Fireflies - Chapter 30

in fantasy •  2 years ago  (edited)

Thank you for being a part of the journey! If you'd like more Fireflies - contact me in discord! I'll be happy to point you in a new direction!

Always, Dreemie

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Thank you sweet little alpaca! Hehehehe♥️

sorry bad stats or something, I gotta focus on dudes downvoting alliance members... water under the bridge as far as I'm concerned

Hahahaha do I pay it forward??? Lololol

Really?? 😂😂😂😂

Well, feel free to ask around 😏

rhetorical question, suppose things are lost in translation .....
I'm not playing games with anyone on here.....
Namaste yay <3 not an attack in any way just graphs sent, but I don't really care, anyone relying on this on a steady stream of income are ...well, Goddess Bless

I'm not sure what half of that means? I upvote the bot comments for more than what it upvotes me. I literally gave back more than what it gave me. I was using the team good tag to get the word out about it. I had no idea that it was an automatic upvote. I thought that @ancapbarbie was enjoying the story.... But no worries! I know now- I'll let others enjoy using the tag!

I was and am enjoying the story.

Thanks ♥️

She is sweet Axey. Not sure what's going on here, but there may be some misunderstanding. Dreemsteem has been paying it forward since I met her in PYPT and was giving away SBDibbies for her pirate bit. Then she continued with other random things and even concocted The Welcome Wagon which is giving major boosts to new steempeeps out here to help increase the retention rate on the platform. She embodies what #teamgood claims to be. I sure hope that isn't a problem.

huh? did I miss something, am working and not sure why am tagged, anyone can use the teamgood tag, I don't need drama and to be tagged , appreciated and appreciate all everyone does, please keep me out of it

SERIOUSLY! SERIOUSLY! SERIOUSLY! I despise Derek UGH ARG UGH GAHHHHHH!!!! How could you do that to poor Aria? OMG - this better have a happy ending or I'm coming for you Dreemie! (and I know it's done - so you know if you need to pack and get off the grid or not) .😋

my bags are packed!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOL JUST in case ;)

Noooo, don't stop there, I can't bear it! Has evil Derek absorbed Aria's energy somehow? Oh, how I hope her love will conquer his evil. It was a bit silly of Talia to think she could physically overcome him but maybe it would have worked if he hadn't figured it out. I'm waiting for Bryd to come out of the woodworks and help her. And just saying, when I read the bit about her checking her mobile, or not wanting to keep checking it, I had this exact same experience when my girl went out last week. Totally irrational in that case, of course, but not so much with Aria and Talia. I do hope they'll be reunited very soon. Please don't make us wait too long...

I secretly just want to release everything today! Hehehehehee

But it's probably best that I keep to the schedule..?? I don't know! Hahahhaa

I'm not very good when it comes to patience. Before... I could wait because I hadn't written them yet

But now.... They're just here... Waiting to be opened like Christmas presents hehehe

I'm just as anxious as my readers!!! ♥️

You can't leave us here, in the middle of this!!!
Please, I need more!

patience, patience .... Wednesday is just around the corner! :)

Isn't there any way to release the next chapter NOW???

This is so good.
I want more, please.

hahahaha not RIGHT now.... i need to sleep! :)

but - if you can think if another fun way to get an early release - i'll consider it! LOLOL I like releasing them early... it's so fun! (but i'm running out of ways to be creative. any ideas?)

Oh good! I knew Talia would win! Pity about her mum though, but her sacrifice was needed so as to strengthen Talia. Oh, did she at least get to eat first? You know, famous last meal etc?

I guess her poor mummy will now have to live permanently in the other world, so she now will have to worry about what her daughter does in the physical world, where there are many dangers. Okay, I guess you'll have to write a new story about that...making your readers happy.

Hmmm....even better idea - assign the job to your daughter.

lol - I guess I am now public enemy #1?

Hahhahahahahahhaa well... You're in the right vicinity!!!! But not exactly!

So we will.make you public enemy #14


Holy Shit!!!! so does she see Aria or does she feel Aria??? omg omg omg c'mon Momma Bear turn Derek inside out...punch him in the throat!!! It's like the 3 amigas... if one of us is missing we aren't complete!!! ok... changing the hashtag we are now #teamtaliaandbrydandaria !!!!!!!! Derek is still going down omg this is so scary!!!!

omg omg omg c'mon momma bear turn derek inside out...punch him in the throat!

@r351574nc3 hahahahah AWWWWWWWW

Feels her!

It's just her essence... So she can't see her .. sadly.

Love the hashtag change!!!! Hehehehe


yeah lady!!!!!! i'm the writer and i feel the same way! LOLOLOLOL

So much for the relaxing spa... Derek is a creep... If this does not end well for the good guys, I don't think we could be friends anymore darling :D

oh no!!!! i need you as a SteemPeer!!!!

hold on while I re-write the ending.

I think Derek hurting her mom will be the final straw that will push her to do what she needs to do. Love is a stronger bond...

@cecicastor... I'm so impatient to release the final chapters!!!! Lololol

It's a good thing I'm going to be away from my computer for a bit hehehehe

Or I'd be tempted!!! :)

Oh, oh, how will they escape his evil machinations? Will they escape his evil machinations? Maybe the force of mother / daughter love is strong enough to best a monster, though I can't see how... (Just before reading this, I was watching the latest episode of The Handmaid's Tale, which ended in a very different but equally dire situation!)

I read that book - but never saw the show.... my mom and sister LOVE it though!!!! hehehehe
i love how youre always thinking Deb!!! :)

What?! Her mom is in there? In him? So much for a spa :/

-Your gift for your mom, how does that deal sound? lol

yes.... she had the best of intentions to get her away to safety... but Derek was onto them!!!


Tell me how you REALLY feel!!!!! Lololol

It wouldn't hurt to talk to him one more time

Drop all your scientific attitudes. Become a little more fluid, more melting, more merging. Osho

Interesting, that is not a scientific line at all. Odd that you see science there?

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Oh wow! Im all caught up and i cant wait for the next chapter. Incredible writing- so tense. And how yuck is Derek-?? He gets right under my skin. Darling Aria- i hope she makes it. Wow. Just wow. Xx

You made it!!!!!!!!!! Wow!!!!! Hehehhee

I'm impressed hehehehe

Wednesday will be chapter 31!!!
Hope you have sweet dreeeeeeems tonight! Thanks for staying awake to catch up hehehehe

Ah mate - I'm having withdrawal symptoms! I can't wait for Wednesday.
And thank you for a very enjoyable Saturday evening's entertainment!!
E x

hehehehehe maybe i'll release it a little early ;)
thank you for making my story - your entertainment. that's a HUGE compliment to me!!!

Trust me- the pleasure was all mine-
And if you release early... Pleeeease..... let me know :)
E x

I most certainly will!!! would you like me to add your name to the Sweet Subscribers on the bottom? :)

(leave me your answer - but i'm heading back to bed. its 3 AM hehehehe)

Yes please... sleep well :)

Oh... oh no. This doesn't feel good.

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