Fireflies - chapter 5

in fantasy •  2 years ago  (edited)

Thank you for being a part of the journey! If you'd like more Fireflies - contact me in discord! I'll be happy to point you in a new direction!

Always, Dreemie

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I like this - I like the feeling. I always drop in and then backtrack so bear with me - I have to write a chapter of my novel tonight, but I'll be back. You have a distinctive voice and know how to engage a reader. Did I say you can write? It always surprises me when I find people who really can, and you, my friend, are the real deal. Beautiful and lyrical

well... i don't even know what to say except that reading that feels like a desperately needed hug today! Thank you so much John :)
and you don't have to explain to me about backtracking.... i've been trying to backtrack my way through so many posts that it stresses me out hahahaha (i haven't been able to enjoy Her Thirties for QUITE some time and it frustrates me that there aren't more hours in the day! hehehe - but I haven't given up. I know I'll catch up as soon as I finish writing this!!! right??? or will there be another one to replace this one hahahahaha you tell me!!! you're the expert ;)

deep deep sigh.... it's an honor that you left me such an encouraging and beautiful comment :) thank you, sincerely.

you're very welcome, my friend - the writing life - one writ with me in sour misfortune's book :)

Another... and another... and another... pleeeeeease ;)

hahahahaha i'm joking! I shall NOT be like Oliver and beg for more! hehehe

Preparing the next chapter for tomorrow's release and then bed time! I wish I had a writer's retreat....

you know - funny - when I was younger, I used to think... how pretentious! For someone to think that they deserve a quiet getaway to write. Snobs.

Now? How I long for a quiet getaway to write. ;) Pretentious or not!!! It sounds like a dream!!!

Wonderfully written ... we know he gone through something ... coma perhaps ... isolation of some sort ... she doesn't see it ... cant see it .... doesn't want to acknowledge it ... more ... need more

Well I can tell you there... You're right! She does see it... But can't imagine what it could be.

Can you? ;)

You have the suspense thing down.😀
It's getting better with each post! And now we have to wait...ugh

hehehehe well -i have to tell you! i could have SWORN that i had written more chapters. but i couldn't find them anywhere. for at least 6 weeks!!! just the old old file - not the newer version!

and its really hard to go "back" there to relive what you were feeling when you were writing... so it was just really disappointing. I had to just let it go and I figured I'd just try to write it again.

today i opened up the file and it said "do you want to recover this file?" and i was like what??? so weird??? and i hit yes. and THERE IT WAS

hooorayyyyyyyyyyyy! so... later tonight i'm going to sit down and read through it all just to get back into the swing of things so i can start writing MORE ....

and yesterday, on the way down to the hospital - i think i finally realized how to finish the story!!!! ;)

Another great chapter @dreemsteem. I can't wait to see what's going on with B... I hope it's nothing bad. Reading this I can almost see him laying in a hospital bed, or something like that. I'm speculating but you've got me thinking hmmmm what's going on????? I have to know!!!!!

soon soon sooooooooon, my wonderful friend who makes me want to give away more right now!!!! hahahahahaha

I just read chapter 6 and I'm getting it ready for the Wednesday release....(or possibly earlier... we'll have to see! ) :)

I think I know what happened to Byrd, but I'm not saying it.

LOLOL you better not know!!! hahahahaha did you hack my computer and read the next chapters?!?!?! LOL

I'm liking the way this is going!!! just makes me want to KNOW NOW!!

hehehehe i'm so glad!!!! and i MIGHT be able to post 3 times this week :) i will probably have a lot of time sitting in the hospital on Monday waiting for hubby.... so.... maybe a surprise for my lovely sweet subscribers hehehe

I have so many ideas on what might have happened...but are any of them right???

And I love that their relationship more pure than romance!

I do too!!!!!
I mean...of course you know that since I'm.the one writing hahahaha

But love is just one of the powerful emotions to write about!

I love love.... I just love other things too :)

I'm so glad you appreciate that!!!!

I love the way this story is going, I feel like advance to chapter 6, but I will stop here today, I will be a little busy over the weekend , so I will continue on Monday... 👍👍👍

Things are taking and interesting turn. I'm so eager!

Jeremy!!!!!!!!!!!! you're reading!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 < 3 <3