Fireflies - Chapter 10 - early release for the SWEETEST subscribers on Steemit :)

in fantasy •  2 years ago  (edited)

Thank you for being a part of the journey! If you'd like more Fireflies - contact me in discord! I'll be happy to point you in a new direction!

Always, Dreemie

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Awww such a playful chapter. You had me wondering what the orange apple hybrid would taste like lol. Another great one Dreemie. This is going to be a masterpiece!!

hehehehehe i'm glad that I triggered your imagination!!!

have you ever heard of a Graple?
they really do have them - i've seen them at Costco... its like an apple with a grape flavor LOL

thank you @monchhichi23!!! this one was a playful chapter!!! i agree (just seeing another aspect of their characters hehehe)

Wooow, I will love to read the full episodes, I don't bother reading this one just to not get confused, I will find time to read all the chapter one after the other, this is good write up by you well-done boss,
So, this is what am missing all this while... 🤔🤔 Upvote and resteem.

hehehehe there are so many things to read on steemit - right??? :)

thank you so much!!! let me know if you like the story!!!! :)

OK boss,

Notified for the next chapter please , though am following you now, I will be checking your blog everyday, but add me.

ok! chapter 11 was published today! but the notifications haven't been working. I will add you to the next chapter - and hopefully it will all work for chapter 12!!!! :)

thank you for supporting me with your reading!!!! :) i appreciate it!

👍 anytime

She watched its little body flit above her and then without warning, it loosed its bowels down her shirt

Bwahahahahaha! I had to stop and reread that cuz I was laughing thought my brain had read it wrong. Good stuff Cap'n!

Hahaha I love it - this was a great chapter - bring on 11 :D

thank you!!!! i will certainly be happy to keep feeding you chapters over and over ;) hehehe

Ohh.. Wow!
Chapter 10 😃 how amazing. I just have lot of catching up to do as I'm about to start chapter one but I love this. Ones I started I'm sure I will catch up fast. Your amazing. I would love to get a notification when you get a new one out.
Have a wonderful day. Cheers! 💕🤗🤗💕

chapter 11 came out this morning.... but the notifications are giving me such a hard time!!!!
but i think I found a new way to figure it out :) i will try it for the next week!!!

Ok I will go and check it out and resteem it so I can read it all 😊👍😉 hope you are having a great day. I'm still home from work but feeling better.. Lol much love 🌻🤗🌻

i have a bit of a migraine coming today... but hoping to catch it and reverse it hehehe

enjoy my friend!!!! and feel better please!! <3

Awww... I'm so sorry to hear that you had migraine. That's the worst thing and effects you much. I had that the day I had to leave work and then I apparently had a bug and puked more than I like too 😜 no fun.. Lol
I hope you feel better and I definitely do today so I'm all back 🤗 talk to you soon Awsome!

Poor Bryd :(((

yeah.... I feel the same way!

A very tantalising, tasteful tale you tell @dreemsteem You have us all dribbling from our mouths for more, more, more!. 😊

Thank you!!!! I'm so glad that you're salivatinggggggggggggg ;)

now.... I need to keep giving you little tastes to get your ready for the main course! hahhaha

Class!! Can't wait 😊

Hmmmm, for some reason he is getting me angry. Snap out of it man!!! :D

right???? how could he not remember?!?!?!?!?! come on Bryd!!! help us here! hehehe

Hello, very good post, great show, congratulations.
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very sweet of you to add the flowers too hehehehe thanks - was it confusing to start the story in chapter 10? :)