Fireflies - Chapter 28

in fantasy •  2 years ago  (edited)

Thank you for being a part of the journey! If you'd like more Fireflies - contact me in discord! I'll be happy to point you in a new direction!

Always, Dreemie

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Oh! Happy tears. Cool they get a little time together before -

Ya. I mean I'm kinda conflicted 'cause I can't wait to see Derek get his teeth kicked in, but it's a nice change of pace to explore Talia's humanity with her mother.

I'm conflicted because not on the server and I don't see paying it forward from a lot who benefit from tag usage...
oh so confused <3 hearts and unicorns

Once again, I have no idea what you're talking about. I didn't even see this comment until now.
I wasn't using the Team Good tag for your 0.003 upvote. I was using it because I thought it was helping to spread the word about a tag that was an alternative to the Trending tag. @ancapbarbie was upvoting the story that she enjoyed. I didnt realize that using your tag would give me an autovote, and when it did - I upvoted the comment at three times your upvote. Not sure how that isn't being reciprocal and fair.

All you had to do was explain it to me in DM if you wanted me to send a boost or something? I didn't know I had to pay for the use of the tag. I know now, so I'll stop using it.

guess my personal wallet of help and bot votes and podcasts were not enough, feel free to NOT use the teamgood tag if you seem to just suck stuff dry and not give back to people who helped you get up in the first place

I've always given back to the people that have helped me. Always. If you took the time to actually get to know me, you would see that. It's a shame that you didn't bother to do that.

we know you did, just didn't ever see any time taken to participate in the server but we both are busy ladies and all the best , you do great work and so do I...which I'm getting back to now :) cheers and thanks again

i am laughing so hard at this comment.... updating the old posts... and saw this - and LOLOLOL you nut!!!

Got me laughing too :P

Hahahahaha so intense! Lol

I never imagined that I would laugh that hard at seeing something so gruesome! LOLOLOL you are a sick one, Sir! LOLOLOL

LMAO I couldn't resist. Seemed appropriate :P

i forgive you.... but only because laughter forces me to forgive all things. hahahahahahahahaha

Yay! It's good medicine.

There she is! I somehow missed your comment!!! :) Yeah.. Talia does struggle with her humanity, doesn't she. But - a mother's love.... special

Talia, rest up and recharge... we know something is coming... we just aren't sure, what. Is it the moment we've all been when waiting finally see? or, is it only another beginning?

Recharge, young Talia.
Rest easy with momma nearby.

Deep sigh

I love writing this story, but I'll be happy for a rest from the emotions of it all. lolol

This is a note to your daughter:

Quick copy and paste this page. Sometime during your teen years you'll want to use them to remind your mother of her beliefs....

So, I guess we still have 2 more episodes, so as to end it at 30 ... I won't mind if they go to a higher number...

I bet not many readers realise that just as they are reading and discovering the true depths of the characters, so is it for the author. This explains why an author will note, well into the story, some characteristic not mentioned before.

It is not that the author is making 'it' up, but, that the author has just been offered another glimpse into their soul. It is just as beautiful a moment for the dreamer (author) as it is for you, the reader - well, depending on how much the character is loved, sometimes more wondrous.

This comment just spoke to my soul.... And... My daughter reads Fireflies, @arthur.grafo hehehe

She is here anonymously... Like her momma.

And though it's Fireflies- I'm both daughter and mother. Pieces of me in both.. expressing myself through different portions and characters of this story.

I cried a lot in this chapter as I wrote it. My daughter is such a treasure to me. She knows it. I tell her often. But I think if I tried to really show her, it would very much be like her trying to sip water from a dam break ... Lololol

Thank you for always visiting so completely. And you're absolutely right. I do believe chapter 30 is the final chapter to this book.

Though...there will be a very small addition after that chapter.

Thanks Arthur 🤗

Well, now I'm just nervous! What's going to happen? What next? I'm so worried! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

As you know I am NOT on team Derek. I am definitely on Team Talia, Aria, and Bryd.

So now, what do you suggest? Sleeping pills until Saturday when I can find out what happens? I'm far too nervous!

Thanks a lot!

Lots and lots of sleeping pills!!!!!!

Actually... I'm gonna do something a little fun for my sweet subscribers ♥️
Keep an eye out tonight

So I am having trouble finding the words Dreemie. This chapter has touched my heart in ways you can never imagine.. I have a sense of longing in my own life. I love this little candid moment between them and I understand the emotions you are feeling writing this because I now feel them too.

Dammit Dreem I hate feeling feelings!!! Why you do this to me??? My dark heart just can't take it!!!

Almost to the conclusion love, I'm so freaking excited to see how this will end and I'm still hoping for Derek to get his ass whooped!!! Ya heard that @enginewitty and @quirky.countess!!! Derek's gonna be swimmin' with the fishies!!!! Bwahahahaha

I hope Derek gets his ass whooped too. But still holding my breath, and not counting my fishes, till he's swimming with them. Or better still drowning with them.

Right!!! I'm holding my breath too @kiwideb ... this is stressful lol.. you expect stories to have a good ending but anything other than him getting his ass whooped would be bad right? I mean, I can think of maybe a few scenarios but then that just might be silly. He has to go down!!

Fingers crossed!

So many different scenarios!!!! This mind was a whirlwind for too long hahahaha

hahahahaha wow!!!! what a powerful metaphor that was!!!!

I'm not sure about powerful. I was more going for the hahaha, so glad I succeeded. I definitely mixed them up though!

ROFLLL powerfully funny????? hehehehehehe

oh.... there is an early release of chapter 29!!! enjoy :)

Ooh ooh, off to look...

What if the bad guy wins in this movie and he eats Talia for breakfast along with Bryd?

He is pretty strong. and we already know he's the ultimate predator

I would never be too sure- that @dreemsteem is a loose cannon sometimes!

the loosest!!!!

I knew you would understand it all, Monch.
Now you know why there was tears.

I'm almost done!!!! So close.
Just taking a break and rubbing my neck... I'll talk to you very soon!!!!

Team Good Alpaca loves this post! Nomnomnom!

Thank you!!! I love feeding you yummy things, my little alpaca friend <3

I think the dams really burst in the heart on this one. :)

I really felt Aria for the first time today. I know she's had a big role but seems like we finally get the full intensity of her love here.

So beautiful!

Lots of tears while writing this one!!!! I felt a little silly. LOL but i often get emotional when I write!

Oh, I so feel you. Those emotional writes, they're often some of the most authentic and soul revealing ones.

Love it.

Yes.... Very genuine!!!

Beautifully written, @dreemsteem! The scene between mother and daughter, love in it's purest form. Daughter shielding her mom and mom accepting her daughter with unconditional love...

Tears were shed during this chapter for sure @cecicastor!!!!

I tried to infuse it with all the love in my heart.

You did a fantastic job!

Thank you!!! That means so much to me ♥️

You are welcome!

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Some love before the fight, nice 💚