Fireflies - Chapter 19

in fantasy •  2 years ago  (edited)

Thank you for being a part of the journey! If you'd like more Fireflies - contact me in discord! I'll be happy to point you in a new direction!

Always, Dreemie

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19 chapters already??!!

I think I'll just have to come back and start from the very beginning . This isn't something to skim over.

But really, this is good

Hahahaha time flies when you're having fun writing! 😊

I think we are at the halfway point.... Or thereabouts.. not sure! I have an idea where it's going but not completely sure how long it will take to get there lol

If you already read chapter 19... And went back... You probably gave yourself some clues that you maybe didn't intend to have.

You'll have to tell me if it made the twists more predictable after reading chapter 19.

And thank you for the compliment! That means a lot to me! :)

I haven't got time to start from chapter 1

Internet connection has been bad and school resumes today.

I'll though

And I'll give you my HONEST feedback

Keep the ink flowing


Honest feedback both delights and terrified me. Lololol

There is no rush to go back to chapter 1... Whenever you go back, I hope your mind is relaxed and free to enjoy! I know the struggles of poor internet connection. I live on a mountain and it's SOOOOOO frustrating some days!

Enjoy school!!! 😊

I loved getting to know a little more of this stranger. I can't stand him because I believe he's bad news. And yet again, another great chapter Dreemie. So excited for the next one!! ❤❤❤

Thanks @monchhichi23 😍
We shall soon find out the stranger's name!

Bad news... Good news.... Each page reveals more :)

Another of my niggardly corrections

No amount would be to great

Needs to read

No amount would be too great


As for real comments I should be posting, every good story needs a baddy. I needed to get a feel for the rationale, why and how. Starting to get a feel for him and it is looking promising.

gah!!!! where were you 5 days ago when I could have edited that before it was permanent??? LOLOLOL

thank you heheheh

I have gone back and read all the chapters. Awesome story. I would like to be notified when the next chapter comes out, please.

hmmmmm I do have you added onto the Sweet Subscriber list @cecicastor.... were you not getting the notifications?

Gina hasn't been giving me all of mine (or sometimes she does... but very late)
Let me know if you're not receiving them... i think that something is going wrong with them again! :(

but.... chapter 20 and 21 are out! :)
so if you didn't get the notification (and i just checked again that you're on it!!!) then I'll definitely have to figure out what's wrong!

Sorry, but I think Gina Bot is being a bit wonky again. She is not giving me a lot of my messages...

I've had the same problem!!! 😔

Please don't leave us GINA!!! LOL

I am slowly but steadily starting to hate that man more and more... Please kill him lol, you have the power, you are the writer :D Make him go away, like now, pretty please with a cherry on top? 😁

LOLOLOOL but remember... You were getting mad at Bryd too??? Maybe you just need more time!!!

Or... Maybe not ;)

Can't tell hehehe

Coming to a theater near you!

LOLOL and then.... tetris all day long.
i am so gonna beat you in it. i mean - you're already at the top of your game. and i haven't played in like 20 years. hahahahahahaa
so. just so you know. i'm gonna get better. and you're just gonna keep seeing me creep up on you! LOL
(especially now that i know all the TIPS that you were witholding from me!!!!!!!!!!!)

It would seem you are getting mostly autovotes, with 59 and no comments.

Anyway, the details are coming out and really turning this into a great piece of literature.

With another perspective thrown in, this now will be here even longer to entertain me.😜😀

Yes I do get support from a lot of people who prefer to read without commenting. But some people just like to take a little bit to think about what they'll comment hehehe

You know me! I prefer comments! But I sure do love that people appreciate the story enough to support it 😍

I think we are halfway done now??? Maybe! Not sure. Hehhehee I hope I can entertain you as long as possible!

Nice thinking take him to the sidewalk, clever guy. Wish I could wipe peoples memory, would make relationships so simple.