Fireflies - Chapter 16

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Thank you for being a part of the journey! If you'd like more Fireflies - contact me in discord! I'll be happy to point you in a new direction!

Always, Dreemie

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Here he comes!!!! The bad man! I have a bad feeling about this turn of events - Keep them coming lovely :)

I shall, i shall!!! :) and is he bad? or misunderstood... hehehehe that's always the question, isn't it?
after all - we don't fault the lion for eating the gazelle - do we?
It's just his nature.

hmmmmm time will tell ;)

Mystique as usual @dreemsteem love it..... ❤😊😊

hehehehehe so glad!!! (as usual!) :)

It did turn in a different direction though, didn't it!

Ok, who the hell is this guy??? I don't like him not one bit!!!! Make him go away!!! Lol... loving it Dreem!!!

hahahahahaha hmmmm we will have to see what his intent is.... ;)

love that you're loving it @monchhichi23!

Just finished catching up with this story. Looking forward to the next instalment!

Come back on Saturday!!! :) I'll be happy to entertain you with the next!!! hehehehe (hopefully!) Thank you for coming @alheath

Prey? wow, this will not end well... :D

seems like it.... but who knows :) hehehe

Arrrh, Yea got somethin' up yea scallywaggin sleeve.

chapter 17 is now available for your reading pleasure ;)

Oh my gosh, that was a completely unexpected turn of events! A new player in the game. The imminent threat to Talia puts the situation of "what the hell is happening to Bryd?" on the back burner for now.

Or maybe.....

ah yes, there's always a maybe...

Blimey- talk about ramping up the tension. Awesome!

And it's only chapter 16!!! You're halfway there hehehee

And the mystery thickens. The clowdy blue eyes, like some Husky's have are my favorite. These are what your description caused me to envision.

I have no idea where the plot is leading, you are pulling the

ooooooo! I like that you're unsure where I'm leading you!!! hehehehe

you know what picture came into my mind.... the one from that national geographic cover. the girl with those really intense eyes...
i'll find it for you

The countdown to complete destruction has started!


Now I want to go fishing. Doesnt make any sense, but the way you described him prowling is similar to how I hunt for fish. Good one sweets.

hehehehe it actually does make sense! seeking out prey... yep. that's exactly the feeling I was going for :)

and... side note - if you want to read a really funny story about fishing!!!! (it's a little on the long side- but SO WORTH IT) @andysantics48 shared this with us today.... great story!!
Hilarious Fishing Story

Holy shit that was funny.

hahahaha wasn't it awesome?!?!?!?! @fetherhd has got some talent there!!! had us in stitches for sure :)

Def good find @andysantics48!

Was that not the most hysterical thing you've read recently - I love her!!! I can only wish to be that funny!!!! I've been following her for awhile now and always look to see if shes written more :)

Ya i just added her to my list after I read that, will be back to check those out and the fact that it was a fishing story...made it well worth the length😎

It was long but I laughed all the way through it lol - I loved the "blue burrito" and oh gosh too much to say lol...

I've been whipping through these chapters, I thought I should probably pause to tell you- fantastic, I'm so hooked, and now I'm reallyyyyy intrigued!

Hehehhehe thank you!!!! Love hooking people into the story! LOLOL
Hope it just keeps getting better for you! Thanks for boosting my night!! ♥️

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