Fireflies - chapter 2

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Thank you for being a part of the journey! If you'd like more Fireflies - contact me in discord! I'll be happy to point you in a new direction!

Always, Dreemie


Absolutely loved it! Perfect read for this Sunday chilling out on the setee.

You use so many amazing analogies to describe scenes and feelings. I find myself thinking about what that would look like and then I get a sense of the feeling myself.

I really like how much suspense you've built up too. Im curious, who is the boy? Are they going to go running through the woods? What are the fireflies?

Awesome stuff @dreemsteem! Having them a little shorter is refreshing for sure, more and more and more fireflies please :)

Hehehehe yes I took your advice!!! That will definitely allow me to write without as much pressure!!!
I'm glad that I could make you feel and experience what was written! That's the one nice thing about writing without images.... It forces the reader to make their own version of the world. And by doing that... It makes that world much more personal to them!

It's kinda like when you finally see a movie version of a book you've enjoyed... Sometimes you walk away disappointed because the director "got it all wrong". That wasn't how YOU perceived it at all!

But when you only have the words (and no visual clues to guide the reader) they do a very nice job of decorating the framework of the world you've given to them.

Maybe the boy looks like you... Maybe the school courtyard has maple trees. Maybe Willow... Who's to say? It's up to you to fill in the blanks :)

Thank you for enjoying your Sunday with Talia and Bryd :) I so appreciate that!!!

You are totally right and it makes it so much more enjoyable to read when you haven't got all the answers. It's such a great experience.

I'm going to start my day tomorrow with chapter 3 I think :)

chapter 4 is done :)

Hummm So this takes place before the last part of chapter 1 ... you called them tweens ... nice read im trying to sort it out ... exciting ... on to chapter 3

Yep! After the chapter begins, I'll give Talia's age so you can begin constructing the timeline.

So if you ever feel confused, check her age at the beginning... We WILL finally catch up and just continue forward- but for now it's a bit like a puzzle ;)

Check it out, fireflies is back on track, sweet! :)

hahahaha i have so much written!!! but i didn't want to start releasing any more until I finished. but nope.... it has to come out! this will give me the accountability I need!!!

tomorrow is the next part :)

chapter 4 is up! hehehehe

Ooh, ooh, I've been waiting so long for this, yay!

hehehehehe thank you for your excitement!!!!! that makes my heart so happy! :)

today was the day when i said... no more procrastinating. TODAY! :)

So even though technically it's "tomorrow" hahahaha i stayed up until i put it out! i hope you enjoy it!!! i think i'll release twice a week? maybe wednesdays and saturdays!

@johnjgeddes suggested that I get a schedule for releasing, so... that seems like a good one. don't you think?

Yes, since you have other things going on, twice a week seems good. Though if you want to make it more often, I won't complain!

hahahahahaha!!!! WHEN is this RV trip happening with all of us - i need to just spend at least 10 minutes hugging you all!!!!!

ok really - NOW i'm going to bed... hehehehe night my friend ;)

I agree with @kiwideb twice a week would be great!!

sounds like a plan :) tomorrow i'll put it up :)

next chapter is up :)

Ooh, yay,
On my way.
Reading Talia
Will make my day...

I am looking forward to reading the rest!

Thank you @fetherhd!!! :) I always appreciate people who are willing to go BACK to read hehehehe

it's a difficult thing to entice people to do that - so your reading is quite the honor to me :)

You HAVE to start at the beginning!!

i so agree!!! but not many do! hehehehe

glad i found a kindred spirit hehehehe

I don't get how people can start in the middle...and don't EVEN get me started on movies!!

hahahahaha - have you ever seen the backwards movie Memento?
ohhhhhhh that was a good one! but it was intended to be seen that way! LOL

otherwise... I AGREE WITH YOU :)

Woo another character! I'm intrigued to their connection. Maybe she's not as unique as I thought she was.

Hehehhehee apparently not!!! 😏♥️

I loved it! I'm so glad you posted it!!

So, I had this idea for people wanting to stay connected and not miss a chapter...what if they "subscribed" to it. You could do it by gathering a list of people that want to read it (like me haha) and tag them at the bottom. Then they would recieve a notification that a new addition had been posted. I thought about it with my on-going freewrite series, but I didn't want to be too presumptuous. Haha What do you think?

you're not gonna believe this - but i was thinking the same thing last night!!!! cuz there were 4 people that i had to go tag in a comment (so i also wouldn't be presumptuous!!!) but yes!!!! let's start doing it!!!! we can do it inconspicuously on the bottom hehehehe

should we do the whole - hi! you add me - i add you? happy follow???


Haha do you mean, I would "subscribe" you and you would "subscribe" me on each others stories along with a few others? Inconspicuously?

Yesssss. Subscribed!

I was joking with the "follow" cuz that's what spammers say lololol

Haha, ok! I just wanted to make sure before I tagged you!

tag away!!!! your tag is coming on tomorrow's post hehehehehe

P.S. I love that we had the same idea! And I want to do your piratey adventure soon...I think I just need to set special time for it, it sounds pretty intense! Do you always do a live portion with it? Ohhh and I'd be willing to do a post with clues, if you need it! I meant to tell you that ages ago!

Yayyyyyy you can be this week!!!! We can feature one of your free writes!!!!

And no... It's not intense at all. Its soooo fun!!!
Tonight was a BLAST!!!! It was seriously the best show ever hehehehe I'm going to see if I can cut the X Marks the Post snippet out of it so you can hear. Hehehe I'll have to ask Shadows if there is a way to do that :)
And you are on discord now right???? It's there!!! You can totally join in the fun :)

But no pressure hehehe if you can't... I will still adore you 😍

ANNNNND they asked me during the show about if I could tag them in the hunt posts... So they would be notified hahahaha

Crazy that they asked that RIGHT when we were talking about that too!!!! LCLCLCLCL nuts when that happens!

Hahaha that's's almost like when you want to buy a certain car, you see it everywhere!'s kinda like that!

I'd love to use a freewrite, thank you!!

P.S. Thank you for still wanting to be friends, even if I never make it! Haha

hahahaha the hunt is not for everyone ;) some people cn't make the radio show - some people forget to check... its ok!

my love is unconditional hahahaha

Best of luck with your story. :)

chapter 4 is up! :)

Wow @dreemsteem I love it! I was drawn in and captivated as @monchhichi23 said! I can't wait for the next chapter - bring it on lovely!

Thank you my friend!!!! I'm grateful for your persistent cheerleading for me!!! hehehehe and Saturday - i will have it ready to post for Saturday!!! :)

WOW COOL STORY, i love the smooth writing and with the story drawing you in and out the finish product is sublime. this would be a great show or movie scifi mysterious drama. Something i would watch. Ok keep going and ill make the music for it. Psybient while reading this is a trip. LOVE it...

b e w e l l


hahahaha YESSSSSS. we need to have a soundtrack with the story!!!! LOL wait. honestly - how cool would that be? maybe we SHOULD do something like that !!! How hard would that be to try? hahahaha if i read an audio version of this and you put your amazing soundtrack with it??? should we try it??? or too far out there? hahahaha

(and thank you for the compliments!!!! it's always hard releasing something that is a labor of love. i'm sure you know the feeling after your return! hehe)

That would be cool , should not be hard , there could even be a video of some sort with the music and either the words scrolling or spoken word... just some cool ideas yea....

hehehehe maybe a collaboration in the future ;)

chapter 4 is up :)

Interesting story...I loved it and hope we don't have to wait a year to get more. Ha ha

Hopefully the inspiration for this remains strong, my friend.

Oops! I forgot to log into my personal account, so you get two votes!

I'll take two votes!!!!! :) and no.... i'm committed to releasing it on a regular basis now! hehehe

Last year was... tricky for me ;) But I have the next month's (maybe 2 months!) already written... and I just need to stay ahead of the deadline in order for me to keep writing with joy (and no stress) hehehe

thanks @notconvinced ;) hehehehe and @shep-heard hehehehe

Yes!!! Ok, so a periodical it is...I'm going to hold you to

hahahahaha yep - i think Saturdays and Wednesdays will be the days! :) i'm excited that it's giving me a definite mini goal to push towards hehehe

and thank you for the accountability! :)

To the next chapter 🏃🏃🏃

I'm totally captivated and can't wait for the next chapter!! I love how you used daydreem to show the difference from daydream, and I relate to Talia, when you said that she never felt lonely when she was alone, that's so me, and her daydreems, I think about when I'm sitting here getting into one of my books, and my husband talks to me, I don't hear him, I'm in another place, a daydreem!! @dreemsteem keep it up babe, i would like to read the next chapter already!! Awesome sauce!!! Love love love!!!

hehehehehe i'm so glad you noticed the difference!!! some people don't see it hahahaha
and yes - i can relate to her too... but.... not entirely :) you'll see as the story develops hehehehe

thanks for your encouragement @monchhichi23 !!! i think twice a week it is! :)

No stressing if you can't get to it once a week, life gets busy we would understand!! Now get that next chapter done!! 😜😜😜

(-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥ , this is just fantastic sweets!!
Thank you for sharing the second chapter of Talia's captivating story <3<3
Much love, respect & a huge squeezy huggins coming right at ya <3

chapter 3 is up <3

Thank you @d-vine!!!! I'm so happy that you enjoyed it!!! tomorrow will be the next installment :)
Love to you!!!