Fireflies - Chapter 18

in fantasy •  2 years ago  (edited)

Thank you for being a part of the journey! If you'd like more Fireflies - contact me in discord! I'll be happy to point you in a new direction!

Always, Dreemie

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Whoa, hot off the presses!

yes mam!!!!! I think you are the first to read it!!!! LOLOL i wanted to get it out a teeny bit early ;)
technically it IS Wednesday.... but... just the beginning of it hehehe

and now... bedtime for me :)

You see this guy here, he needs his ass kicked!! I don't like him dreemie. Nothing but bad news!!! Another great one in the books!! ❤❤❤

hahahahahaha I think everyone feels the same way!!!!!!! LOLOL i'm reading these comments and laughing at the emotion that is being expressed!!!! i love it!!!! thank you @monchhichi23!!! I'm so happy to have you along for this journey hehehe


he savagely whispered his threat. “Never.”

You lose the great effect of "savage whisper" by adding 'his threat'

For me, this is more effective:

Without raising his head, he savagely whispered, “Never.”

You think? hmmmm Maybe this is preference then... hehehe I feel like having the nearness of the word "whispered" even though it is savagely whispered... diminishes the fierceness. I don't know why LOL but having threat closer to "never" keeps it more fresh in my mind. hahahaha

love your suggestions though! I can feel your care for every detail of the story!!! :)

I finally could catch up with you ☺
I read part 9 and I decided to read the whole thing. I can tell you it waw worth it ^^ you're a genious 😉

Personally I can't see a way out of this situation, but you surprised me severl times already, so I know you'l figure it out

When did you say the next part will be released?

hahahahahaha sorry! I made a mistake - I said it was released on Wednesday - but it's just been released on Saturday ;)

(if you like - I can add your name to the Sweet Subscribers! lol then... your name will be tagged with each new chapter released) Thank you SO much for the compliments - and it is a HUGE compliment to a writer that you would take the time to go BACK to read and catch up!!!! :) I'm thrilled that I could surprise you a few times!!!! hehehehee I think a few people have also been surprised.

(sometimes i even surprise myself LOLOLOL)

Chapter 19 is now out.... so.... I hope you enjoy it :)

Yes add me please 😊 I'm loving this.
Now lemme read the last chapter

Someone is going to kick this bad man's ass right? Someone will, tell me that someone will... :D

now..... hehehehhe if i tell you.... where will the surprise be for you????? LOLOLOL

but... chapter 19 is now out for you!
I'm anxious to get more chapters out for all of you now!!!!! since you all want to know what will happen with this man.... hehehehe but...... we must have patience ;)

Another fantastic episode from you, am enjoying every minute with you hahahah
Keep it coming @dreemsteem.

thank you @youngboss!!!! :) I'm so glad you're enjoying it! ;) We are all enjoying your engagement too!!!

Please tell me Bryd's going to mess this dudes world up! Lol

Loving the story, my friend.

hahahahaha.... well of course I want to tell you! but..... if i tell you - you won't read!!! :)
so.... we both have to be patient ;)

This dumb ass is a bit needy. To think I kinda liked him in the previous chapter. Does not mean I like Bryd though.