Fireflies - Chapter 31

in fantasy •  2 years ago  (edited)

Thank you for being a part of the journey! If you'd like more Fireflies - contact me in discord! I'll be happy to point you in a new direction!

Always, Dreemie

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Wow, this is seriously powerful. It is the perfect follow on from the previous chapter, and I too have tears in my eyes. Its so heart breaking that them finally getting to share her world had to happen like this. And Derek... are we about to see somthing new from him?? How many chapters left? E x

Chapter 32... and then, epilogue. Yes... her mom got to fully experience what Talia experienced finally. Though... short-lived. Its sad for me to go back and re-read too! :)

I just read it again. It made me tear up again. Poor Aria and Talia! Such an intense, sad chapter! E x

Should we just keep re-reading it and crying??? LOLOL or just save it for those days when we need a good catharsis! hehehehe

Yep. It's good to have something that lets you let rip occasionally! ;)

This is so well written, Dreemie, so many emotions well described, distinct but mixed together. I don't know how to really describe what it evokes in me. Definitely the mother-daughter bond is so beautiful, so strong that it brings me a lot of joy. Just knowing that they are together makes whatever happens next less scary. And now Bryd has joined in their essence. Derek doesn't stand a chance now but maybe they show him mercy and let him live, in some form or shape. Maybe not. After what he had done to Aria he deserves the worst. Time will tell. I bet you are finding it VERY difficult to hold back the last chapter. It must be like those times when I bought my kids a present I knew they would really, really like but I had to wait till their birthday or Christmas to give it to them. It happened more than once that they got an early surprise, haha. I can't wait to hear the end of your story, @dreemsteem, even if I have to wait until Thursday, lol.

I felt the same way as you @ydraz.... at least they were together, facing him down- come what may!
and yes!!!!!!! well - you see I released this one early - and then... the next one is coming on Thursday. LOL
Now that they were written.. i just had to release ;)

Thursday is right around the corner :)

Ok, so now, everything just went black. And, assuming Derek really is evil, now he is in his element. Which gives him a huge advantage over those that have never tested or tasted the dark side. Talia better be careful lest she be consumed herself.


he is... lol

You are so funny!!!!!!! I mean... This man just loves #Teamderek hahahhahahahaa

I cannot stop laughing 😂

Love your nonstop engagement with this story Witty... What will I miss more??? Fireflies? Or your visits to my blog??? Lol

I think I know ♥️

So.. I'm pretty emotional right now. Like ugly crying ... and the words are not coming easy so I will give this my best. So many thoughts. Dreemie, this chapter.. wow!! You brought out some feelings.. I have questions.. a ton!! But i do believe that the three of them, together, is was ripped him to shreds, the love for her mother... and then absorbing her like she did... ok... that's all I can say at this moment... I absolutely love this Dreemie

It was emotional to write, Monchie! So funny how a story can do things like that... lol and yes -three, together . Plus... I think ... was it @cecicastor who predicted it (you were right on ceci!!!) that she probably would have never been pushed to it, had Derek not taken her mother. Ironic that the thing that he thought would force her to submit, was the very thing that brought about this.

so glad that you loved it Monch! <3

This is a fantastic chapter! The force of the three destroying the evil that once was Derek. I can't wait to see how you wrap this up!

Just 2 more days til chapter 32... and then the epilogue!

thank you for being such a faithful follower :)

I hope you are going to publish this?

Considering it.... I have other books that are published. but... something else is coming first :)

You are teasing again!

Certain publishers will not publish if you have already posted the story on line. Still, it is not long enough to be a full novel, so maybe it would do nicely as one of a list of short stories by @dreemsteem

I hope you all realise 'she' is actually the father of a son and 'she' gave you a hint of what is planned, but 'he' is embarrassed as a male to have written a story with such a strong female.

In real life Derek is 'her' attorney and he is going to sue everyone who does not call for his being saved at the last minute. That was the reason for asking us to take sides. (I guess you were able to guess he is an attorney since his character so perfectly suits the description of an attorney.

My own comment will come sometimes soon, in the next post or two....

i'm laughing so hard.... you are so silly @arthur.grafo

if i published, I would self-publish ;) so it wouldn't be problem hehehehe

but - since it's available online... not sure how many people would purchase it. although - i could add some thing to it ;)

i'm looking forward to YOUR comment hehehehe

Yes! Yes! Love prevails, and Talia and Aria are together, albeit in one body....

... (seconds later)... No! No! Not the ultimate sacrifice! Was that really the only way? Are they all fucked now?

ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLL silver pirates and their mouths!!! LOL you and @enginewitty !!!

Love, sacrifice, destruction.... aghhhhhhhhhh. well - she knew that Bryd wasn't strong enough - and after Derek took her mom... well.

Ironic that had he not "trained" her - and had he not taken Aria..... she probably would have never known what she was capable of.

Silver linings... the Power of Love...

(might have to just change a word or two)

Derek greatly underestimated that power, I'm just hoping Talia hasn't overestimated it...


@kchitrah.... is @kiwideb on the right track or what???/ hehehehe

Hahaha....I think @kiwideb perfectly summed it up on the song. The power of love. I love how the tigress has emerged!

Despite the darkness I'm hopeful!

i tried to open your voicemail on my phone but it wouldn't work... so i have to do it on my computer! hehehe

miss you, my love!

Hmmmmm time for a new phone? ;)

I was just thinking of you! Or maybe you were thinking of me and called out. LOL. Missing you Dreemie McSteemy. Hope you're resting well despite the busy schedule.

Can't wait to get a reply from you my love xx.

It's calming a bit... storm is passing <3

I'll try to send one out tonight after I post this!!! ;) oh i love you and miss you!!!!!

(and i definitely called out. you felt me and answered!)

Now I'm thinking if it's a real or metaphorical storm....what makes me think they are mutually exclusive, I don't know!

We're so connected, yet I miss you so much it hurts. Funny isn't it. I'm going to start leaving telepathic messages and see how that goes hahaha!

Love you my sweet telepathic friend. Can't wait to connect in the physical world. Xx

Did you start #TeamDerek and #TeamTaliaandBryd just so you could take them both away? That's... such a Derek thing to do... @dreemsteem is on TEAM DEREK EVERYONE!!!!

Don't you know @quirky.countess ???

I'm #TeamFireflies

mmm... close enough! We'll get there eventually :)

I need to read it from the very beginning @dreemsteem.Nice post.

oh thank you @glenyosores!!! if you do - i'd love to see what you think about it in comments :)

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I love it when kittens get underestimated until their tiger nature comes out to play. I am very satisfied with this, very satisfied indeed. Bu hu @enginewitty, told you she would win :D :D :D Nananana, Derek is history, party people!!!!!!!!!!!

LOLOLOLOLOL i am laughing so so so hard!!!!!

I like this place. I'm inspired to write a post based on this quote.

based on what quote? lol