Fireflies - Chapter 6

in fantasy •  2 years ago  (edited)

Thank you for being a part of the journey! If you'd like more Fireflies - contact me in discord! I'll be happy to point you in a new direction!

Always, Dreemie

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This is epic ! I love the back and forth of the time line adds to the thrill ....

You know how to get me even more excited about writing hehehhee!!!

Yay glad to be back to age 12 and explore this. Hmm he knows more than she does, so i can't wait for me to explore with her learn more.

As for the limitations of time, I find that we think we are too limited by time, but most times, talking does waste our time. I enjoy the times I can spend just being with another person, without needing to talk and update them on every single nonsensical thing. Maybe I am more like Talia and Bryd :3

Talking definitely spends time... But I find it worth the cost to GET to the point of being able to enjoy silence with someone else. Hehehehe

But unless you have an innate connection with someone like Talia and Bryd... I think some time is probably spent in the connecting phase 😉

Oh, I get what you mean. Although the past couple of months, I did meet more than one person who we connected enough to enjoy silence on the first meeting :3 I guess I am special (and I don't really talk much)

Hehehhee well.... You are special ♥️

Tell me something I don't know ;)

Impossible!!!! LOL

you know everything ;)

You know I'm loving this. And I will tell you again... I WANT THE SECRETS!! hahaha like now!!! Hahahaha Keep up the good work Dreemie!! Much Love!!

hahahahaha!!!!! well you'll be happy to know that #7 and #8 and already scheduled to post! One will come right on time on Saturday - and one - the following Wednesday! ;) I can't wait to release them! hehehehe

Thank you for your excitement!!! :)

Just finished reading your chapters for this, I like it! Looking forward to seeing what happens next.

Ginabot has failed me! I think I need to go back to chapter 4!

Hahahhahahaa GINA!!!! come on how can you fail us!?!! Lol

I think we are burdening her system lol

Haha speaking of which, have you gotten the notifications for my "subscribers"? Lol

I think I got one... But I haven't started yet!!!! This weekend is my catch up on sleep and catch up on reading time 😍😂

Haha sounds like a plan! Sometimes it is so hard to balance creating/curating/commenting/discord! I have a tendency to get caught up on one more than another and they swap out each day haha

Too short! Haha But Saturday is just around the corner!

And it's already formatted and scheduled to post at 11 am PST on Saturday :)
ANNNNND.chapter.8 is ready too but I cannot figure out why I'm getting an error on the scheduling.... But it's ready!

Squeal! I didn't even know scheduling was an option on here!

Yes mam!!!! Its through steemauto! A service that I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! And as soon as I realized it was made by a witness.... That witness immediately got my vote! Hehehe

@mahdiyari thank you!!!! :)

Oh wow! Does it offer any other services?

well - if you have people that you absolutely love to follow and trust that they will always put out great content - you can add them to your fanbase and autovote them! set the amount, set the timing... that way you never miss them (the only downside to this is that you don't always get to comment - because you sometimes forget since the autovote is "taking care of them"... but it's really great if you're on vacation!)

Nice! I'm not sure which service we use, the Yeti set it up for me...but I am autovoting some. I remember thinking that I wanted to add you, but I know how much you love comments (atleast I think you do haha) so I thought you might prefer a manual vote! I have a couple people who put me on autovote and I miss them visiting...although I love that they believe in what I post enough to always support it!

i absolutely do!!!!!!!!!!!!! Comments are so huge to me :) NEVER PUT ME ON AUTOVOTE if it means that you won't leave a comment....hahahahahahahaa i totally know what you mean. I'm getting an actual list (on paper) of people that I need to MAKE SURE that I see. Intention is not good enough - i need to have action behind my love! hahahahaha
and this week is my last treasure hunt for a while.... so I'm excited to have some more dedicated time to show that love! ;)

This chapter confirms my suspicions about Bryd. The truth has been revealed. Let's see what Bryd decides to do next!! MUAHAHAAAA

hahahahaha you dont' know anything YET.... you're just a trickster ;)

Anybody who wants the truth can contact me on Discord!

i am in discord with you! you revealed nothing LOL

I'm finally catching up on this, and I'm simultaneously confused and intrigued...

Please add me to your subscriber's list?



I would be delighted to!!! :)
and i'm glad for the intrigue.... and also a bit excited about your confusion!! (as long as I keep revealing just enough to have you keep sticking around! hehehe)


Please review the difference between "staunch" and "stanch." ;)

I just scrolled up... Lol I didn't see either of those words... Am I missing it!?! Hahahaha

Sorry; thanks to Steemit, you can't fix it because it's in a now un-editable chapter.

Yes... One of the clear downsides to writing on Steemit. But.... It's an acceptable downside to me. The upside of interaction between writer and reader is far more valuable to me! 😊

Looking forward to reading more and knowing what they'll create.

So glad that you're joining me :)