Fireflies - Chapter 24

in fantasy •  2 years ago  (edited)

Thank you for being a part of the journey! If you'd like more Fireflies - contact me in discord! I'll be happy to point you in a new direction!

Always, Dreemie

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@TRUFFLEPIG!!!!!!!!!!! You came back to seee meeeeeeeeeeee!!!! This is three times in the last 7 days.... we really must stop meeting this way or people will talk! ;)

or.... maybe we can let them talk!

100% upvote for all that you do. Plus... you make me smile!!!!

Wow, 3 times? You got yourself a fanboy, I suppose :-)!

Technically I think it's the fourth time... But three times recently hehehehe

So I'm officially crushing on a certain pink robot. 😍😍😍😍

By finding his body, she has taken the first step, which means she is now committed.

Having to drain animals, with her personality being as it is, could force her into taking action before she is ready. I guess she will have to keep her image of Bryd warm and bright within her, so that she does not forget to "play the game" for winning it.

Rebelling while you re too weak to win is not a sane option and usually comes about because of desperation. Is she mature enough to control herself and even do what goes against her principals? If she does, then it is important she does so without sacrificing her principals with excuses, but accepts it is necessary while remaining wrong.

@dreemsteem I have dedicated the 2nd part of the Dread Fairy story to you, with thanks for pushing me into writing it. I know that I will not get the response I was given last time, but still, I enjoyed writing it. As with the first part, I woke up with the idea of what the story will be, fully formed and ready for me to write it. I wish it had also come from a lucid dream, but those do not come often.

I'll be so excited to read it @arthur.grafo!!!!!!! Thank you for the sweet dedication <3

You know how much I love your detailed comments???? oh i love them! I love to see that you're so dedicated to the story and read so much into it!

as for lucid dreams.... why must they be SOOOOOOOOOO elusive?!?!?!? I've only had 2 or 3 in my lifetime. I think 2.... but for some reason my mind is tricking me into thinking that it was three!

But i OFTEN come up with the entire storyline - or song - or project fully formed when I wake up as well! Isn't that funny???? That we both have that ability!!!!

Going to your page now - dread fairy, here i come!!! :)

Talia is strong. She has to be for both her and Bryd...

I think so too @cecicastor!!!! looks like something is brewing in chapter 25... (released in the next 3 minutes hehe)

On my way over now. Been a little busy today...

"The only creature that deserved it..."

I still love Derek but that was a good line

You and @enginewitty and @bluefinstudios need to have a Derek party! hehehehehe

starts chanting

Derek, Derek, Derek...


Now I pitty the poor Dereck, he has no idea what's coming his way :D

or is Talia in over her head??? She couldn't even hold the energy of the tree.... will she be able to be victorious over Derek??? hmmmmmm i don't know!!!!

i hope so! but... i'll have to wait and see, along with you :)

Doing what she must.
Because, for love, one does what one must.

Talia is so strong.

She's trying! I hope that girl can keep it together

I agree with Blue. BUT, still think Derek is awesomesauce.

hehehehehe and that's the great thing about reading a book - you have your own take on it!!! Thanks for coming to read Witty! :)

you make me smile!!!!!

Noooooo, not a tree!!! But animals will be even worse, gahhh, what to do?? I can't wait to see if it will actually get to that point, or if Talia can't take it anymore and has to do something to get herself out of such an impossible position. I would also like to see what happens if she says no to him? But I guess if she wants to beat him with his own weapon then she'll have to learn to do what he does. Tricky, tricky... can't wait for ch. 25 :)

I knew there would be people who would be upset about the tree 😔 like you and @katrina-ariel!

It's such a dilemma isn't it? But ... Talia is highly motivated!

I'm not so sure how chapter 25 turns out yet.... I will know soon ( along with all my readers) hehehehe

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I don't know how I missed this . Could you pls add me as a subscriber? Pretty pls with a cherry on top. :) Xx

I'm getting so nervous for her.

You're there!! :) 5th line!! :) you've been there for a few chapters now - so it could be an error with the GINA notifications... but chapter 25 is just about to be released!!! (in about 3 minutes hehehe)

No....maybe it's me.... Maybe I need to get a ginabot. :(

I heart GINA hehe

omg Dreemie, I'm so far behind. But silver lining, I have 2 more chapters to read like right now!! hehehe I am thrilled that she found him finally!! And she is one smart cookie! I just hope that she doesn't get caught because oh crap what would Derek do if he knew she was seeing Bryd?? I am not so sure I want to find out. but wait maybe I do!! lol Love it Dreem see you soon on Chapter 25

I did miss this one, but the silver lining is that now I can read 3 parts at once :) Heading to them now... 💚

I like vampire Talia. Just a bit less moaning would be nice.