  Tall. Glamorous.  Ethereal, really - in every way.  Her laughter sounded like bells.  Her voice, like a soothing brook.  Her eyes - when she looked at you - you felt like you were the only thing in the world that mattered.  And she could do that to everyone. To describe her - she was emotion, she was passion, she was light and life.

If Aria was a floating white feather, Talia was polished metal.  Not bad - just opposite.  If there was anyone that should be able to journey with their mind -it should have been Aria.

And yet - it was Talia.

The creak of the steps as she descended the stairs announced her arrival to her mother.  Her mother turned away from the frying eggs to greet Talia with a smile that radiated the light of the sun.  Talia couldn't help but return the smile, even though she knew her smile would never capture the love in her heart in the same way her mother's did.

Talia blinked her eyes quickly in a failed attempt to rid herself of the last few "fireflies" in her vision, and gave away immediately that she had just returned.

"Ahhhh, early morning travels, I see.  Where this time?"  Aria questioned, never tiring of hearing about her daughter's mysterious treks.

"Nowhere special, really."

"Every place is special!  I want to hear all about it!" said her mother as she plated the last of the breakfast and moved to the table to dine with her daughter.

Talia laughed a short bitter laugh, unintentionally. "Ok.  Ask away."

"I just don't know how you can do it!  I mean - how are you not exhausted when you get back?  It all feels real, right?"

"Sometimes I'm more exhausted than other times.  And yes, it's real. It doesn't just feel real.  It IS real.  But then when I get back - this is just.... realer."

Aria picked up a piece of toast and crunched it between two rows of perfect, white teeth, while staring out the window for a few moments.  She shook her head, golden curls moving gracefully and perfectly and continued, "I just don't think I would ever come back here at all.  I think I would waste away in the real world, while living the high life in your dreems."

Talia laughed again, this time less bitter.  "Everyone would think that they'd stay there.  But they really wouldn't.  It's hard to explain.  Some things are real, but some things aren't.  Some things I'm visiting.  Some things I'm creating.  I don't always immediately know which is which, but with the created things - there's just an 'aftertaste'."

"I get it."  Aria responded thoughtfully.

"Do you?"

Talia's mother looked up with mischief.  "Not at all."

Their laughter broke the frustrated mood and brought lightness back to the conversation.

Talia tried to explain further, "It's just... how often can you eat pizza before you get sick of it?"

Aria smiled and bantered, "Well you can eat anything you want there - so switch it up!"

"No you're missing the point.  It's everything.  It's not just food.  It's being there.  It's having control of anything and everything and it's all scripted.  I'm writing the story.  There's not really much to surprise me.  When you're here - you wait in line for the rollercoaster.  You have that 90 minute wait for a 3-minute thrill ride.  You don't want the wait!  But the wait makes the ride that much better.  The wait is part of life.  But what if you didn't have to wait?  What if you could restart it, immediately?  How many times could you ride the rollercoaster before the 3 minute thrill ride isn't so exciting anymore?  How many times can you do.... whatever you want to do  - before you ask yourself what's the point?"


Aria nodded, chewing thoughtfully.  "So then if here is more real, and there isn't an 'aftertaste'  - and you'd rather not have the control, why go back at all?"

And just like that, the lightness was sucked out of the conversation into an immediate vortex of pain and dark and numb.  Talia's gaze grew laser sharp, staring only at her plate, refusing to meet her mother's eyes that were bound to fill with tears as quickly as her own. She spoke softly, barely above a whisper.

"Because he's there."

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Thank you! I'll definitely check it out! So many things on here - so confusing! hahaha I hope I can figure it all out soon! :)

This is really great stuff. I am looking at literature here. I can’t wait to read more about a Talia and that dark entity that’s about to jump out of some closet or something.
Glad I am reading it now. Better late than never.

hehehehe yes - never too late!!!! :)

there are two distinct teams that emerge ;) you'll see as you read more and more - my subscribers were either cheering for Talia.... or for....

shhhhhh i wont say hehehe

i'm glad youre here!!!! and are you gonna get back to writing now too? hehehehe i loved your style!

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A year posted this and then went on to develop and grow.

When a story is written over many chapters, I sometimes can sense how the author also grew and learnt, so that he improved.

With such a wonderful beginning, I'm curious to see how the future dreems affected you...and hoping they will continue to affect me.

I will be very curious to see if you can sense changes! Please do tell me when you see them!!! :)

And today... I'll be doing something fun with the chapter that was released - since I got the Curie. If you're interested in playing along - come check out my blog in a few hours! The title of the post will be "Fireflies fun!" :)

I'm so happy to have finally started reading this story! That last line, now that's a hooker. The other kind of hooker. It's a very interseting concept and I love the relationship between Talia and Aria. I like their conversation and the philosophical discussion on the wait-of-things.

ohhhhhhhhhhhh @poetrybyjeremy!!!!!! the kind of hooker that i like! hahahahahahaha

Thank you!!!! i hope that you enjoy it with me!!! (i'm kinda really excited right now!!!)

I'm definitely enjoying it so far :3

aghhhhh. now im nervous too. hahahahahahaha

Very very interesting, I love it

I'm so glad :) Thank you!!! hope you enjoy the rest! hehehe

Love it, the first chapter has grabbed hold of me ❤

hehehehe that's thrilling to hear for me! :)

Yes but not as thrilling as it was for me to read the rest of the chapters you've released so far 😊

He ? Whos he lol Ive been waiting for an update im so happy you started writing this tale again ... so excited to get to "He" .... 🤤

Thank you for being patient with me while I finally get back to it!!!! :)

And yes.. you will find out the he 😜

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Thank you kind sir! I shall try it now! :)

You are both welcome and perceptive... as I am a kind sir.

ah.... didn't work. oh well. i'll just do 4 original tags for the next post :) Thanks anyway! :)

Oh boy, that was an awesome story. Well done!

Thanks so much Michelle! I appreciate the encouragement! :) Very very new - and trying to find my way through this maze of steemit... but it certainly helps to make some friends along the way! :)

You're most welcome! I say it as I see it for the most part and I see talent here. Well done :)

hey! :) if you want to take a peek.... i finally started to release more of Fireflies ;) I know you're super busy but you left a kind comment about it when I was just starting out hehehehe so I thought I'd let you know! :) Since returning to Steemit, I only have 4 more chapters posted... if you click on the latest link (below) - you can see all the chapters listed at the bottom of the page.. easiest way probably - instead of trying to wander through my blog hahahaha ;) NO PRESSURE! you can even peek and not even tell me that you peeked hahahaha just - if you're curious :) Fireflies

by the way.... is @praada a friend of yours?!?!?! freaking small world LOL

I'll take a look :)

@praada is a friend of my son.

I live in Nottinghamshire... are you close?

Thanks! No pressure!!! Just thought I would extend the invitation hehhee a few others on that first chapter (from a year ago!!!) are reading too ♥️

And no not at all!!!! It was a very random meeting with @praada but then we became friends and now he is a pirate on my treasure hunt... And yeah!!! Just... Steemit is wild sometimes 😂😂😂

It can seem so random! But then... A click! I love that. It's like a special surprise that you didn't even know you were waiting for! :)

The "small world" was referring to steemit... Not the physical world hehehe
It seems like you can get lost on here and then... Nope. Degrees of separation! Lol

I thought that would be kinda a fun thing to do...
A six degrees of separation challenge!!! Lolol see how we are all connected... But that would probably require an automated program of some sort hehehe

What a fantastic start to my Saturday- meeting Talia and Aria. I'm hooked... see you in chapter 2! E x

Hehhehee welcome to the world of Fireflies!!!! ♥️

Very nice. A great beginning!

Thank you so much for coming to see my story!!!! :) I hope it entertains you!!! :)

I haven't had a dream i remember for many years, used to have night terrors as a child and i think somehow my brain just blocks out any form of dreaming from my memory as soon as i wake up!

It's a small world indeed whether you are over the pond or not, steemit links us all together :D

Night terrors are awful!!!! Even the name of them!!!! I'm sure that's your brain protecting you!

The dreEms that Talia has.... They're different 😊
I think your brain might want these hehehee

And yes!!!! Steemit can connect us all... Distance isn't an issue!!!! Hehehee

Hi @dreemsteem! I'm reading your stuff. So far so goood. I have so much to catch up. Please give me some pants time...

hahahahahahahahhaa breathe!!! breathe!!! :)

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Fascinating! I love your style and your descriptions! I just followed you, I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

I loved it! Now I know what you mean under your name about fireflies in your eyes...and I know what your avatar is! I always thought dreemsteem...was spelled that way because of Steemit....but now I don't think it is! I feel like I'm on the inside 😎

hahahaha i missed this message!!!! you ARE on the inside!!! ;)

Hahaha I'm glad you found it!

This was such a wonderfully written piece. The descriptions are so realistic, and the emotions conveyed were on point. You set up such a melancholic scene that was so immersive. And, the ending was executed quite nicely. All in all, a fantastic opening chapter. I can't wait to read what happens next!

wow!!!! thanks so much @jedau!!! :) I appreciate the detailed compliment!! :)

I loved it! So well-written and what a great hook at the end ;)
The first book I ever wrote had a slightly similar premise, only it was actual dreams, lucid dreams...and there was also a boy :) I actually have had some lucid dreams, as soon as I realize I'm dreaming I drop what I'm doing, run outside and leap into the air and fly...and what always gets me about it is when I've woken from it I can remember the sensation and it's unlike anything I have ever experienced. Which makes me think I must have done it somehow, somewhere. It's actually what inspired me to write the story. I used to wish I could do it on command but the more I thought about it, the more I realized exactly what you expressed-if I could do it every night it would lose its magic.
Beautiful story, can't wait for more!

Well now I'm a little bit scared. lol
We've gone from being kindred spirits to identical twins, separated at birth. Lol

  1. The premise IS built on lucid dreaming... (and will be mentioned later) but... slightly different ;) you'll see as it progresses and twists further :)

  2. I ALSO can have lucid dreams -but only for moments. As soon as I realize that I'm in a dream.. I only have about 10 seconds to control it before the conscious part of my mind fully "wakes" me up. When I try to control my flying, I actually fight against the descent as I'm waking up.... it's sooooo frustrating!
    And I can never eat the feasts that I create fast enough before "blink"! I'm awake.


And 3. There is a boy. (There's always a boy.... right? LOLOL) But the boy is NOT the "he" mentioned in the last sentence of the chapter. :)

I guess it's not that crazy that we would have had similar experiences/dreams/writing. (And usernames! lol)

Reality shapes fiction, right? Hahahhaa I haven't met anyone who dreams as often or as deeply or as vividly as myself... (maybe until now? Hehe)

It's why I HAD to name myself something with "dreem" in it- because it's a huge part of who I am!
Often times, I will wake with entire songs written.... or portions of stories completely mapped out. I wake up- grab my computer and start typing furiously before it's gone! In my life, my dream world is just as valuable as my waking world.

Ok so don't tell me anymore about your story! Hahahhahaa I don't want anything you say to subconsciously mesh our ideas together as I write! Lol

When I finish with Talia.... I'll need to read your book :)

Have a wonderful day, my kindred twin!


Unfortunately that was the first book I ever wrote, and while the premise was great, the writing was...not something I would post on steemit lol. I keep thinking I might revise it. Also I will be posting a book, I wrote the intro for it, but unlike most everything else I've done here so far it isn't squeaky clean. Strong language warning, ha.
Make it a wonderful day love!

Hehehe understood! :)
And it shall be a great day!

nice story firefly. The layout is similar to a book I read. Peculiar children or something. I liked it. :)

hehehehe thanks ;) you found your way back to chapter 1 LOL

and i can usually trace my ideas for stories back to something that I've seen or read - but this one .... maybe it is like something you've read - but I've been "daydreEming" about this world since I was a child hehehehe
i hope that my story goes BEYOND what you read and takes you even further than you imagined! hehehehe

Oh, no, I don't mean the story, I mean that the layout of the pictures in the story that is similar to that book. Not the story, the way of telling it.

Oh hehhe - yeah this is the last chapter that i did this way. i actually wanted people to imagine the world in their own head and not have pictures to guide them

sometimes its better that way - because then the world becomes their own. you know? :)

Oh yes, I do know. heheheheh.

Ehaaaah! Speechless you left me gazing at the night skies...

hahahaha you started reading it??? oh my goodness! <3

Imagine I have the time to! Outstanding :-)

Interesting concept - well-written. Maybe I missed this but why is daydreaming spelled daydreeming?
BTW, my wife has stars in her eyes...literally - that's how I can she's getting a migraine. True!

Daydreams.... are a normal part of everyone's life.

Daydreems... seem to be exclusive to Talia.


Stay tuned to find out more :)

And I also have a similar issue as your wife :)

It's actually an odd story. I'll write a post about it and share it with you! :)

sounds good :)

just posted it ! :)

I like it. I might try my own steemit exclusive again.