Fireflies - Chapter 21

in fantasy •  2 years ago  (edited)

Thank you for being a part of the journey! If you'd like more Fireflies - contact me in discord! I'll be happy to point you in a new direction!

Always, Dreemie

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That which you forgot, you remembered

There you go - check it now hehehe

thanks! i meant to do that today when two others reminded me ;) but... forgot hahaha

[relentlessly clicking on the continue on to chapter 22 button]

Please fix this link.

LOLOLOL I will fix it first thing in the morning!

Wednesday morning, that is ;)

So this one made me a bit sad. I don't like hearing that he has this control over her. I don't like him sam I am...I don't like him, here I don't like him, there I don't like him anywhere!!! C'mon Aria.... I'm counting on you!! Don't trust Derek!!!! uggghhhhhhh

Yes, you know it.. another great one in the books!! 🐝💖💖💖

It made me a bit sad to write it too. Where has our Talia the Tiger gone!

@dreemsteem She will be back!! I just know it! She has to!!

let's see if we can pull her out. :) I don't know though... i'm tired lately. hahahahahahaha

The mental confrontation going on in her mind between Derek the potential monster and Byrd the ghost in the past but will he come back from the dead? Meanwhile...Hmm...

hmmmmm indeed ;)

Another fantastic epic from you, keep it coming @dreemsteem. hehehehe

Glad you're enjoying it my friend!!!!! :) Wednesday is just around the corner ;)

Thank you, now you got me annoyed about Talia too :D I do not like weak women lol. Snap out it! Resist! Fight! Common!!! Arg.... There is always another way and I am sure you will write something POSITIVE in the future lol, like maybe... I don't know... killing the as*hole... just saying... again... :D :D :D

i'm laughing so hard!!!!! i'm also a strong female @zen-art hehehehe but this story.... where will it lead us! i don't know. depends on how I wake up each day. hahahahahaa

and lately - life has been a struggle! LOL so i'm feeling the affect on my book. just get me laughing more @zen-art.. then maybe we will infuse the story with my ninja skills hehehehehe

Got just the book for those budding Ninja minnows!
It’s one of my 2018 actual paper book Reads...

This is actually Ninja techniques boiled down to it's practical form.

Perhaps our heroine could use a few real ninja tips,....oh sorry, I'm getting ahead of myself. Just a suggestion. Continue please.

hahahahahahaha! i'm laughing so hard at the chapter title!!!!!! @zen-art, what do you think??? LOL

I'm guessing her answer will rhyme with.... Gesundheit!

Ugh. Imagine Talia calling Derek "Dad."

Pardon me while I go puke.
...Also... IT'S WEDNESDAY!!!

Dad? hmmmm not following?

Wow, I completely misread- I thought Aria was falling for Derek, but then I realized she was setting Talia up with him XD I now realize Derek is closer to Talia's age- my bad!

Oh this chapter is so beautifully written! Full of anguish and so bitter sweet!

I am so loving your comments @eveningart!!!! Hehehhe

It was like a prize fighter who had taken a hiatus, now readily regaining his honed skills that had only dulled slightly with non-use.

Badass, I'm telling you.

hahahahahahahahaha oh my gosh.

you have me laughing and grinning from ear to ear. LOL

don't listen to him. We all want that one dead :D

LOLOLOL well - all but one! :)

Many writers speak of the same phenomenon I have experienced. I usually start off with some vague idea of how my character will/should respond to a scenario I'd written the previous day, but he/she goes off and does his/her own thing, without even a tactful "sorry".

Absolutely no respect for me, their author! That is what I accuse them of and they laugh at me and pretend I am misreading them.

It has been written of by many, though it only applies to writers who do not plan the story down to details. If a certain amount of spontaneity is permitted, the characters can take over, because they need to be consistent to the personality and character they were given.

What is rarely spoken of is the world in which the story unfolds - especially in Science Fiction and Fantasy, but it can apply to all the genres, since none of us completely know our world and having to study it through other eyes changes the way we see it, hopefully providing us with more depth.

For instance, when I started writing, I just assumed that their world is the same as mine. I badly messed up, for it is not and I've had to go/grow through some steep learning curves. It also meant I made some mistakes which my beloved characters had to pay for.

Go back in memory, think of Talia and her world and how you saw it and then compare it to the world image you now hold. As you have grown to know her world (both of them) so have you grown as their author. You write with more sureness and thus detail (when it is needed or serves the story) than you did before, because originally you had to make up their world, whereas now you spend more time just examining and explaining it to us.

I placed this comment here, since you want Chapter 22 to be a 'having fun with your readers' post.

So now I'll go read and also check on the fun...