Fireflies - Chapter 26

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Thank you for being a part of the journey! If you'd like more Fireflies - contact me in discord! I'll be happy to point you in a new direction!

Always, Dreemie


Fun story. I'm bookmarking so I can go back and read the previous chapters. This is a great idea. I found you through the #payitforward contest. You were featured by @bengy. Congratulations and continue success to you.

hahahaha i just realized that I was signed into my community account for that ;)

that last reply was from dreemsteem (me) @energyaddict22

and tomorrow a new chapter comes out!! hehehehe The climax is almost upon us... you can catch up!!!! :)

Awesome stuff as always. :)

thanks so much @energyaddict22!!! :) I would love for you to go back and read the previous chapters with us!!!!
Thank you @bengy for giving me a shout out and a potential new reader :)

Ha, Derek's not stupid. He knows more than he's letting on, or not letting on.

I cannot wait to see the resolution.
I hope Derek finds his soul mate, too.

You and me both, man.

write his story, the way YOU want it to be.

or.... just read what the author feeds ... LOL

maybe he already found his soul mate.

I hope that Bryd and Talia can put a stop to him. He is just so evil...

I have pretty strong feelings about him too @cecicastor !!!! Writing through this (in his voice) sometimes is a little bit disturbing for me. He is the compilation of a few people in my life who had similar views.

The issue is.... though I have the power to do whatever I like... lol I'm not sure what kind of things I'm actually working out through my writing! isn't that funny? maybe not funny - but odd.

Not so odd at all. Your muse will lead you...

I don’t like that Derek, nope, don’t like him at all. Can’t Talia just hit him over the head with a heavy pipe or something? I want him GONE - he’s too creepy and evil.

Hoping and praying for a happy ending!

all i can say is

FOOTIE BALL!!!!!!!!!! (oh my gosh - i laughed so hard this morning - i dont' know why that got me... but it did!!!)

a heavy pipe.... @tamala!!! I'M SHOCKED at your violent streak. LOL Derek might be a little offended that you would want to hurt him, rather than help. Can't you see? He's a gentle soul ;)

First of all...should be about your story, but I must first apologise for my absence - I was sick ( a strange kind of sick, for I lost my sense of balance and it made me feel nauseous), then my PC got sick and I had to re-install the OS plus progs and then I got sick again (and used, for the first time ever, a wonderful cure - bicarbonate of soda, or as you call it in the USA, Baking Soda).

Now to your story...

yes, we were taken into his world to see a bit more of what he intends, but I think another reader of yours hit the nail on the head with the observation that Talia is growing stronger.

I'm just wondering; of her browing strength, how much of it comes out of her own morals and how much out of her need to save Bryd - as friend or love.

Welcome back, Arthur :)

three sicknesses in a row??? first one - vertigo? I hope you're healing!

You know... I have to say - and I never tire of saying it! LOLOL but this process (of releasing one chapter at at time, after I've freshly written it) and letting it marinate in my heart, and in the readers' hearts.... and THEN, my joy in coming back to read their comments!!!!

I know there are several drawbacks to releasing a story exclusively on Steemit - but I am experiencing far more advantages. Thoroughly enjoying it!

And... to answer your question - I'll just keep writing, I suppose ;)

Or else? Really? so I know that @quirky.countess loves Derek, but I hate to tell her that Talia and Bryd are gonna whoop his butt!! I will give her some tissues to wipe away her tears. bwahahaha

Wow Dreemie, I love this... keep them coming doll... we are all intrigued!! Love you!! And please forgive my tardiness, life has gotten a bit hectic

LOLOLOL you are never tardy with me, my love - always right on time ;)

and calling out @quirky.countess... i like it hehehehe

I don't think I've made this clear enough, but contrary to popular opinion;

You should write some fan fiction about him.
I bet it would be fun!

I'd love to read it.

You are so super clear! like a crystal.... or .. the water in Bryd's pool!

grrrr "or else", you will get yours "or else" evil little creature! Kidnapping! He is talking about kidnapping, stupid, evil, horrible little man. He will get what is coming for him, I am sure. Those "Hitler mentalities" always get what they deserve.

He's misunderstood.

Yeah right :D

Finally, we agree

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL i just saw this!!!!!!!!!

I had to laugh - i'm so sorry, fairy lady! But your passion is just so expressive!!!!!! hehehehehe

when you said "Kidnapping! he is talking about kidnapping!" you're exactly right!!!! but your fury - ohhhhhhhhh i just love how much fun you make it - when I read your comments!!!!! <3

This is one of my favourite chapters so far. I still don't like Derek but then we don't know much about his motives. Maybe he knows things that justify what he's doing? For the greater good so to speak. Bryd needs to be released though, no matter what. And I hope Talia doesn't get burnout. Life must be extremely stressful for her. Can't wait to read what's next.

Very insightful! You and @kchitrah - you have similar perspectives. Wanting to know WHY he is the way he is. I'm the same.

Of course - I know why.... now we just have to wait for him to tell everyone else. (or will he keep it to himself?)

Or else what, you gonna make more threats asshole? I mean, um...Derek is ... cool.

do i sense division in Team Derek???? @quirky.countess and @bluefinstudios - you might want to tend to your team! lol

Lmao you know Derek kicks ass.

I have so many unanswered questions. Hmmmm, i mean I know Derek sounds dispicable, but then again even Thanos did things out of love - just a selfish kinda love, and had a rather limited view of the universe being finite, like Derek. Talia however, knows the abundance of the universe . Ok, I'm digressing into my own thoughts now.

I love how she's growing stronger though. Her inner strength is starting to show.

Keep on Dreeming McDreemie! Patience isn't my virtue so naturally I keep bouncing up and down in anticipation.

But you take your time hon. Xx

sooooooooooooo so insightful my friend. of course you would start swimming into my thoughts hehehehe

I won't say anymore....

but thank you for spending time living in this world with me <3

Love this comment. 💓

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Thank you @teamgood!!!! hehehehee glad that i'm a nommy part of your day ;)

or else is always best followed with the word spanking.