Fireflies - Chapter 12

in fantasy •  2 years ago  (edited)

Thank you for being a part of the journey! If you'd like more Fireflies - contact me in discord! I'll be happy to point you in a new direction!

Always, Dreemie

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I love to be added so I can be notified when your next chapter is up 😉 has a few days off so from tomorrow I will read your chapter one by one 🤗

hehehehe i'm glad you like getting the notifications!!! and i can't wait until you read them all! and i hope you enjoy them :)

I know I will love it, after reading your chapter 9 I was hooked and reading from the beginning till now that's a good reading and can't wait 🤗 have a wonderful weekend. 💕

you too, my beautiful HUGGY friend hehehehee

Awww.... 🤗 Love that 💕
Yes hugs are my favorite thing and I love to share.... Lol #teamhug

This is getting more and more interesting with each new episode, a bit scary even. It will be interesting to see where this new thing will lead, their drifting apart in energies, interesting indeed.

i agree! hehehehe even when I went back and read it... i had chills at this part. We would like everything to be wonderful and dreeeeemlike.. but - that's not how the world usually is... is it! :)

not even in their world, apparently! I'm trying hard to get another chapter out today for YOU my friend ;)

-but... if not... very, very soon hehehehe (you know my mind is always busy... never resting... not even for SLEEP!) hehehe

Take your time, you can always publish it... tomorrow? hihihi, or is that too soon to? I would be happy to read it today of course, but it would be a great Sunday read also 💚

hehehehehe - maybe tomorrow is good! Sunday reads are lovely!!! :)

we shall see - but KNOW THIS.... WHEN IT'S READY... YOU will be notified immediately!!!! hahahahaha

Oooh The ultimate Alchemist 😊
Love it!!
'While her preschool peers were molding sad little flowers out of clay in the “real” world, she was fashioning diamonds in her world.'
Beautifully written chapter @dreemsteem 😊😊

Thank you - to the man who brings happy and smiley to me often! hehehehehe I am so grateful for readers who willingly place their imagination in my hands for a few moments throughout the week hehehe

Thank you for your steady encouragement!!!! :)

I haven't read it yet, but I wanted you to know Gina told me this morning!

heheheheh hooray for Gina working again!!!

we need a day to catch up and chat after your travels are finished :)

Well, my travels have come to an end for now, and we are home!

then let us look forward to some chitter chatter coming our wayyyyyy hehehehehe

Good job @neander-squirrel (unless this was manually posted), either way, Gina is stalking me again, jealous of your interest in me :P

While her preschool peers were molding sad little flowers out of clay in the “real” world, she was fashioning diamonds in her world.

Thought I was the only one that did that!

Curious as to why the 'wildlife' is absent. Maybe he put his eye out in his 'pubescent trials' lol

Wait.... WAIT! you can make diamonds too???? LOL are you Bryd?!?!?!?! LOLOL

yes.... I'm curious as to why the wildlife is absent too. I'm going to ask him to tell him today. As soon as I know.... you'll know ;)

Oooooooo What is it???? Who is it??? This one had me feeling a little tense.. Patiently waiting for the next!!!
Hahaha love you!!

i'm dying!!!!! your gifs get me every time!! hhahahaha

oh i hope to get chapter 13 out today!!!!! Miss @zen-art was so patiently waiting for me to add her to the sweet subscribers - and I thought I had added her!!!! LOL so - as a "sorry for my mistake" I wanted to get an additional chapter out!! soooooooooo maybe you won't have to wait too long heheheheh we will see! still time to get it out there today! :)

Omg I must thank you for your mistake on not adding Miss @zen-art... Feel free to forget to mention me any time if it means another early chapter!! I wouldn't mind at all!! Lol

hahahahahaha !!!! I will try my absolute best.... I don't like withholding chapters! LOL but i can't go too fast either! hehehehe nice balance of ebb and flow ;)

i love you monch :)

I agree, if it means publish more you can forget me here and there :D

Yay! New Fireflies post! I think I know what'll happen next! :D

think you know??? :) we'll see - tomorrow will be an early release of chapter 13!

The story and the perspective you have created has a genuine flow. You have acheived the state of mind necessary to be a successful author. I will remain on Steemit just to read Fireflies...😀

Why can I not upvote this????? LOLOLOL Honestly!!!! staying here just to read Fireflies??? PLEEEEEASE let me upvote this! hahahahaha

Today.... is my day to immerse myself into completely into this world.... I'm not coming back until Talia and Bryd have given me at LEAST four more chapters. ;)

I always appreciate your critique! And I'm PLEASANTLY surprised that each new chapter is always such a positive enjoyable experience for you!!! hehehehe Thank you for sharing that - you know how much it means to me!!! :)

Well now I am really not interested in votes or earning this monopoly money...Someone else will appreciate it, but not me.😀

hehehehe i know it... but know that I'm giving you appreciation through the airwaves. a case of cheese sticks!!!! LOLOLOLOL


hehehehehe i love getting you laughing!