Fireflies - Chapter 25

in fantasy •  2 years ago  (edited)

Thank you for being a part of the journey! If you'd like more Fireflies - contact me in discord! I'll be happy to point you in a new direction!

Always, Dreemie

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Ha ha! I love how you let us imagine what Bryd is expressing to her. Nice touch.

Yeah... I thought it would be fun too!!!!
Glad you appreciate it! Hehhehee

This one sided conversation would be a much more difficult competition to complete!

Should I do another one???? 😊

Too tough! Let's leave it a mystery this time ;)

Hehhehehee sounds good!!! I'll have to think of another way to have fun with my readers! 😊

You always do :-)

I would love to a fly in Bryd's This chapter has piqued my interest further. I can't wait to see what happens on Wednesday.

We are getting closer and closer to the climax!!!! I'm starting to get nervous! Hahahhaa

I'm the author and I still am not 100% sure od the ending!!!

Some days Talia's the more powerful voice... Sometimes Bryd... Sometimes Derek.

I guess we will all know soon enough!!!! Hahhahaha thanks for coming to visit 😍

Glad to know that you also follow your muse(s)! Can't wait to read who wins out!

Hehehehe is there any other way? 😉

I also can't wait!!! 😍


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Oh thank you @enginewitty, @jatinhota, and @alliedforces 😍
Sweet surprise!!!!

I like his idea
I think it might work ;)

Hahahhahaha let's see!!! 😉

So many things he could be saying along those empty lines. I have some imagination of the plan but maybe your ideas are very different. Am so intrigued how it will continue and how they will pull this off. They have a rather challenging task ahead of them... I assume Bryd's special lake will play a role, can't wait to see how :)

I love to see my readers filling in the other side with their own creativity! I did get your message about WW... And we will take you as long as we can get you my friend!!! 😍

Sorry to be here so this country they suddenly shut off the electricity and they do it so suddenly, or with a spike, that despite my using a suppressor and battery to keep going, it shut my pc and since then I've been struggling to get it to work - while coming on line was totally impossible.

My being here means I have found a solution and now I'll spend tomorrow fixing the hard drive (experimented on another hard drive).

As for this chapter...did I understand it correctly(?) he tried to make a romatic comment and she absolutely squashed him? Is she really that much of a prude (I cannot see her as one of these neo-fems who are actually anti-fems) or is it that emotions scare her? She did insist there can be nothing between them, which is usually what is said when we do not want to acknowledge the possibility....because it is becoming a possibility, something like the first glow of the sun as it secretly tries to creep up over the horizon.

Hmm...tell her that strategy demands she encourages him so as to strengthen him as her ally - despite her not wanting to love him.

lol, tis sure funny how characters always seem to think they can hide their feelings from their readers... it never works, we are supreme BS artists and can see through them

And the plan starts forming... I wonder if chapter 26 skips us to Friday lol... ok, I would love to stay and comment longer but I'm already behind and have to get caught up and see what happens next lol... this is awesome Dreem I'm freaking loving the story!!

I loved reading only one part of the conversation and imagining the other and am super excited about him getting better and the two of them giving the evil man what he deserves! 💚