Fireflies - Chapter 23

in fantasy •  2 years ago  (edited)

Thank you for being a part of the journey! If you'd like more Fireflies - contact me in discord! I'll be happy to point you in a new direction!

Always, Dreemie

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It's oh so much better
to be the predator
Than the lonely prey

But can she whether
The shredded tether
That the master set to decay?

hehehehehe.... you poet!!!
get ready to put those writing skills to use for the Fireflies game debuting tomorrow ;)

I would love to see Derek get his comeuppance. He is such a vile creature. I hope she can save Bryd...

I hope so too @cecicastor! but they haven't told me who wins yet. I'm along for the ride with you <3

I'm fangirling this story but my name isn't on the list there ... ;)

As a sweet subscriber??? Lolol I never put anyone on without permission hehehehe

(Except @bluefinstudios) 😂😂😂😂

I would be THRILLED to put you on!!! For chapter 24??? :)

Derek obviously knows nothing about lions - it is the female who hunts, who is the predator.
Plus, little girls know that it is mummy who cannot be fooled - daddy is easy, a softie.
I know that I would rather go up against a man than a woman...which is why, in my story of Cherine, it is the girls who are the tough ones, while Robert is the softie. Glad to see you think the same way - but then, you are a woman, so of course you know the truth.

hehehehehe very nice observations!!!! :) thank you for visiting - and i'll have to scoot back to your blog to read about Cherine :)

Not a good idea...I'm posting-wise at chapter 150 (actually, post 150), which is about 500 pages - more or less halfway...then, god forbid, should you like it, there are another 12 books of 1,000 pages each.

You'd have to become a nun...

Anyway, I do not encourage anyone to read it, for most misunderstand and think it is about something, whereas it stands for exactly the opposite...

Thanks, anyway.

If you like, here is a very short story of mine you might enjoy:

Hahahahha!!! Well I will definitely check out your other suggestion!!!

Will there be another one continuing with the faerie folk???? That one was PHENOMENAL!!!!!

Thanks - the grandfather one is likely to appeal to your daughter - though she'll make all kinds of funny ighh and ughh noises.

The dreary fairy tale came from a dream. Trying to think up a sequel ...I don't know. I do have a story playing in my mind about a gorilla and a 4 year old boy who disappears with her (maybe)...

As you can appreciate, writing a novel does not mean one story is written. It is made up of many stories, just as our lives are. When a novel is made up of about 25,000 pages, it has a LOT of stories.

I have a long story about Ivgos, a little boy who it is prophesied will have a family of 11 parents, each of a different specie. When the number is achieved, they will all die. The poor boy struggles to stop being adopted because he does not want to be the cause....

The background, the planet he lives on is key to the story. It has one continent that winds from the north to the south pole and it is formed with a mountain along the center, with 'ribs' sticking out. In between the ribs are areas where different species live - about 120 of them. On either side of the mountain, runs the 'Road' which is a trade road. To pass from one specie nation to the other, the traders are forced to climb up a winding road and usually there is a tunnel for them to pass through, with camps on either side.

As much as I want to post the Ivgos story, it is as with the Boxee story (which also came from LCherine, as it was a story I made up to amuse Samantha, because she was depressed) but I posted it without having or acquiring any readers. It is very disheartening when that happens. I had hoped to post Ivgos once I have readers, but nearly eight months later, I only have one regular reader.

Hmm, how about the reality Robert and Cherine go to... they do so in search of alternate Earths, so as to help form new Robert and Cherine families, if they exist, but in this reality, the local Cherine turns out to be half Egyptian and half Neanderthal, a street kid growing up on her own in a thieves town, high in the mountains, while the Robert, is a Neanderthal who dares to cross the Med (from Greece), for he is driven...but he does not know why. Though a traditional enemy of mankind, the king has him instated in a home of his own and the policy with regard to neans changes and they are declared family, elder cousins. However, he is forced to leave, by his compulsion and....

So, should I post one of them?

Post them all!!! :) I'm intrigued!!!! especially ivgos though!!!
Tag my name in a comment on it - so I know when you do post it :)


I'll post an introduction leading into the story of Ivgos as he appears quite far along in the history of Cherine. Without an explanation, it will not make sense. So, first you will learn about the Dream Mountains.

PS: I think I would love to copy your idea of entering a list of readers in the post, who want to be notified of each post.

btw - have you, or are you using this?

Be back soon...

Dream mountains!!!! I'm already hooked!!!!!!

Steemworld.. what do you mean using it?

And yes please make me a subscriber!!!! 😊

As you have told me not to read from here as it would give me spoilers and too much of the story. And, as you know I have not been too active on Steemit since the start of my bathroom renovation... I wish I was, but I simply could not.

So I will try to catch up with all the parts from before and then read this one after... Even though I am sure they are all amazing including this one. Because you are amazing. :)

Have the best day ever, my amazing friend. :)

I can't wait until you read it!!!!! I'm so looking forward to seeing what you think about it ')

Some people are very involved with the characters hehehehehehe!!!!

Thanks for coming to my post to visit!!! I loved the show @awakentolife

omg i just caught up. You are SO. GOOD. thank you for this!!

yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy hehehehehe I'm glad you're enjoying it!!! and it's ok to get a little behind - some people prefer that cuz then they can read all at once and not wait in suspense ;)

YEEEEEEEEY, finally!!!!! This made me so happy that I cant describe it. You go girl, and kick that evil man's a**!!! Go go go! Weeee, I am so happy that Derek dude is soon to become history and get what he deserves.

Oh, and... Did you mean to leave only links to first and second chapter (at the beginning of the post)? Where are the rest?

hahahahahahhahaha i KNEW that you would be the HAPPIEST person with this chapter!!!! but who will win? Derek? Talia? Bryd? hmmmmmm not sure yet.

and yes just to start at the beginning chapters 1 & 2

but if you scroll down to the bottom of the post - you can see all the chapters linked :) it says "previous chapters"

Ooh, now it's really getting exciting!

hehehehehe hi @kiwideb!!!! :) glad you're excited!!!! :)
I'm about to post the game for tomorrow... you'll have to come back and play! (and don't worry - there WILL be a winner this time LOLOLOL)
prize money is doubled from last time!! :) (@andysantics48 tells me you're a lucky one!)

@dreemsteem, please put me on the sweet subscriber list as well.
Derek seems like a narcissist and I don't think I could ever like him. But then, we know very little of his past so I won't judge too harshly at this point. Bryd's motives in contrast seem much purer though so for now he stays my favourite. Talia still seems a bit confused and not much in control of what is happening to her. I hope she'll figure out how to be happy and healthy in both worlds. You're building up quite some suspense :)

Hehehehe you are in good company...many more people like Bryd than Derek!

But.... Some do like Derek! Hahahhaa

And you have been entered into the chapter 24 subscriber list!!!!! Now I need to go see your post with the pictures!!! :)

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Thanks! Well, in some way he does, he reads (or parses?) every post on Steemit to compile his top list. :-D

hehehehehe @smcaterpillar :)

but.... i need to see his cute pink face with his gold teeth on my blog everyday. he doesn't even have to say I'm an undervalued post!. I just need him to say "HELLO. DREEMSTEEM. I. AM. HAPPY. TO. SEE. YOU."

Hehehehe - that was my robot voice - in case you couldn't tell ;)

Whoopsss! Got lots of catching up to do.. 23rd chapter. jeez! Where have I been? LOL...

Hehehehehe its ok!!!! You can catch up and DREEM with us!!! ♥️

Hope she doesnt loose herself in the process

I wonder if she's scared about that too....

lol who knows :D

Soon... We will all know!!! Lol

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Omg this was an awesome chapter Dreem!!! I'm so glad she finally got to talk to Bryd!!! I'm cheering on the sidelines!! Woooohoooo get him Talia!!! Take your gift and get rid of that devil!!! Hahaha I loved it!!!! Awesome sauce!!!!

Talia turning? Crikey... i can see I'm about to get no sleep tonight- can't stop reading!!

Hehehhehee! You're so close!!!!

The hunter becomes the hunted. Stab stab stab. smile.