Fireflies - Epilogue

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Thank you for being a part of the journey! If you'd like more Fireflies - contact me in discord! I'll be happy to point you in a new direction!

Always, Dreemie

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I feel stupid that I complimented him for the video you made! grrrr!

Maybe she did?

Six blum-blum months to wait...sigh (dramatic enough for you?)

Oh...hehhehee you did watch it!!!

Yes that video was a labor of love and I most DEFINITELY made it myself lol

So she did!

This brought tears to my eyes.....and how it brought the visuals, song and story so cohesively together!

I want opening night premier tickets!!! It is not an IF, more of a when.

I think I'll go pick a dress to wear.....or Saree....what do you think? ;)

I'll be there shedding tears of joy sitting quietly in the audience!

i'm really going to bed... don't see me here writing right now. i'm heading to bed - REALLY. lololol

and if you pick a Saree - make it coordinate with the Fireflies colors please!!! ;)

shedding tears of joy? you and me both ;)

Hahaha, you're lucky I was busy doing something else. I hope you're asleep by now!

Oh, I think I definitely can find one that will coordinate very nicely!

Better bring in a box of tissues....cuz that entire row would have us all balling our eyes out......

Fireflies 2019 - The rise of Talia. Well done @dreemsteem

Thank you M&M!!!! I need to go back and read all your comments and reply hehehehhee

I love that you read this ♥️
Thank you pen

This opens more than it closes :D I can see the Fireflies volume two already 💚

yes mam... ;)

will be a trilogy. I've already started writing.....

A trilogy! Yes!

So sorry my dear, I tagged you at a post from someone else. I had not seen your movie (I'd not looked closely and thought it is a photo) and when I saw your video there, with him claiming he made it, I thought it was nice of him.

Please be careful in attacking him. He is powerful in steemit with numerous accounts and he can flag you to death. Report him to @patrice or to @cheetah for plagiarism, but otherwise stay clear.

His post:

Oh ... That's unfortunate. I will definitely. Thanks.... And please do go back and watch the ending of Fireflies!! ♥️

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Brava, what a beautifully unique story! Look forward to the continuation!

Edit: When you first mentioned a song with a guy and girl singing, this one came to mind:

probably because of the fantasy setting too ;)

Ahhhhhh you finished!!!!!!! Lolollol

Yes... Writing the sequel now and HOPE to have it ready for early next year 😍

But it will take some turns hehehheee

Not sure how far she will fall down the rabbit hole lololol

I'm so glad you enjoyed it!!!!! All in one night!!!! Hehehheeh I'm honored ♥️

My gosh this is a beautiful song @dreemit ... And the video is exquisite!!!!

I have chills watching it! "Who says love should break us when we fall" oh gosh... If only Talia would let that resonate with her... Hehehe

I don't think I ever told anyone what song it was in the was a real song that I was writing about. Hahaha

Actually I combined two memories. The group Civil Wars had a magical connection. They separated and everyone speculated that they separated because they couldn't handle the affair that they people assumed they were in.

I saw them in concert twice and it was like watching two people madly in love with one another. but they maintained it was all about the music!

So that's where that part came from.

The actual song....the FIRST song that ever brought tears to my eyes with their incredible harmony was The Prayer by Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion.

They sing separately and then come together for a duet part... At 2:15 is where that portion begins... From 2:33- 2:40... The first time I heard it... It literally took my breath away and tears sprung to my eyes. First time I had ever physically reacted to a song like that! This version below is from her CD but I saw a performance once live that put this version to shame!!!! They have live versions on YouTube but I can't find the one I saw. Oh well! Hehe

So... That's where it came from ... Hehehe plus, I'm a singer. And the basis for Bryd was a singer I used to harmonize with for years. He was my best friend and we never had to think about what to do when we were singing. We automatically knew where the other was going and matched one another perfectly. Very strong connection. We did love one another and I was afraid of the intensity. Lol

Dated. Was too intense emotionally for me and I backed out and broke his heart.

We remained friends for a long time, but part of me regretted ever thinking we could improve on what we had. Changed it in a way.

Hahahahhaa how's that for insight??? Lol

This is so amazing - it could not have been more fitting for your story and I could see your story being made in to a movie..... Congrats Dreem on an amazing story and excellent ending :) love you xx

Thank you Andygirl <3 that means the world to me.
you mean the world to me!

Ahh gorgeous- I already can't wait for book 2 in 2019! Congratulations- what a massive achievement x

ok - yes i said goodnight to you.... but i had to reply to your comment first - and THEN go to sleep ;)

thank you!!! :) I'm excited for book 2 as well hehehehe hoping to give my sweet subscribers more to satisfy their fireflies craving! hehehehe (cuz i sure crave my subscribers' comments LOL)

Do you know what I would love? A printed version available to buy of the story so far... so that I could re-read in physical form :) Please please keep me on your subscribers list for book 2 - the cravings are already super strong... counting down the months!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

haha my guess was "maybe she doesn't"
saying "maybe she did" would mean she realized she loved Bryd after "losing" him (I don't know to what degree did she lose him but that's how the last chapter made it look like) it turns out she's not as stubborn as she seemed to be :p

well.... losing her mom and her Bryd so suddenly.... it will change a person! I think she felt - why be afraid of it now? How could it hurt her now? Acknowledging the feelings only made them more real at this point.

she is pretty stubborn though ;)

and your guess was VERY good! when I saw it come in... i thought ohhhhhhhhhhh so close! heehehe

That's a lovely ending, and I'm so happy there will be another book. Congratulations on a job well done.

Thank you @kiwideb! I would have been satisfied with this ending. (as a complete ending of Fireflies)
and I actually thought it was up until a few weeks ago. Then, Talia began to whisper to me... and that was that hehehehe

I hope you'll come back for book 2 :) and thank you for always encouraging me. way back when i first returned to steemit with my 26 day detox comics!!!! a lifetime ago! LOL

I would have been happy with it too. But even happier she has been whispering some more, and will definitely be back. That detox series was great. What has happened to @robmenzies?

I was re-reading it the other day and CRACKING up!!!! Lololol

It's where I met you and @andysantics48!!!! And @robmenzies!!!

As far as where he is... He dumped us all hehehehehee

I got a message from him about hmmm 1.5 weeks ago. His life has just gotten busy... And his hospital.. you know. Life just takes over. He said he would drop by every now and then... Hope so :)

Wow, oh wow, enjoyed this.

I'm so thrilled that you did @kerrislravenhill

A TRILOGY!!!!! Woo Hoo! I'm so excited!

Awesome ending Dreemie! And doing it with a video, brilliant!

Congratulations on a fabulous book!

Thank you my love!!!hehehehe

That video was a story in and of itself!!!! Lolol
What a labor of love it turned out to be!!! I still get chills watching it. Especially at the northern lights part... Thinking of how they ripped the sky. Sigh. I love Talia and Bryd. Lol

Yayyyy, I was hoping for a sequel, and a trilogy is even better! The possibilities, ahhhhh, can't wait. I was also hoping Talia would eventually realise that 'she does', and I think she might, hehe...

Hehehhee well.... The last three words do give us hope in that direction!!!

"Maybe she did"

That's a big step for her!!!!! Lololol

Thank you Drazzy ♥️ I have loved having you reading this along with me. It's been super special for me to be connected with you through these pages.

It was special for me too and I hope we'll always stay connected xx :)

This was an amazing story and a beautiful ending because we will get to read more next year! Yay! I can't wait to read more.

Thank you @cecicastor!!!! I felt like I did it justice! The first writes of chapters 31 and 32 were missing some essence.. lolol no pun intended... But just a revisit to it and putting more of my emotions into it... And I think I got it right!

Well...maybe not 100% right.lolol but as close as I can probably get it without losing my mind. Lololol

Thank you always for your investment of time and imagination... It meant the world to me ♥️

You are welcome!

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